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This is another word, obviously directly into the heart of Luo Jinyu. His deep eyes cast a cold eye, and he was very dissatisfied with the speechless brother.

"If you're OK, get out!" Luo Jinyu didn't want to communicate with his brother. He even sprinkled salt on his wound. He didn't want to beat him. "Don't do that, brother, you can't see. Am I concerned about you? What happened to you and Yang ChuChu? Why do you suddenly feel like you're cut off? Is it my illusion? Or do you really have a problem? " Lohnin is like the immortal Xiaoqiang. Even if the big brother's eyes are cold and pressing, he still decides to ask for a result. Otherwise, he will be hurt if he makes the big brother so sad.

"I'm not in touch with her for the time being. Let's talk about it in two years." Luo Jinyu thought of that childish little face, as if he was awakened by cold water, and the whole person calmed down.

"What? What wonderful reason is this? Is it to break up for two years, and then go back together? " Lohnin's handsome face was gaping, because it was really strange.

Luo Jinyu stares at it again. How can this younger brother look like this?

Is it surprising that he made such a decision?

Luo Jinyu's face is gloomy and he doesn't speak any more. Lohnin felt that such a result was very dangerous. He immediately urged seriously: "brother, are you too confident in yourself or not, how can you take the time to test a woman's sincerity to you? Yang ChuChu is a rare pure beauty in the entertainment circle. Are you sure you want her to spend two years in the entertainment circle? If she doesn't have the will to meet other men, don't you have two years of nothing? "

Luo Jinyu was in a bad mood. At the moment, hearing his brother's words, his face became more gloomy and ugly.

"If she really finds a more loving man, let her go!" Luo Jin holds the palm tightly, then looses it. He says in a very indifferent tone.

"Ah..." Lohnin was shocked by his words again, and his face was unbelievable: "brother, do you not love her?"

"Love!" A word of love is not enough to describe his feeling at the moment. It is only when he is in love with her.

Luohenning is not blind. He can feel that big brother is very serious in this love. He fell in love with young girl Yang ChuChu carefully and cautiously. But why is big brother making such a decision at the moment? It's just digging a hole by myself. It's too dangerous. "Since I love her, I don't understand. How can you part with her? If only I could stick together all day long, don't separate! " Lohnin has gone from secret love to today's mutual love. He is fed up with the bitterness and loss. Therefore, he now finds out that if he really loves someone, he must tell them loudly, and must spend all his time with them.

When hearing his brother say that they are stuck together, Luo Jinyu's mouth is torn. He is not ashamed.

"I'm different from you, I can't generalize!" Luo Jinyu's expression is still dim. On his handsome face, there is an undisguised expression of loss and pain.

"What's the difference? Are you so afraid of being told? " Lohnin thought that big brother didn't have the courage to come together with Yang ChuChu just because he was afraid of the gossip. But he knew that big brother sometimes had a thicker cheek than him.

There's no reason to be afraid of love.

"She's still young!" Luo Jin's voice is full of sadness.

Lohnin was stunned. What's the reason? "Big brother, she is young, don't you make money? You know, many little girls love uncle now. You are older than him. She doesn't dislike you. You still dislike other people's young age. I really don't know what to say! " Lokhenin can hardly cry or laugh. Sometimes the elder brother feels as deep as the sea, unable to guess, and sometimes as simple as a child.

"It didn't happen to you. Of course you don't have back pain when you stand and talk." Luo Jinyu twisted his eyebrows. What Jue's younger brother said today is equivalent to nonsense.

Lohnin sighed a little and said in a worried voice: "listen to my advice, elder brother. If you like it, go to her immediately. Don't worry about face. What is face when a man pursues a woman? It's the king's way to catch up! "

"You go out!" Luo Jinyu is upset.

"OK, I'll go. By the way, I'm here to tell you that one of the two documents you signed today has the wrong data. Haven't you read them carefully?" That's what lohnin said.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is stiff. He raises his eyes and stares at him and asks, "what's the matter?"

"Well, it's true!" Lohnin was serious.

"Here, I'll try it again!" Luo Jinyu's face was tense. Suddenly, he felt that he had made such a low-level mistake, which could not be forgiven.

"No, I've already had people change, brother. If you're not in the mood to work recently, take another few days off." Lohnin was really in love with his brother. He remembered that when miffee broke up with him, he was not as helpless as he is today.

This time, is it really destiny?

"No, my vacation is over!" Luo Jinyu refuses directly.

"You are the boss. You want to have a rest for 365 days a year. No one cares about you!" Lohninger's eldest brother is serious. He is very tired.

"I stipulate that if I take only half a month off a year, I will never take another day!" Luo Jin said with calm expression.

"Well, I won't disturb you if you have the final say, but you must think about what I said just now." Lohnin decided to leave first and let himself think about it.

Luohenning opens the door and leaves. Luojinyu is in a deadlock again.

It's getting dark. Winter night always comes very early. It's dark outside the window when it's less than six o'clock.

It's snowing again. Count the days carefully. In less than ten days, it's the new year's festival.

Luo Jin Yu props up his forehead with his hand. In recent days, he deliberately indulges himself in his busy work and has been fighting for three consecutive days in the company. In addition to the necessary entertainment and work needs, he hardly leaves the company, eats, dresses and lives in the company's lounge.

He knew it would not work.

So he went into the lounge, opened the closet, and took out a long Nizi windbreaker. He wanted to go out.

Luo Jinyu went downstairs and picked out a black sports car in the exclusive parking space of the underground parking lot. As soon as the lights came on, ten expensive luxury cars in nearly ten exclusive parking spaces were all his private cars, howling to the point of no friends.