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C1732 truth no longer buried

In the storage room on the third floor, the atmosphere was stiff. LAN Yanxi looked at the disgusting uncle. He couldn't believe it. One day, he would face himself with a knife and bind himself like a prisoner.

LAN Chen was also very upset. He was sweating all over and his eyes were red. He kept looking at his watch as if he was waiting for help. But it was clear that he was a criminal. Who could save him?

Lanyanxi looked at him anxiously. She also calmed down slowly. She closed her eyes and waited for something.

Lanchen didn't wait for Lambert, but the police car.

The sound of the alarm came from a distance. Blue Yanxi's eyes, which were still closed, opened abruptly.

LAN Chen's face turned white with fright and trembled. He shouted angrily, "how can a police car come here?

Who called the police?

Your people? "

Lanchen immediately pointed at lanyanxi with a knife, a look of death for her crimes.

LAN Yanxi sneered: "even if my people report to the police, they can't be so quick. It's only less than ten minutes before and after."

LAN Chen looked flustered, as if he had lost his square inch. He stared out of the window: "who will report that?"

Lanyanxi immediately said to him, "three uncles, we are relatives. We shouldn't make it to this point. If the police go upstairs later and see that I am tied by you, he will surely take you away as a prisoner. You should untie the rope quickly."

"Who called the police?"

LAN Chen roared at her with his neck broken, looking to lose his head.

LAN Yanxi sneered and calmly analyzed: "what do you say?

I guess it's uncle Er. He may want to kill us all. "

"It can't be him. Why did he do it?"

LAN Chen's face suddenly froze.

"He hates me, maybe you too."

LAN Yanxi will be so calm, maybe because she still knows about the third uncle. His heart is not as cruel as the second uncle. He is never a person who can make up his mind.

"He hates me?"

LAN Chen's face seemed to be slapped hard.

At this time, the police have come up the stairs quickly, blue Yan Xili said anxiously: "uncle, don't you think for yourself or for your son?

We are not in a desperate position to put each other to death. "

LAN Chen's face became more and more pale. In the last few seconds, he turned to LAN Yanxi and quickly cut the rope that she tied on her hands and feet. Then, he threw the knife in his hand into the cabinet beside him.

"Yanxi, I'm sorry, uncle Sanshu is so stupid."

At last, lanchen was rational once.

At this time, the police stood at the door, and with the police, it was Lambert.

Lambert was downstairs just now. He saw lanyanxi's bodyguard standing downstairs. He looked worried. He guessed that something wonderful had happened upstairs.

Now if we are caught with a current one, the third brother, a fool, can't argue.

"Second brother?"

LAN Chen saw that it was LAN Bai who led the police. His face suddenly changed.

Lambert thought that he would see lanchen holding a knife rest on lanyanxi's neck, but he didn't think that he was doing nothing. It was like talking with lanyanxi about the furnishings of the objects inside, without creating a threat scene.

Lambert's face changed again and again.

"Mr. LAN, what's the matter? Didn't you say that your third brother is insane and may hurt others?"

A nearby police officer expressed some displeasure. After all, it's a matter of attrition.

For a moment, Lambert was speechless.

LAN Chen suddenly burst into rage, rushed over and grabbed LAN Bai's lapel. "Who do you say is mentally abnormal? Who are you talking about?

I think you're sick. "

"Third brother, what are you doing?

I'm also for you. I'm afraid you'll hurt people. "

Lambert is now trying to explain himself. Unfortunately, his plan failed.

He looked at LAN Yanxi, who had been protected by the bodyguards.

The man led by the police also seemed to recognize LAN Yanxi's identity, and hurriedly came forward with an apologetic face: "I didn't expect that his wife was here, and she wasn't hurt."

Lanyanxi is also a false alarm. In anger and sadness, she finally chose to believe in family and human nature. She believes that Sanshu will not really hurt her.

"I'm fine, but someone is plotting to kill me. I hope your police can help to investigate."

LAN Yanxi stared at LAN Bai fearlessly. This time, she would not be merciful again.

"Madame means that someone wants to hurt you. Who is it?"

The police chief asked in surprise.

LAN Yanxi reaches out his hand and points to LAN Bai: "it's him. My three uncles can prove it."

Lanchen has been forcibly pulled away from lanbai by two male police officers, but lanchen still wants to eat each other angrily. He didn't expect his trusted second brother to finally betray him in this way.

"Yes, I can testify. He He wants to hurt lanyanxi. No, he is a criminal. He killed my eldest brother. I have evidence. I can prove it. "

Lanchen is insane at the moment, pointing to lanbai's loud accusation.

Lanyanxi just wanted the police to convict lanbai of the crime of framing. But when she heard Sanshu's words, she was almost unsteaded. Fortunately, the bodyguard elder brother next to her reached out to help her for a while. Then she saw that her face was pale and bloodless, as if she had been greatly hit.

"What do you say?"

Lanyanxi stepped up to lanchen, clenched his lips, stared at him and asked, "what did you say just now?"

LAN Chen saw her questioning, his eyes flashed a little fear, and LAN Bai was angry and scolded: "third brother, don't talk around, I admit that I did frame you, but I never killed anyone."

LAN Yanxi turned to LAN Bai and roared, "shut up."

LAN Chen is obviously helpless. Just now, he was so angry that he lost his voice and said what happened in that year. But now, LAN Yanxi's eyes stared at him with a threat, as if he didn't make it clear, no one can think better today.

"It's true that my eldest brother was framed by his second brother."

At the moment, lanchen doesn't want to hide any more.

"He's lying, LAN Yanxi. You can't believe his lies. He's wronging me. Brother's death is an accident."

Lanbai didn't expect lanchen to bite back at this time. He made a mistake.

"It's not an accident, it's you. There's a record of your call in brother's mobile phone. The record has been recorded. You threatened brother and said that if he made the account flat, you would kill him. Before brother died, there was a notebook in his pocket, which recorded that you embezzled the company's money one by one. Second brother, you are really vicious. You designed brother's car accident yourself, You killed him. "

LAN Chen told the whole thing in detail, and LAN Bai's face was as gray as death.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi suddenly fainted.

Several bodyguards are scared and numb. They hurry to take lanyanxi to the doctor carefully.

Just downstairs, I saw Ling Mo Feng coming anxiously.


Several bodyguards were petrified with fear.

Ling Mo Feng came here specially, but when he saw LAN Yanxi lying in the arms of a bodyguard in a coma, he wanted to kill for a moment.

"Miss LAN is in a coma after being stimulated. She has to be rushed to the hospital."

Said the big brother of the bodyguard in a trembling voice.

Ling Mo Feng gently and carefully holds the comatose little woman in her arms, turns around, and Chu lie has opened the door. The black motorcade quickly leaves the blue house.

Chu lie lets one of the darts sit on the car and tells the whole story.

The bodyguard elder brother was clear-minded. He told every detail in the original, and finally said what LAN Chen said.

Ling Mo Feng's face sank instantly, and finally understood why LAN Yanxi was so stimulated. It turned out that someone had uncovered her father's death.


The man looked down at the woman who was unconscious in his arms, nervous, angry, all turned into worry and heartache.

In the first general hospital, LAN Yanxi woke up after sleeping for three hours.

Wake up to see a familiar figure sitting beside her, holding her hand tightly.

LAN Yanxi sees Ling Mo Feng. He is in a hurry first, then he wants to say something, but the man opens his mouth first.

"I know what happened. Don't get excited. Do you know it will hurt the child?"

LAN Yanxi's eyes were hot and her nose was sour. How could she not know that she had done a stupid thing? But if there was no such stupid thing, she would never know that her father was framed.