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C1088: Luo Da Shao's melancholy

Fang Kexin sits on her desk and stares at the closed door of the president's office. I wish I had perspective eyes and could see everything clearly.

Just now Luo Jinyu came out. His iron gray suit collar was open. Inside was a sky blue shirt. There was a large area of wet on the shirt. It was obvious that something had happened.

What makes Fang Kexin envious is that Luo Jinyu came out to pour water for Yang ChuChu's tea in person. As expected, only his girlfriend can enjoy this kind of treatment.

Fang Kexin's expression turned ugly at the thought that his carefully brewed coffee was thrown away like garbage last time. Yang's delicate mood has calmed down, holding a cup of tea, thinking and drinking.

Luo Jinyu is sitting on his desk, with deep eyes and a blank girl on the sofa. Her heart is very heavy. "

LUO Jinyu, I'm going first!" Yang ChuChu put down his teacup and planned to leave.

The man's tall body took a quick step to block her way. "

this is about to go?" Luo Jinyu really hoped that she would sit here until dark, and then he could turn her home for a night by the way. Yang nodded clearly: "yes, I'm going home at night. I may not go to your place in the future. If you are free, please clean up my things and send them to me."

"This is the rhythm of breaking up with me?" The man's face suddenly changed and his tone sank.

Yang ChuChu chuckled and shook his head. "Of course not. I just won't live with you anymore. I want to spend more time with my mother."

"Then why do you take things away? Don't you leave me any thoughts? " The man is still very angry, handsome face tight, the big palm suddenly buttoned her wrist, she domineering to his arms a drag, the next second, his hand will be her complete circle tight, thin lips stick to her ear, murmured: "delicate, do not do this to me!" Yang was stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, his decision would make this man so sad.

She had to sigh a little: "well, then I don't have to clean up. I may live in the future!"

"Be clear, can we have a meal together in the evening? We haven't had dinner together for a long time. " Of course, Luo Jinyu will not miss any chance to get along with her alone.

"Next time, anyway, we have plenty of time in the future. I promised my mother to go back to dinner as much as possible later." At the moment, Yang ChuChu is like a dutiful and good girl. Her center seems to have completely become her mother. Luo

Jin Yujun's face is frozen, her eyes are firmly fixed on her face, and her heart is sad and helpless. "

does your mother know about us? She's against us being together, isn't she? " Luo Jinyu's face was full of sadness. When he heard his mother said that he had found Cheng Ying to eat, he knew that things were beyond his control. As long as Cheng Ying interfered, he was most worried. "

she didn't tell me about it, but she did know. She was afraid that I would get hurt, that I would go back to the way she used to be, and that little things would be cheated by love. But don't worry, I know what I'm doing, and I believe that you will never be irresponsible. We just need time now." Yang ChuChu seems to have seen through all this, so every word she says now has no temper, just very calm hope that Luo Jinyu can accept her idea. Luo

Jin Yujun's face was stunned, and his eyes were aching. Then he raised her chin, and his thin lips gently and tremblingly kissed her pink lips.

As if she is a fragile and precious baby, even kissing, has become very careful. Yang's whole body was tense, but his heart was trembling. I thought I didn't see him for a while, and my body didn't reflect that strongly. But when his lips touch her lips, the familiar breath, like a fire, will burn her body red. This strange feeling is beyond her control.

Yang ChuChu could not help but reach out and ring his neck, deepening the kiss. She took the initiative of

to let Luo Jin resist the emotion that she held back, and there was a gap in the moment, which rushed out.

Luo Jinyu holds her in place directly. Next second, she directly presses on the sofa next to her. Yang

with a clear mind, his eyes blinked, and the next second, he felt that the man's lips had left her lips, down

"No, no, no, no!" Yang ChuChu seems to have been startled. He hurriedly stops his further action. Luo

Jin Yu's breathing has been very disordered and heavy, and his eyes filled with emotion have no light.

"You're driving me crazy, you know?" The man was gnashing his teeth in her ear.

As soon as Yang ChuChu's expression was stunned, the next second, the man turned over from her and stood up. His forehead was already covered with a layer of hot sweat. It can be seen how hard and uncomfortable he was pressing his back.

Yang ChuChu knew that it was wrong to do so. He came to him and refused to be close to him.

"I'm sorry. I'll go first. Goodbye!" Yang ChuChu pulled his small backpack and walked quickly to the door. When she came out, she found that her clothes were still messy, so she quickly pulled. As soon as he looks up, he looks up at Fang Kexin in the assistant office with angry eyes. Yang was so clear that she didn't expect to be sitting at the door. Because of Fang Kexin's gaze, Yang ChuChu couldn't help raising his head, slowly pulling his clothes, and calmly leaving. "

pretentious bitch!" Fang Kexin can't help but scold out the voice and take Yang ChuChu's act of arranging clothes just now as if she did it on purpose for her to see. Yang

Chu left not long ago, Fang Kexin planned to take out her mobile phone, send a message to Tang Qi, tell her about Yang Chu's coming, and let Luo Mu punish her. But

Yes, she made up the text message, but hesitated. In the end, she simply deleted it. Luo Jinyu's attitude towards her has been very bad. If she really becomes Luo's eyesight, there will be no turning over place in the future in front of Luo Jinyu.

Forget it, Fang Kexin is a smart and resourceful woman. For the greater good, she can resist the humiliation in front of her. Yang

when she came and left, Luo Jinyu's soul seemed to be taken away by her.

He didn't expect that one day he would be so worried about the gain and loss of a woman. When she came, he could fly happily. When she left, he seemed to lose the whole world. Even the sky outside the window seemed to be gray in an instant. "

we still have a long way to go. Yes, it will be a long way indeed!" Luo Jinyu took the cup Yang ChuChu had just drunk and took a sip of water.