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C1376 set a trap

It's only three days before the new year's Eve. Jishi group has gained a lot this year. It's also expected that a celebration party will be held at the end of the year. In the past, jixiaohan personally sent invitations and stickers to the celebration banquet. This time, naturally, it's no different.

Ji Xiaohan has sent out more than 200 invitations. Among the guests, there are the elders who have high expectations, the senior politicians, and the business nobility.

In the morning, the snow has stopped for several days. The rare sun is more pleasant and full of hope for the next year.

Ji Xiaohan is sitting in the car, and Lu Qing is sitting in his vice driver's seat, checking the list for the last time. After reading the list, Lu Qing closes his notebook and says curiously, "Gao Yue is not on the invitation list, but the invitation indicates that she can attend with her partner, so I don't know what identity Gao Yue will look for again."

"If she doesn't come here this time, I don't need to play any more, but if she comes, one of her feet is equal to stepping into my trap. I'd like to see what tricks she plays!" Ji Xiaohan hates being calculated, so he is so angry.

"Yes, I think Gao Yue definitely came with a purpose." Lu Qing also sneered.

The banquet of Jishi group was set in a seven-star hotel, which included the whole hotel. Every distinguished guest had a rest room for two days, which was enough for them to have a good leisure.

Gao Yue got up early in the morning. At six o'clock, she was trying to get her new dress.

There are two sets, because the celebration banquet of Jishi group has two days, she must make the most perfect preparation. One set of chapters shows the charm of her mature woman, and the other is pure and elegant.

"Such a beautiful woman, Ji Xiaohan, I can't believe you won't look at me more." Gao Yue hits the mirror and looks at her charming face. She is narcissistic.

She also extended her hand and stroked her tight and white cheek gently. At last, she stretched out two fingers and pasted them on her red lips to offer a kiss.

"Gao Yue, we must succeed in attracting his attention this time. We can't fail again!" She set a goal for herself. If she didn't succeed this time, she wouldn't have the face to continue to seduce Ji Xiaohan. Zhang Lu will definitely pick other women to try out, and she will lose her name for the rest of her life.

Gao Yue is almost ready. She hears her cell phone ring. With a hook on her mouth, she walks over and takes her cell phone and sticks it to her ear: "cousin, are you going?"

"I've come to pick you up. Hurry down." A man's voice came from Gao Yue '.

"Well, I'll wait for you downstairs now!" Gao Yue said with a smile, hung up her mobile phone, and finally confirmed her make-up. It was perfect.

Down the stairs, Gao Yue sits in the man's car.

"Cousin, today is so beautiful. Do you like any man? Want to take the opportunity to meet each other? " Her cousin, a man in his thirties, scanned Gao Yue with colored eyes and asked her jokingly.

"Cousin, if I really find a boyfriend, you have the most credit. I won't forget this feeling." Gao Yue immediately raised her lips and laughed, with a proud look on her face.

"It seems that there is a real goal. Who is it? Can I introduce you to my cousin? "

"No, I just want my cousin to take me to the banquet hall. I can handle the next thing myself!" Gao Yue dare not say her target character, just afraid that her cousin will feel her delusion.

Gao Yue succeeds in holding her cousin's hand and stepping into the banquet hall. The whole building is wrapped up by Ji Xiaohan. Each of the participants gets two room cards and will enjoy this luxurious feast.

"Ji Xiaohan is howling. It's enviable. You can do whatever you want with money. Cousin, if you marry such a man, how beautiful will you be in your life?" Cousin Gao Yue looked at the banquet hall arranged like a palace with emotion on his face. All the waiters were carefully selected.

Gao Yue's heart trembled and looked up at the magnificent hall. Every detail revealed the wealth of men.

"Cousin, do you think I have such good luck?" Gao Yue suddenly felt inferior. When she came out of her suite of more than 200 square meters and stood under the lights, she found that her self-confidence and pride at home had been mercilessly broken. She looked at the aristocratic ladies she met. She was dressed like a blooming flower, full of the style of a famous lady, and then looked at herself, though these two were the two The dresses are specially sent to her by Zhang Lu, which is also a unique design. However, in this money ridden world, there is no more expensive, only the most expensive.

"Wake up, Ji Xiaohan is married and all the children are there. Don't have such a dream." Her cousin kindly reminded her.

Gao Yue's eyes, with a touch of resentment, stared at his cousin's back.

I'm afraid she's in the wrong place today.

"Cousin, go shopping by yourself. Cousin seems to see an acquaintance. Go to play first!" Her cousin suddenly left her alone and walked towards a beautiful woman not far away. As soon as he walked, he hugged each other's waist and swam down.

"Hum!" Gao Yue knows that this cousin's rating is not very good. Now it seems that he is not surprised.

Gao Yue is really upset because she is afraid that Ji Xiaohan is not alone. If he brings his little wife with him, he will never find any chance.

When Gao Yue was standing in the hall, he was in a dilemma. At the railing on the second floor, Lu Qing turned around and walked to the next leisure hall.

On the sofa in the hall, I lean on a noble and elegant body lazily. My long and long legs are folded together. I have a cigarette between my fingers. I'm thinking and spitting blue smoke.

"Here you are, young master!" Lu Qing walked in quickly and said as soon as he entered the door.

"Ah!" Season owl cold slightly fidgety pressed the cigarette butts in the ashtray.

"Young master, I don't think she will die before the Yellow River. In this month, she will try her best to get close to you. She won't really think she is a celestial being." Lu Qing also sneered, sneering.

"Have you ever seen such an immortal who is eager for quick success and instant profits? Don't fairies eat fireworks? " Season owl cold picks eyebrow, sneer.

"What the young master said is that I exaggerate my metaphor. To be beautiful, in the young master's eyes, only the young grandma can be called a fairy." Lu Qing's mouth quickly turned sweet.

Season owl cold white his one eye, this assistant seems to be more and more sunny recently, do not know with that call Liu Xiaoxing's girl.

Love is a good medicine.

"You'd better tell youyou these nice words. She will like them!" Ji Xiaohan laughs and teases him.

Lu Qing shuddered and sweated: "don't get me wrong, young master, I dare not!"

Ji Xiaohan's smile deepened, he got up from the sofa, walked to Lu Qing's face, reached out and patted him on the shoulder: "then tell your lovely girlfriend, I believe she will like it!"

"Young master, do you make fun of me?" Lu Qing's face was embarrassed and red.

"When will you bring it out to meet me? I'll make a meal with you!" Ji Xiaohan is still very concerned about Lu Qing's emotional life. After all, Lu Qing is alone now, and there is no family support behind him. Ji Xiaohan is one year older than him, and he is also his boss. Naturally, he wants to make decisions for him.

"Thank you, young master!" Lu Qing's eyes were red with emotion.

"What can you do with such polite words? You can find a loved one to form a happy family, which I would like to see very much. You are so alone!" Season owl sighs with cold.

Lu Qing doesn't know what to say. Maybe he can only repay the boss who gave him a second life with a more loyal and enthusiastic attitude.

"Let's go. We'll meet this woman!" Ji Xiaohan straightens his clothes and walks out the door.