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Worried about him

It was Ji Yue Ze. He was wearing a mask and a peaked cap, covering his entire body, so no one would be able to recognize him.

"Ji... Ji Yue Ze! " The moment Kang Yi Le took off her mask and hat, Kang Yi Le almost threw herself at him and hugged him.

Ji Yue Ze was so scared that he quickly dodged to the side. Kang Yi Le did not have the luck to throw herself into his embrace, but she did not mind at all, and instead said emotionally: "Sorry, I was really too happy. Ji Yue Ze, I did not scare you, did I?"

When Tang You You saw the scene just now, his heart tensed up. Could it be?

Ji Yue Ze was actually a little obsessed with cleanliness, he did not like women who were too close to him, so the one who had the smell of artificial perfume on his body, was a woman whose face was smeared all over.

"It's fine. Sit down and eat!" Ji Yue Ze, in front of Tang You You, could not give this woman a situation that would make things too difficult for her.

Kang Yi Le then sat down happily, and directly beside Ji Yue Ze.

Immediately after, she acted like a young girl who had just started flirting. With one hand on her cheek, she blinked her eyes and stared straight at Ji Yue Ze.

Ji Yue Ze was a little helpless, but his handsome face had a clear flash of resistance.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Tang You You took Ji Yue Ze's cup and poured him a cup of tea.

"Drink some tea first, I've already ordered and the food will be ready soon!"

Ji Yue Ze looked at the tea Tang You You had poured for him and quickly reached for it to take a sip.

Tang You You looked over, and seeing that Kang Yi Le was immersed in her own world, she immediately coughed lightly, and then asked in a slightly louder voice: "Miss Kang, do you want a cup of tea?"

Kang Yi Le was jolted awake by Tang You You's voice. She hurriedly said politely: "Alright, thank you!"

Tang You You immediately poured a cup for her, and then pretended to joke around as he asked: "Miss Kang, which movie do you like Ji Yue Ze the most?"

"I like them all. I've watched every movie he's made no less than ten times!" Kang Yi Le replied very happily.

Ten times?

That was an astonishing number.

Ji Yue Ze instantly had a feeling that he needed to become a national protected animal. It was best if he stuck a label on his body that no one else was allowed to touch.

He had never thought that a female fan would like him to such an extent. It made his blood run cold.

Tang You You was also extremely shocked, but after that, she raised her eyes and sized up Ji Yue Ze, and said indifferently: "Is he that outstanding? But no matter how I look at it, I just feel that he's a little more handsome than others! "

Kang Yi Le immediately retorted: "Of course it's not only that, every character he plays is so charming and responsible, and his entire body is filled with the spirit of a man!"

When Ji Yue Ze actually admitted that he was handsome, a smile immediately flashed across his handsome face. When he heard Kang Yi Le's evaluation of him, he hurriedly explained: "Miss Kang, you might have misunderstood me, but the me that you mentioned, is because of the need of the role, I want to create the kind of temperament that the audience likes. Of course, all of the male protagonists play me, the glory of the male protagonists.

Tang You You could hear Ji Yue Ze asking for help, and she immediately nodded. "That's right, not only is he casual, he's also very lazy!"

"I'm still very fickle …" Ji Yue Ze had no choice but to make his own image as a real person.

Tang You You was startled, what kind of plane was this Ji Yue Ze on, why did he have to ruin his own image?

"Oh, that's right, he's a little flowery. He likes young and beautiful girls …" Tang You You could only follow his instructions and continue to make things up.

Kang Yi Le was already dumbstruck. Her pair of big eyes continuously flashed with a teary light.

"No …" No, Ji Yue Ze, you are not that kind of person, I believe in you, you are the person in your role. " Kang Yi Le tried really hard to maintain her lofty image towards him.

However, he could not resist Ji Yue Ze's self-destruction. He pointed to himself and said, "I'm really not as good as you think I am. You should be the star seeker.

Kang Yi Le suddenly extended her hand out and grabbed Ji Yue Ze's arm, and leaned her face over: "But what can I do? I really like you, I completely treat you as my boyfriend, Ji Yue Ze, my family background is very good, why don't you consider me? "

Ji Yue Ze didn't expect that the girls today would be so active and passionate. He was unable to break free from her hands and his handsome face quickly looked towards Tang You You, begging for help.

Tang You You was also shocked by Kang Yi Le's actions, she immediately stood up and walked over to pull her away: "Miss Kang, don't be like this, I finally managed to get Ji Yue Ze to come over for a meal with you after working so hard, if you want to scare him away, you can't blame me for that!"

Tang You You immediately signaled Ji Yue Ze with his eyes to run.

Ji Yue Ze didn't want to run. He just wanted to drive away this annoying light bulb.

When Kang Yi Le heard Tang You You's words, she immediately calmed herself down. She hurriedly used a tissue to wipe her tears away.

When Tang You You saw her face, he was immediately shocked and said: "Miss Kang, your eyesight is pretty bad, do you want to go out and fix it before coming in?"

Women loved beauty the most. When they heard that their makeup was gone, the first thing they did was to go and fix it.

After Kang Yi Le left, Tang You You quickly said to Ji Yue Ze: "While she has gone to fix his makeup, you should hurry up and leave. This time, I owe you a favor, I never thought she would be so crazy, you should hurry up and leave, I don't want his to take advantage of you."

Hearing her worry, Ji Yue Ze could not help but laugh: "Are you concerned about me?"

"If you make an embarrassment out of yourself today, your brother won't forgive me!" Tang You You returned to his seat, his face full of regret.

When Ji Yue Ze heard her mention his big brother, his handsome face instantly lost all color, and he sat a little dejectedly. Yeah, Tang You You now completely treated her as his sister-in-law, and everything she had done today, was all because of her status.

"I'm hungry. I want to finish this meal before leaving!" Ji Yue Ze didn't want to leave at all.

Tang You You looked at him strangely: "Are you not afraid of this Miss Kang?"

"What am I afraid of her for? No matter what she says, she's still a woman! " Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan curled his lips.

Right at this time, Kang Yi Le returned and fixed her makeup. This time, she didn't dare to be reckless.