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C1560 is this a flower?

"Is the voice familiar?" Li Changsheng saw her face changed greatly and stared at him with shame and anger. He also shook his mobile phone deliberately and turned up the volume a little more: "listen, it's very enjoyable."

"Asshole, how could you have this? Who gave it to you? " Just now, blue microfiber was in the elegant shape of a lady and a famous lady. At this moment, she turned into a shrew and rushed over. She grabbed Li Changsheng's mobile phone. Next, she threw it directly into a glass of water beside her.

"Waterproof? Hahaha? " Li Changsheng seemed to be teasing her on purpose. Although the mobile phone was immersed in the water, it was not damaged at all. Li Changsheng was even more proud and laughed.

"To die." LAN Xianxian takes a bottle of wine next to him and smashes it at Li Changsheng. Li Changsheng is lucky to hide quickly. Otherwise, he is afraid that it will burst his head. He immediately scolds angrily: "Lan Xianxian, you lunatic, bitch, you betrayed me first. What's your qualification to hit me? If you're afraid of being listened to, don't be mean to do it with wild men. "

"Shut up, Li Changsheng. Tell me, where is it from? Tell me who gave it to you. " Blue fibril now hate extremely, the expression of the face is ferocious as if to kill.

After the video on demand, the atmosphere in the restaurant was the same. Li Changsheng was staring at Li with blue, thin eyes and blood red eyes. She raised her hand and pointed at Li Changsheng with her fingers: "if you don't tell me, do you believe I will pull you to die together? I don't want to live anymore. Barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes. Li Changsheng, it's not worth it if you die. "

"Crazy woman, do you dare to kill me? My parents must make your blue family pay for it. " Li Changsheng was also used to being proud since he was a child. When did he receive such a threat, he suddenly turned sideways and snorted towards the blue, slender and cold.

"What are you Li family? Is it worthy of comparison with our blue family? You don't know that my sister LAN Yanxi is going to marry Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng will be the next president. At that time, your Li family will only provide our blue family with shoes. " Blue fibril calmed down completely after her madness. She predicted that Li Changsheng didn't know that she and LAN Yanxi had a bad relationship, not to mention that Ling Mo Feng was the one she adored in her heart. Now it's a good reason to threaten him.

Li Changsheng had no fear, but when he heard Ling Mo Feng's name, his face suddenly showed a touch of fear.

"Ling Mo Feng may not be elected. Don't scare me here!" Li Changsheng deliberately refutes her.

"If you don't tell me the truth today, when Ling Mo Feng becomes President, your Li family won't have a chance to ask for credit."

Li Changsheng's thoughts were shaken for a moment. Indeed, the Li family was a bit inferior in both family and financial resources, so when Li Changsheng heard that Lan Xianxian was willing to associate with him, he was very active to ask her out to meet him.

If someone hadn't sent this video to him, Li Changsheng would have worshipped the blue fiber as a goddess, but he still attached great importance to his wife's innocence in his bones. Therefore, when he saw his goddess's shameful relationship with other men, Li Changsheng's self-esteem was like being thrown to the ground and crushed. He hated and was angry, so that's why Just now I want to humiliate the blue fiber.

"Li Changsheng, haven't you thought about Xinqing?" Blue fiber is about to explode. She wants to find out the person who is behind her and urges her to destroy her reputation.

"Well, it's OK to tell you. In fact, someone sent me a U-disk. I don't know who the other party is. If you really want to investigate, you can start with the express delivery." In the end, Li Changsheng dare not gamble. He seems to have a lot of money and a simple mind, but it is related to the glory of a family. He will think rationally.

"Where is the express delivery? Which express? " Blue fibril really needs to be investigated. She will never be bullied and swallow her breath. What's more, she has been stabbed to Li Changsheng now. It's impossible for her to hide this matter.

