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C1864 tricking the little guy

Xia Xinnian washes the little guy's clothes and wants to go to the balcony to dry them. At the door, he almost bumps into Jimu City, which is stepping in.

Xia Xinnian reflected in time. She stepped back and passed by him. She frowned at the faint smell of cigarettes.

"What are you going to do?"

Jimucheng asked immediately when she saw that she had a small basin in her hand.

"Sun my son's clothes!"

"In the future, don't do it by yourself. Give it to the servant for cleaning," said jimucheng

"I'm used to it!"

Xia Xinnian didn't care about him, so he went to dry his clothes.

Jimucheng found that the woman was not easy to discipline, like a tame kitten.

"Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?"

The little guy rolled over on the bed, rolled over and asked in a childish voice.

When Ji Mucheng heard this, his deep eyes crossed a black belly smile. Thinking that the woman was crying for another man, he was extremely upset. So he crouched down and said to his son, "other children are sleeping with their parents. Do you want to try?"


Don't other people's parents sleep separately? "

The little guy blinked his eyes. Because he didn't have a father before, he went to sleep with mommy. He didn't sleep well either.

"Of course, in the middle of children's sleep, parents and mums sleep on both sides. Such children are the happiest!"

Jimucheng is like a villain trying to trick a naive child.

"Then I will sleep like this!"

The little guy is easy to cheat because he has expectations.

"When your mommy comes in, you tell her."

When Ji Mucheng said that, Yu Guang glanced at the figure outside the door and immediately stopped talking. He stood up and blinked at his son.

The little guy immediately understood and made an OK gesture to him.

Xia Xinnian's first words are: "if you smoke in the future, don't talk so close to your son."

Jimucheng Jun's face is slightly stiff. This woman has a good sense of smell. She even knows that he smokes.

"I don't usually smoke much!"

Jimucheng explains for himself.

Xia Xinnian said with a cold face: "I just want to remind you that secondhand smoke is not good for children's health!"

"I don't need you to remind me, I know!"

Of course, it's impossible for jimucheng to smoke in front of his son.

"Daddy, you need to take a bath. You need to sleep with us later."

The little guy urged.

Xia Xinnian went to the bathroom and turned to look at his son: "why do you want to sleep with us?"

The little guy immediately gave full play to his impromptu performance, and said with bitter eyebrows, "the children on TV are sleeping with their parents and mummies?"

Xia Xinnian replied coldly: "we won't sleep together!"

"Why not?

I will, Mommy. You promised me before. If you find daddy, we'll go to bed together. "

The little guy's eyes were full of tears.

Jimucheng looks surprised. Did this woman really promise her son?

Xia Xinnian was also stunned for a while. Her son has a good memory. That was a year ago, she had no choice but to be pestered by his son, so she agreed to this sentence. Now she turned it over and asked her to pay for it.

"Mommy, are you kidding me?

I'm so small, isn't it easy to cheat? "

The little guy was already sobbing. He couldn't stop crying.

Jimucheng's expression was very difficult and strong: "how can you cheat children?

If you can't, don't promise him! "

Xia Xinnian is the one who is in fault. He is really suffering.

"I I promised, but I didn't find you then! "

Xia Xinnian looks at his son's tears and wants to cry.

"Now that I've been found, should I speak and count?"

Jimucheng's heart is already in full bloom, but his face is still full of seriousness.

"No way!"

When Xia Xinnian saw him, he felt the danger and refused.

A man's face is suddenly cold. Is it so hard to sleep in a bed with him?

"I promise not to mess about!"

The man knew what she was afraid of and threw this sentence in an instant.

"Why should I believe you?"

Xia Xinnian doesn't have any favor and trust for men now.

All this was given by the pair of dregs.

The little guy immediately sobbed again. He was not sad or pitiful.

"Just for the sake of my son, and I won't?"

Jimucheng had never thought that there would be a day when he would be rejected. It was the first time in his life to slap on his noble face.

Xia Xinnian looked into his son's poor eyes and thought that he had indeed said that.

"All right, just one night!"

Xia Xinnian's heart is still soft. This is what her son has always wanted. She really doesn't want to let him down.

"Thank you mommy!"

As soon as the little guy heard of the hope, he jumped out of bed and came to embrace Xia Xinnian's leg barefoot. The tears on his face and snot wiped her clothes: "Mommy's best!"

Someone's treacherous plan is successful. In the moment of turning around, his thin lips rise slightly.

Xia Xinnian took a bath and went straight to the side of the bed. Fortunately, the bed was big enough for three people.

"Daddy hasn't come yet?"

The little guy stood on his little face and coiled his two calves. He looked like he was waiting.

Xia Xinnian is biting his teeth in his heart. It's better not to come.

Obviously, her son's wish was fulfilled, but she did not.

At this time, the door of the room was pushed open by a big palm. The man who came in wore a nightgown, which was the kind to tie the belt. However, the man didn't tie the belt properly, but he just took it at will. With every step he went, the mature and healthy body of the man crept into the eyes of Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian's expression froze. He was so confident.

The body of Jimu city is very standard, one meter eight eight, strong, straight and powerful legs, full of male aggression.

Because the pajamas he didn't tie well showed his strong six abdominal muscles and clear chest like a barrier. It was hard for Xia Xinnian to see them.

Ji Mucheng's quiet eyes glanced at the woman who had already been stunned, and he smiled at the bottom of his heart.

Not in love?

Until the man sat on the edge of the bed, Xia Xinnian found that he had been staring at him as soon as he came in. Until now, he woke up with a start, turned his back to his father and son, and wanted to sleep urgently.

Behind the man, I don't know whether it is intentional or not, make a low laugh.

Xia Xinnian shivers. Is this man laughing at himself?

Did she just have a fancy expression?

God, it's a shame. This bastard must think he's in good shape and show off on purpose. It's disgusting.

"Son, it's late. Lie down and go to bed!"

As soon as jimucheng lies on the bed, the bed sinks slightly towards him. The little guy is lying in the middle. He is already sleepy. At this moment, he sees his father and mother are all around. He hits several haha with great safety. Then he stretches out his small hand and asks for hugs.