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C1531 punishment for her

eeing that grandpa was so angry at LAN Xianxian, her face was so disappointed that Lan Lin, who was watching the play, was in a good mood. She wished she could mend some wounds at this time, but she could not lose her simple and good image, so she had to kneel down and plead for LAN Xianxian's help: "Grandpa, I believe that my sister only made this mistake when she was confused, you will Forgive her, she promised not to dare in the future. "

The blue old man's face is still ugly. He snorted angrily, "dare not? I think she's very brave. She can't let go of her brother-in-law. Since you want to marry someone so much, OK, I'll give you to someone else now and get engaged in a few days. You'd better leave the house and live your own life. "

"What? Grandpa, you have to Who are you going to marry me to? " Blue fiber listened to the old man's words, scared all over a firm shake, look up in horror at the old man: "Grandpa, I will not marry anyone, nor die."

Lanlin is very happy in her heart. I wish grandpa could send her away to find a man at will, so that she would not be so sick and delusional that she still thought about the position of the first lady.

"Xiaolin, go find your uncle and aunt." The old blue man was not joking. He immediately said to Lanlin, who was kneeling on the ground.

"Xiaolin, don't go..." Blue fiber immediately reached out to grab blue Lin's arm, and shook her head in tears: "don't go."

Lanlin pulled off her fingers one by one, with a helpless expression: "elder sister, Grandpa's words, I can't not listen, let two uncles and two aunts come to have a look, Grandpa how to say it."

LAN Lin finished, turned around and ran to the door.

Blue slender mood, suddenly sink to the valley, she looked at the door in despair, and then to see Grandpa's face, her heart was cold, Grandpa would not really casually marry her, right?

"Grandpa, Grandpa, will you not be angry with me? I have come to admit my mistake. Don't marry me out. I want to be with you all the time. " Blue fibril immediately knelt on the ground and crawled towards the old blue man, grabbing his hand, with an expression of sincere regret.

The blue old man snorted coldly, and threw her hand away.

At this time, Lambert and the second wife of the blue family rushed over anxiously. When they saw their daughter kneeling on the ground, their faces were full of tears, they were shocked. They didn't know what mistakes her daughter had made.

"Dad, what's wrong with the fiber? What makes you angry? I will teach her a good lesson. " Lambert was still in love with his daughter, so he immediately came over and wanted to show his strict father's attitude.

"Slim, cool on the ground, what are you doing on your knees? Get up. " Blue two Madame hurried to help the daughter, also is a face heartache.

"Let her kneel." The blue old man shouted.

Just want to stand up of the blue fiber, the whole body a stiff, blue two madams to help her action also a meal.

"Dad, what did microfiber do wrong? You want to punish her like this? Isn't she your granddaughter? " LAN er's wife was a good tempered and capable woman. She immediately questioned the old man with some dissatisfaction.

"Let her say it." The old man was angry and didn't want to see the blue fiber.

LAN Bai's face was stiff. He seemed to have guessed something. He immediately stared at his daughter with hatred of iron and steel. He was vain and didn't strive for success.

Blue fiber nervously pinched his corner of the dress and said shamefully, "I like Ling Mo Feng and want to separate him and LAN Yanxi."

"What?" Mrs. LAN er's face is unbelievable. She didn't expect her daughter to do such a thing.

Lambert had closed his eyes angrily. If he died, it must be the purpose of death.

How did he warn his daughter to stay away from Ling Mo Feng? He is a dangerous man. Besides, he is now standing in the old president's team. Once this incident is heard by the old president, are he not human at both ends? Maybe the whole blue family will be affected.

"Pa." Lambert opened his eyes, angrily went up to his daughter and slapped her hard.

Blue fibril was slapped to the ground by Dad, and half of his cheeks were swollen.

"Husband, you How can you be so hard on your daughter? Don't you love her the most? " LAN er's wife was shocked again, and immediately scolded LAN Bai with dissatisfaction.

