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C1853 questioning his purpose

"I don't want to be misunderstood!" Xia Xinnian replied


Is it too late to worry now that the children are so old? "

Jimucheng made a reasonable sneer.

Xia Xinnian stops abruptly and glares at him angrily: "you still have the face to say, why do you want to help that pair of scum men and scum women to frame me?"

Jimucheng's expression changed in a moment. Her eyes stared at her angry face, lowered her voice and said, "are you sure you want to fight with me here?"

Xia Xinnian found that there were a lot of community residents who came downstairs for dinner. What she said just now was too loud. Someone had already listened to her.

Xia Xinnian said nothing, turned around and left, but he was angry.

Five years ago, she was framed by Xia shuran and he Jiaxuan. She always thought it was a nightclub, Niulang or something, because they must have taken money to do things.

But I didn't expect that the father of my son would be jimucheng. This bastard has so much money. Why should he do such shameless things?

Take the elevator upstairs, there are a few girls in the elevator, see the moment of jimucheng, one by one blush, dazed straight eyes.

Obviously, they haven't seen this unattractive man since they were born.

Jimucheng uses his son's small face to block his half handsome face. Now, he is not in the mood to attract others.

At the thought of a man with a son, jimuchen instinctively restrained all women.

Entering the door, jimucheng found that the living environment of the woman was so bad that the room was small enough to hold only one bed.

In the eyes of jimucheng, it's a nest, but in the eyes of Xia Xinnian, it's her warmest home.

"Take it easy!"

Xia Xinnian was afraid that jimucheng would throw his son on the bed directly, so he gave a cold voice to remind him.

Of course, jimucheng is very gentle. The little guy shouts, and his hands are stretched out for hugging.

Jimucheng looks at his son's cute little action. He gently taps his shoulder with big palm, bends down again, pastes Junlian's face lightly on the little guy's forehead. His steady breathing sound also infects xiayuchen. His little hands are soft and soft. Soon he sleeps again.

When his son fell asleep, jimucheng opened the air conditioner, adjusted the temperature and closed the door gently.

Xia Xinnian stands in front of the floor to ceiling window with his back to him. The fact that jimucheng is her son's own father reminds her of the painful stab deeply buried in her heart.

If she restrained herself from thinking before, she was going to investigate.

Now there's no way to hold back that anger.

Jimucheng squints her eyes and looks at the woman with her back to her. She just focused on her son and didn't look at her carefully.

Now, she is wearing his broad shirt, showing two straight legs of thin snow-white. Her black one word narrow skirt is covered by the long shirt, which makes people feel that she has only one male shirt from head to foot.

Women wearing men's shirts is a romantic and ambiguous thing.

Jimucheng felt the acceleration of heart beating again, and the blood was boiling hot.

"Why do you promise he Jiaxuan to frame me?"

Xia Xinnian knew that he was standing behind her. She tried hard to press her voice and didn't want to wake up her son.

"He Jiaxuan?

What do you have to do with him? "

Jimucheng sensed sensitively that this was a man's name, and some of them were familiar with each other. They couldn't remember who it was for a while.

"You don't have to play dumb here!"

Xia Xinnian waited for his explanation. Unexpectedly, she was asked by others. How could she not be angry?

Jimucheng's eyes are cold, staring at the little woman who suddenly turns around and grins at him.

"I didn't pretend. I didn't know this man!"

Jimucheng hates being questioned, and doesn't want to bear any unnecessary charges.

"Oh, why do you come into my room, why do you sleep on me, you bastard!"

Xia Xinnian can't bear it. He is angry. Although he is petite, he still wants to hold his collar and question him.

Jimucheng Jun's face is slightly surprised. He dares to take hold of his collar and scold his bastard. He salivates.

If you change into a person, jimucheng will make her repent.

But in front of this red eyes, a pretty face angry woman, but he dare not clap open.

Her identity is very special for him.

His son's mother, this role is enough to let Jimu City release some patience to her.

"Didn't you let me sleep for money?"

In the eyes of Xia Xinnian, his sin is not redeemable, but in the eyes of Jimu, this woman is also more guilty.


Xia Xinnian's eyes are full of beauty. It's hard to believe that he will hear the word "initiative" in this man's mouth.

Jimucheng still doesn't like to be pulled by others, two big palms are stretched out, one hand is holding her small hand, and she forcibly pulls her small hand away. Her voice is warm and full of sarcasm: "I said, I have paid the money, and you want to take the opportunity to blackmail me again?"

"Who wants your stinking money?

You beast! "

Xia Xinnian felt that his dignity had been greatly humiliated.

However, jimucheng found that this woman's angry appearance was inexplicably cute.

This kind of cognition made him want to tease her again.

"How do you feel now that you have a son with an animal?"

This is the first time Jimu city was scolded, but also scolded to make him feel happy.

Xia Xinnian is going to be sick by him.

"Don't tell me, you were in the wrong room that night. I won't believe that."

Xia Xinnian found that the man didn't really want to explain it. She was even more angry. She wanted to give him two slaps to be willing.

"At present, if you don't believe it, you have to believe it. I may have gone to the wrong room and slept with the wrong person!"

It's more likely to feel this way when dimucheng's astute brain analyzes it.


Xia Xinnian didn't scold very much. At the moment, he was very angry and civilized. He just stared at his eyes, which seemed to be full of sharp points, to stab each other.

Unfortunately, jimucheng is as brazen as the iron wall. No matter how fierce her eyes are, she can't hurt him.

"You said that you were framed, and I was framed that day. Someone added something to my drink. I don't remember whether I went into the wrong room or not. But I slept with you, but I knew it. I always thought that my assistant was afraid that I would be killed by poison and found a woman to detoxify me."

Jimucheng calmed down and analyzed the matter with her five years ago.

Xia Xinnian still hates anger, but he feels that his words are not unreasonable.

"You really don't know he Jiaxuan and Xia shuran?

You're not the cowboy they paid for? "

Xia Xinnian wants to confirm again.