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C825 can'st bear it

Bai Yiyan reaches for her cell phone. Suddenly, she holds her slender wrist with a big hand like an iron wall. The clasp is tight. The man's voice is cold like the wind: "yes, now, you lead the way!"

Bai Yiyan really wants to say that she doesn't know sister Guan, but just now her mother has revealed all the news. Bai Yiyan wants to pretend to be stupid and has no chance.

She giggled twice, suppressing her uneasiness: "I'm dizzy now, can I..."

"No, Bai Yiyan, I want you to lead the way!" Ji Yueze's voice was cold again, which made people dare not doubt the threat in his tone.

"All right!" Bai Yiyan sighs and agrees.

Her heart is beating fast. She really wants to inform her aunt to leave. Don't get caught by Ji Yueze so fast.

She did not forget what Ji Yueze said, which would make her life worse than death.

"Give me both your cell phones!" Ji Yueze seemed to see through her mind and asked coldly.

"You can't..."

"I can!" Ji Yueze won't give her any chance to resist. Her voice is cold and firm: "she may be the murderer of my father. Bai Yiyan, do you know the seriousness of this matter? She has broken the law and killed people. Even if she is paid for her life, it is not too much. "

Bai Yiyan's heart has shrunk into a ball. It hurts so much that she drops blood. She holds her hands tightly and wants to meet the angry red eyes of the man. However, she can't do it. She doesn't have the courage.

Indeed, my aunt also admitted that Ji Nan's death was directly related to the bottle of wine she had brought.

Even if aunt denied that it was her hand and foot in the wine, but who would believe it?

Bai Yiyan is about to die of pain. "Bai Yiyan, did you know where she was from the beginning? You deliberately kept it from me and didn't tell me? " When Ji Yueze saw that she was too late to move, he yanked her over with a fierce hand. Her voice was as cold as ice. He pinched her five fingers and used a lot of force. Several departments had to crush her fragile


Bai Yiyan's eyebrows were so sore that she tried to shake her head. However, the tears of fear fell down first. She couldn't say a word, because if she didn't answer, she would have lied.

Just, her answer, for Ji Yueze, seems meaningless, because silence represents everything.

"You woman..." Ji Yueze was so angry that he let her go.

Bai Yiyan was unsteady and fell to the ground directly. Mei Mou burst into tears. Then, she bowed her head and cried bitterly. "Take me to her right away. If you can't find her, I'll let you go!" Ji Yueze looked terrible after he knew that she had cheated herself. He always trusted her, but unexpectedly, in the end, she still dared to cheat him, and he was so upright. This time, he was really disappointed.

Bai Yiyan was frightened. Although she was noisy with Ji Yueze before, she had never seen him so terrible. She looked like she was going to eat people. With tears on her face, she stood up unsteadily from the ground.

"I'm sorry!" Bai Yiyan cried.

"Follow me down!" Ji Yueze doesn't need her apology, because it's useless.

She still lied to him.

Bai Yiyan is forced by him to walk towards the door, tears are falling. Many people outside the door are surprised to see this scene.

I don't know what mistakes Bai Yiyan made, but Ji Yueze's face is so blue that people don't have the courage to say hello to him. He just looks like a chicken in a daze as he drags Bai Yiyan into the elevator.

Arriving at the parking lot, Ji Yueze rudely threw her directly into the car. Bai Yiyan fell dizzy, but she didn't resist, just sat in the car in silence.

"Show the way!" Ji Yueze's voice is extremely cold.

Bai Yiyan forces herself up and points to the road in a low voice.

When Ji Yueze's sports car came down from the highway, he saw a nearly deserted farm far away.

"That's it!" Bai Yiyan closed her eyes and said sorry in her heart. It seems that she betrayed her aunt. I hope she doesn't remember.

When Ji Yueze heard her words, Jun's face was dark and frightening, as if it was going to rain heavily.

Just after jiyueze's car arrived, several black cars drove down from the highway.

Bai Yiyan takes a look at the arrogant license plate. I'm afraid that no one can use such a good license plate except Ji Xiaohan's private car.

It's over. Ji Xiaohan even follows.

Several black cars, parked at the gate of the farm strongly, came down from the car. As expected, it was Ji Xiaohan, and his personal bodyguard who was always around him.

Ji Yueze gets out of the car and ignores Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan is still in a hurry to follow and get out of the car. She looks at Ji Xiaohan's face, which is very gloomy.

The door of the farm clothes is not locked. Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze walk in quickly. Bai Yiyan's heart is hanging in her throat. It's really over. Aunt will be caught.

Inside, a middle-aged woman came out and saw her farm clothes break into such a large group of people. Her face was pale with fear.

"Sir, how did you get into my farm? What's the matter? " This woman is sister Guan. She pretends to be surprised and asks.

"Let Bai Zhen come out!" Ji Yueze said with a cold face.

"White really? She's not here! " Sister Guan immediately shook her head and replied.

"You think we can believe it?" Ji Yueze suddenly turns around, pulls Bai Yiyan, who is walking at the back, and says coldly, "didn't she come here to find her? Stop talking nonsense and call her out. "

Bai Yiyan's face has turned pale. She really can't stand stably.

Sister Guan looked at Bai Yiyan and said: "Xiaoyan, how can you do this? Do you know... "

"Sister Guan, I......"

Bai Yiyan is eager to explain something, but finds that everything she says is wrong, so she has to be silent again.

"But she's your aunt. You know she's scared. You don't know what you're doing!"

Hearing this, Bai Yiyan felt her legs weak and her eyes dizzy.

Ji Yueze saw her shaking badly and said in a cold voice, "don't pretend to be dead here, it's useless!"

Bai Yiyan was terrified. She heard his cold voice again. This time, the tense Jing Shen broke and her eyes turned black, and she really fainted.

Ji Yueze scolded her coldly, but when he saw that she was leaning, he put his arm in his arm and pulled her into his arms. When sister Guan saw this, she cried out, "what's wrong with you, Xiaoyan?"