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C1242 who loses more than who?

"Come on!" LAN Yanxi can't help whispering a word, but Yang he quickly stares at her and signals her not to talk. Blue

Yan Xihui, quickly closed his mouth, but his eyes were beautiful, but he looked at the man with bright eyes. This

moment, Ling Mo Feng and a head of state are talking and walking towards the conference room. On this important occasion, Ling Mo Feng's management of his expression is very inverted, even when he smiles, he is very reserved and polite, giving a serious and rigorous feeling.

LAN Yanxi and six beauties are also standing on both sides with smiles to show politeness to foreign guests.

"Look at me, look at me, look at me!" LAN Yanxi's inner activities at the moment are just these words. She doesn't know why she wants to think so, but she is expecting Ling Mo Feng to give her a look, even if it's white.

When Ling Mo Feng and foreign leaders came to them, Ling Mo Feng was able to control himself from looking at the little woman until she was near. He saw her standing there, her eyes were very bright, and he was looking at him with a smile that he could understand. Ling

all of a sudden, Mo Feng's heart was in a state of chaos. He didn't know what was wrong. For a moment, he even listened to the words of the people next to him.

Of course, it's only a moment of consternation, Ling Mo Feng's eyes also timely back.

"He looked at me!" LAN Yanxi is a little complacent in his heart. Although Ling Mo Feng just glances at her indifferently, but in LAN Yanxi's, he just looked at her. He was so busy and frightened that he finally got a little comfort.

Ling Yanxi is happy. Yang He, standing next to her, is even more happy. He jumps inside. If she didn't miss just now, the vice president looks at her. Does he remember her?

Yang he couldn't believe it, but he was already happy to fly. Ling

Mo Feng and foreign leaders have entered the conference room, and Yang He and other staff naturally follow in and serve on the side. Of course, their work has been basically completed, only when they need to take water, they will send it in time. "

only one person needs to be arranged inside. You can all wait outside." Yang he suddenly stops some of her beauties.

"Let me go!" LAN Yanxi almost instinctively opened her mouth. She couldn't help it. She really wanted to see how Ling Mo Feng worked.

"You're new and not up to the job. Let me do it." Yang he finished, not waiting for her to have an opinion, he went in and closed the door gently by the way. "

no!" LAN Yanxi wails at the bottom of her heart. She dreams of seeing Ling Mo Feng work. Why should she be deprived of such expectation.

Although her heart is frantic, but her face is still calm, some of her beauties also have little words, but at the moment, we still have to focus on work, so naturally we can't care too much.

Ling Mo Feng sat down in his position. He wanted to see if LAN Yanxi had come in at the first time. However, when he saw a receptionist come in, he felt lost. When

however, he is the only one who can feel these small emotions. In this environment, no one can show his feelings. What's more, he is still a vice president. Yang

as soon as he came in, he felt that the vice president looked at him. Her heart beat faster just now. Her face turned red, and her heart was beautiful. She could have many good dreams.

During the meeting time, lanyanxi's smiling face was almost frozen. She subconsciously reached out to squeeze her face, and was reminded by the person next to her in a low voice: "pay attention to her manners. There is a monitor over there. Director Zhou saw her and said you again!" Blue

Yan Xi immediately gave up the idea of rubbing his face, so he had to keep standing and smile politely.

More than an hour later, the meeting was over. LAN Yanxi saw the staff coming out one after another. Next, Ling Mo Feng and the foreign leader were still smiling and talking. LAN Yanxi only heard some political words vaguely. Ling Mo Feng was talking about the language of that country, and LAN Yanxi could understand it. She couldn't help but smile. It seems that Ling Mo Feng The language level is not bad.

Yang he came out with a reddish face, and his eyes lingered for a few seconds on Ling Mo Feng's tall back. When Ling asked her for a bottle of water, Yang he was so excited that he couldn't control himself. Her hands were shaking all the time. At the moment, Yang he was more convinced that the vice president still had an impression on her. She would work harder to make her look good. She hoped that one day, she would have the chance to contact Mr. vice president and leave him more A good impression. Yang's dream is not big now. She dare not ask for anything else. Just ask Ling Mo Feng to remember her and say more words to her.

"Legs are so sour! Do you usually have sour legs, sisters? " On the way back to the office, LAN Yanxi could not help spitting out bitter water again. "

acid, it's still painful, but what's the way? This job is like this!"

"Yes, I have to ask my family member to knead it for me!" "

it's good to have a boyfriend. When you're tired from work, you can rub it with him. Single dogs like us can only go home to keep warm!" A group of beautiful girls cover their lips and laugh quietly, the picture is very beautiful for a while.

Yang He's red again when he hears three words from his boyfriend.

But LAN Yanxi squints her eyes and looks out of the window with a smile. By the way, why didn't she think that her boyfriend had such a purpose?

Well, you must find Ling Mo Feng to knead it for you later. Only

Yes, I don't know if someone's high and noble hands are willing to rub for her.

LAN yanxijue may be daydreaming. How can Ling Mo Feng help her to do such a thing?

"Yang He, why are you so red? Sick? " Someone found something wrong with Yang He and beat him to care for her.

"No No, maybe the air conditioning in the meeting room was too warm just now! " Yang he immediately replied nervously, as if he had some hidden thoughts. Blue

Yan Xili laughed: "Yang He, you won't be a handsome guy, will you?"

"No!" Yang he immediately stares at her and moves forward quickly, but he is sweet in heart, as if he is in love with the one he loves.

"Did she blush just now?" Blue Yan Xi blinked and asked in a low voice.

All the girls sniggered again, but Yang he was ashamed.

It's time to get off work. LAN Yanxi forces her tiny body straight out of the office.

Because, to work here, we should always keep refinement and etiquette. Sitting in the car, LAN Yanxi leaned against the chair askew, stretched out for a while, then reached out to rub the stiff muscles on his calves, and forced himself to comfort. She didn't like wearing high-heeled shoes before, but now, she has to walk back and forth in seven centimeter high-heeled shoes every day, which is really difficult for her.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you worth it?" She asked with a smile. Driving

the sports car disappeared on the open road. At the moment, in the corner of the office on the fifth floor, the man stood in front of the floor window with his hand in his hand and stared at the car. "

she's back!" Lingmo Feng murmured, his thin lips rising subconsciously. Unfortunately, he can't go back so early today. In the evening, he also arranged a dinner party and important occasions to attend. LAN

when Yan Xi came home, he suddenly thought that Ling Mo Feng would not come back early today. Alas, she had known that she would go back to LAN's house to have dinner with her grandfather. "

No, I can't go back to the blue family now. The two uncles are terrible. It's important to cherish their lives!" LAN Yanxi is just like a nerve now. She can't help it. She really opens her eyes every day and worries about whether her two uncles will call to ask about her equity. Blue

Yanxi opens the door and suddenly thinks of a thing. When she passed by the post and stopped, she found that she was standing with a new face. Why didn't she stop her car and check her identity?

But a few days ago, she was stopped like this, and said again and again that it was Ling Mo Feng's woman who let go. "Play with me!" LAN Yanxi's face changed and he was angry.