"No shame." Lambert scolded angrily: "Ling Mo Feng is Yanxi's fiance. They will be engaged in two days. You are still here thinking of Xiao's fiance. Do you want to face? What kind of eyes will others use to see our blue house? "

"Husband, can't you say less? You scared the kids... " Mrs. LAN realized the seriousness of the incident, but after all, she was her own beloved daughter. She was very fond of fighting, scolding and doting. Now she was afraid and uneasy. She was very upset.

"Dad, I will teach her a lesson. Please don't be angry. I'll let her quit her job. These days, I'll lock her up at home and send someone to watch her. She can't go anywhere. Forgive her this time." Lambert immediately stooped to entreat the old man.

"How about the Li family?" Blue old man's face was dark, and suddenly he asked.

"Li Li family? Which Li family? " Blue two Madame a pair of eyes open big, a pair of did not slow over the spirit.

Lin Bai's face was shocked.

"I don't want to marry that son of a bitch Li Changsheng. He is famous outside. He is a vagrant son who doesn't make a living. I don't want to marry him even if I die."

"Dad, you don't want to marry slim into Li's family, do you?" Lindbergh was also stunned.

The old blue man looked at the blue fiber sadly: "if you want Ling Mo Feng to marry Yan Xi, you have to marry someone. We offended Mr. President. If you offend Ling Mo Feng again, our blue family will be destroyed. If you want to change your heart, OK. You marry the only son of Li family. Although Changsheng is playful, his nature is not bad. It's just right for you. The Li family has visited many times I used to say no to you before. Now it seems that the time is right. "

Blue fiber is going to die on the spot. She didn't expect her grandfather to send her away with a bastard who doesn't work. Is her blue fiber so bad? LAN Yanxi with Ling Mo Feng, she can only match a bastard with a brain growing in the crotch?

"Dad, you can't marry slim to Li Changsheng. That kid has a brain problem. He's so stupid that he can't match our slim." The second lady of the blue family disagrees with her first, or even gets angry.

"Changsheng is not smart enough, but slim is too smart. Isn't it suitable? A woman is smart enough to be in charge of her family. Li Changsheng is the only son of the Li family. If she marries him, she will not be aggrieved. " But the blue old man seems to have made such a decision after careful consideration.

"Grandpa, I don't love him. I'll never fall in love with a man like him. He looks like a pig." The blue fiber one face dislikes not oneself.

"His appearance is very general, but you can't judge people by their appearance. Ling Mo Feng is good-looking, but he is destined not to belong to you." Blue old man said angrily.

"Dad, Dad, you say something, I can't marry Li Changsheng, Grandpa, this is to force me to die." LAN Xianxian screams at LAN Bai like crazy. At this moment, she feels deep fear. She is afraid. She always thinks her life can be decided by herself, but she doesn't expect that it will be arranged soon.

"Dad, this marriage, I agree, slim married into the Li family." Lambert nodded his head and agreed to come down immediately after his deep thought.

"What? Honey, are you crazy? You're going to marry out the fiber? I don't agree. " LAN er's wife broke down on the spot and refused.

Blue fiber pupil suddenly shrank and became a stone. She stared at her father, but didn't expect that he would agree to Grandpa's decision. She thought that Dad would beg for her.

"You go back, I'm tired." The old blue man raised his hand to them, as if this matter would not be discussed again.

"Grandpa, you're confused, aren't you? LAN Yanxi can marry Ling Mo Feng, but I even love him is a capital crime. Why do you do this to me? Grandpa, I hate you. I hate all of you. I'm a capital crime, right? Well, I'm going to die. I'm dead. All of you are happy. " Blue fiber said, about to hit the next column.

Lanlin is quick to see and hold her. "Sister, don't die. Don't be a fool."

"Let me go. They just want to kill me. I will not marry if I die." Blue fibril is actually acting. She wants to threaten her with death. Unexpectedly, blue Lin holds her so tightly that she can't do what she wants. She hates it even more.

Lanlin sneers in her heart and wants to die. It's not so easy.