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Yang ChuChu once looked at some past photos of Luo Jinyu. From those photos, she saw Zhu Yuer, but at that time they were still childish and green.

"Hello, I'm Yang ChuChu!" The girl in the white evening dress held out her hand.

"Hello!" I wish yu'er a light hand and a graceful smile.

"Well, come and greet my friend. I'll go to Henning's side to have a look!" Luo Jinyu reaches out his hand and gently taps Yang ChuChu on her shoulder, which makes Yang ChuChu smile deeper.

"Well, you can do it!" After Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu were together, they also learned a lot. Before, she was not sociable. But Luo Jinyu needed her help in this respect, and she slowly adapted to this situation.

Zhu Yuer looks down and suddenly sees the huge shiny diamond ring on Yang ChuChu's right ring finger, and the limited edition famous bag with water diamonds. She feels like she has a short and stuffy chest, and an unspeakable feeling is tied to her chest.

It's jealousy, and envy, more of it is not willing to feel.

It's also a woman. Why do you have to earn money to sell the diamond rings? But this one in Yang ChuChu's hand was definitely sent by Luo Jin.

"Miss Zhu, are you alone?" Yang ChuChu reached for a glass of wine, handed it to her, and asked with a smile.

"Sorry, I can't drink!" Zhu yu'er didn't want to take her wine, so she picked up a glass of juice and sipped it.

Yang ChuChu was stupefied for a while, so she had to drink the wine herself. In fact, she was not abused. In front of her eyes, Zhu yu'er was obviously indifferent to her. Yang ChuChu did his best to make friends with her, but he would not really want to please her.

"It's said that the entertainment circle is a very chaotic place. Miss Yang just won the prize recently. She's a popular star in the entertainment circle. I don't know how Miss Yang gets along with herself." Zhu yu'er doesn't know which tendon is wrong, so she wants to listen to her opinions, so as to see the weight of this little girl. If she is an ignorant and simple person, she is definitely not her opponent.

Yang ChuChu is slightly stunned. He doesn't expect Zhu Yuer to ask himself questions.

Just, what's the problem? The implication is that she is in the entertainment circle, she has been dyed in all colors? Are you still pretending to be innocent?

Yang ChuChu doesn't like to be tested, because people who need to test others usually don't have a little sincerity.

If she can't make friends sincerely, she doesn't care about the hypocritical politeness.

"I don't know where Miss Zhu heard that? Or do you have friends in the entertainment circle, or do you have boyfriends in the entertainment circle who have been dumped by him, so you can come to this conclusion? Aren't you a prosecutor? Speaking with demonstration, I didn't expect you would be misled like this. " Yang ChuChu's big, beautiful eyes flashed a bit of belly black and immediately asked each other.

"I......" Wish rain son did not expect this smelly wench to have such sharp teeth and sharp mouth, unexpectedly choked her to have nothing to say at the beginning.

"Miss Zhu, I can't just look at the surface of the counter incident or listen to people's rumors. In my eyes, the entertainment circle is also the place where many people dream to work. Since it's everyone's dream, it's impossible to have no intrigue. Resources are scarce, but there are too many people who dream. They crush their heads and want to occupy the best resources. It's the same in every industry, isn't it?" Yang ChuChu's eyes narrowed, not like to sneer at anyone, but her words were also very targeted, let Zhu Yuer eat GA again.

"I didn't expect miss yang to have such a unique view at such a young age. I've seen it. But does it have something to do with your family background?" Zhu Yuer is very clear about Yang ChuChu's affairs. A search on the Internet is a lot of news about her life experience. Her mother was pregnant and gave birth to her before she was married, and her father was still the former vice mayor. When his wife was on the show, there was a lot of violence in the office. All kinds of news can not be said to be wonderful enough.

Yang ChuChu's mood has calmed down a lot now. If she had heard someone say something about her origin before, she might have spilled the glass of red wine in her hand.

However, knowing that this is someone else's pain, but also with a knife to poke, this kind of behavior is really excessive.

I really want to turn around and leave, but Yang ChuChu feels it's too humiliating to turn around. Maybe I wish yu'er would think that she dare not face it and despise her even more.

"Miss Zhu, the purpose of your coming here today is to talk about my background?" The smile on Yang ChuChu's beautiful little face was a little stiff. She asked in a cold voice.

Zhu yu'er didn't expect that Yang ChuChu's ability to turn over his face was fast. He was really young and didn't know how to restrain himself. However, he was so easily angered, which showed that her ability was just like this, and she would only show off her quick words.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything, but I heard that you are Jinyu's girlfriend. I'm more curious about you!" Of course, Zhu Yuer doesn't want to offend Yang ChuChu here. After all, she is Luo Jinyu's girlfriend now. Offending her is tantamount to embarrassing Luo Jinyu. The chance to meet in the future will be greatly reduced.

"You care about my boyfriend!" Yang ChuChu is keen to discover this. Maybe women's intuition is very accurate.

Zhu yu'er blushed a little and smiled quickly to cover up: "Miss Yang, do you misunderstand something? I have been studying with Jin Yu for six years. We are very good friends. We meet several times every year. You ask me like this, and I really don't know how to answer."

"Maybe I really misunderstood something. I'm sorry. My boyfriend may be too good. There are always some gorgeous and cheap people staring at him. I may be too sensitive." Yang ChuChu is not easy to provoke either. I wish Yuer a hard explanation. Of course, she will take the opportunity to disgust her.

Wish rain son in the heart a block, the moment is not happy, the four words of this enchanting bitch, is to her?

When I was young, I hurt people. This quality and tutoring are really not flattering.

"I see my friend coming. Excuse me!" Yang ChuChu's eyes saw the sadness and happiness at the entrance of the gate and Mu Shi's coming at night. She sighed a sigh of relief and finally found an excuse to leave.

Wish rain son unexpectedly also lost half of the momentum, the face of instant gas is black and red. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou didn't come here for personal reasons, but some other friends took time to show up.

Pei Anxin is wearing a silver fishtail skirt today. The charm of self-confidence emanates from the temperament of women. Maybe there are more things to experience. Pei Anxin has a free and easy way to move forward and backward emotionally. However, the night of admiring around her shows a little more tension and concern for her.

"Sister Anxin!" Yang ChuChu goes over and says hello with a smile.

Pei Anxin also raised his hand to her. Mu shiye was afraid Pei Anxin would not come, because Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan didn't come. Now when he saw Yang ChuChu here, he relaxed and whispered to the women around him, "go and talk with Chu Chu."

Pei Anxin nodded and went to sit and chat with Yang ChuChu. Mu shiye walked towards the two brothers.

In fact, Mulin also came, but because she was pregnant, she did not appear in the meeting, but in the upstairs room to rest.

Pei Anxin looked at the busy banquet hall, smiled and said to Yang ChuChu, "you are the heroine worthy of today."

Yang ChuChu bowed his head and smiled shyly: "sister Anxin, we are so familiar with each other. Do you want to take a pen from me?"

"Isn't it? I think many people are looking at you enviously. " Pei Anxin's eyes swept around and found that many girls were staring at Yang ChuChu. Obviously, they all envied that she was loved by Luo Jinyu.

Yang ChuChu thought of the sullen feeling he had just received, and sighed: "if you just envy me, just look at it a little further away. The last thing I like is the person who wants to stimulate you face to face!"

Pei Anxin was stupefied for a moment: "delicate, what's the matter? Who said something to make you unhappy? " Yang ChuChu looked at Zhu Yuer, and then asked in a low voice, "sister Anxin, is there any good female friends who used to play around Mu Zong?"