Li Changsheng was still afraid of the murderous look of blue fibril. He shivered in his heart. He thought that blue fibril was as beautiful as an immortal. He didn't eat fireworks, and everything was elegant. Now he overturned his previous cognition. He thought that she was more terrible than her mother's night fork.

At about five o'clock in the afternoon, a dark cloud rolled up in the sky, and the spring thunder rolled in the cloud, dropping the lightening that made people bear the battle. In a moment, the people on the street were frightened to escape, just like someone wanted to cross the robbery, or someone did something bad, and the heaven wanted to split people.

Lanyanxi was originally reading in a rocking chair in front of the door. She saw that it was going to rain heavily and the thunder was rolling. She quickly hid in the living room. But the living room was empty and there was no sense of security. She ran upstairs directly, opened the quilt and hid in.

This thunder is too frightening, isn't it a man who has made a poisonous oath and failed to deliver it, so God will punish him.

LAN Yanxi bit her lower lip and thought about Ling Mo Feng's oath to her. He kept laughing.

Just as the thunder and rainstorm were coming, a motorcade was driving rapidly on the way home. Ling Mo Feng sat in the back seat, beside which lay a step of documents, but he didn't care to look. He looked out of the window. When the lightning came down, it hit the top of a tree in the distance, which was frightening. "Sir, would you like to find a place nearby to avoid the rainstorm?" In the vice driver's seat, Chu lie asked him in a low voice.

Traveling in thunderstorm weather is still very dangerous.

"She'll be home in 15 minutes. If Yanxi is alone, she'll be afraid." Ling Mo Feng raised his wrist, took a look at the simple wristwatch, and whispered.

As soon as Chu lie heard this, he understood his intention, and immediately said to the driver, "keep going."

Ling Mo Feng sighed and went back to her heart like an arrow, hoping to get to her side before the rainstorm. LAN Yanxi took a tissue in the quilt and blocked her ears. She could not hear thunder or see lightning. Her mood was a little calmer.

However, it's a waste of time to lie on your stomach and feel like this. Lanyanxi suddenly thought that there seemed to be an album in the cabinet next to Ling Mo Feng. This time, if you look at it, it should be a different taste. Lanyanxi quickly lifted the quilt, took his photo album, took a small flashlight, and continued to hide in the quilt.

She opened the first page of the album. It was an old yellow photo. The background was actually the current presidential palace. He and his parents sat in the garden and took pictures. Everyone's expression was serious, including Ling Mo Feng, who was only four years old.

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi will not laugh unless he can't help it.

I can't believe that Ling Mo Feng was able to be honest when he was a kid. He was so cute that he wanted to squeeze his face hard.

LAN Yanxi can't hold it now, so he can only touch his little face twice with his fingers.

Turning to the second page, he took a picture when he was six years old. He was dressed in a cut and fitted Plaid suit. The small body stood upright and the background was still the presidential palace. The only change was that there was a fountain behind him and the brilliant flowers blooming at his feet. This was taken in spring.

At that time, Ling Mo Feng had begun to take shape of the disaster country. His features were exquisite and beautiful, and his expression was quiet. Look carefully, the beautiful corners of his mouth also raised a smile.

"What a little adult looks like." LAN Yanxi can't help murmuring comments, but she loves Ling Mo Feng's photo so much that she hates to cross the past. She knew him since he was a child, but she carefully compared her age. If she really crossed the past, when he was six, she was only one year old, and she was still drinking milk. I'm afraid Ling Mo Feng won't play with her.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help turning down another page. It turned out to be the picture of him when he was eight years old. He squatted beside a lovely basket of flowers. In the beautiful basket of flowers was a white, white and tender baby girl. It turned out to be Ling wennuan. Ling Mo Feng reached out and held one of her little hands. It was as if the sunshine at that time would be compared with the smile on his face.

"I laughed so well when I was a kid?" LAN Yanxi's heart throbbed fiercely. When it was over, she fell in love with Ling Mo Feng in a second. Would she spend too much time?