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Less than ten minutes after Tang You You arrived at the Western Restaurant, several cars worth millions protected a luxurious long car and stopped in front of the entrance of the restaurant.

The guard respectfully opened the car door and stepped off a pair of long and proud man's legs. Soon after, a young and handsome face was reflected in the bright light.

This kind of man, no matter where he appeared, was definitely the most dazzling existence.

He wanted to see who the other party was. It couldn't be that this woman had taken a fancy to the other party's money, right?

But, in terms of money, who did he lose?

Tang You You was already drinking her third cup of water, and looking at the time again, she realised that it was almost 6: 30, why wasn't Lu Xuan Chen here yet?

She had to go back early, bathe the children, and put them to bed.

Just as Tang You You was starting to get anxious, she saw two people from afar.

One was Lu Xuan Chen, and the other person was actually Tang Xue Rou.

Tang You You's face changed, her eyebrows knitted together, why would Lu Xuan Chen appear together with him?

Could it be that he would have to eat with Tang Xue Rou tonight?

Just thinking about this woman's previous performance and her arrogant tone, Tang You You wanted to leave immediately.

"Wandering …" When the two of them walked over, Lu Xuan Chen walked over to greet her with a happy expression.

When Tang You You saw the seniors that he had once secretly fallen in love with, no matter how much he hated Tang Xue Rou, he still revealed a slight smile.

"Hengcheng-ge! How did you get here with her? " Tang You You did not hide his disgust towards Tang Xue Rou.

Tang Xue Rou started to act again, however, like a big miss, she threw her handbag into Lu Xuan Chen's hands: "Xuan Chen, help me put my bag down!"

Lu Xuan Chen immediately took the bag and lightly placed it on the side. He turned around and explained to Tang You You: "Wandering, you still don't know, right? I'm now Xue Rou's manager."

"What?" Tang You You had a face full of disbelief.

Lu Xuan Chen was very handsome, with a gentle appearance. However, when he smiled, he was still very lethal towards girls.

He lived next to Tang Xue Rou's grandma, and the two could be considered to have grown up together. Lu Xuan Chen had been very popular with the opposite sex since childhood, and her grades were good, her character was good, and she was very good-looking as well.

However, what made her feel at a loss was that Lu Xuan Chen was actually together with Tang Xue Rou, which made her unable to accept it.

Tang Xue Rou had clearly done it on purpose. Seeing the thick sense of loss and frustration on Tang You You's face, her charming lips rose upwards.

"Wandering, Xuan Chen is truly thoughtful and considerate, and he treats me 100% good. To be able to invite him to be my manager, I'm truly too happy." Tang Xue Rou's voice was soft and pleasant to listen to, and what she said was full of praise for Lu Xuan Chen.

When Lu Xuan Chen heard it, he was very pleased. With a trace of shyness on his handsome face, he said, "Xue Rou, you're too kind. It's my honor to work for you."

Tang You You looked at Lu Xuan Chen's bashful smile. In his memory, he also smiled like that.

"Hengcheng-ge, let's meet again another day. I still have things to do …" Tang You You suddenly wanted to find an excuse to leave.

"Wandering …" Suddenly, she wanted to hold onto her bag, but was grabbed by Lu Xuan Chen anxiously. Lu Xuan Chen also seemed to be unwilling to part with her so quickly, and pleaded in a low voice: "Sou Sou, you can leave after eating, you've all come anyway."

Tang Xue Rou ruffled the long hair by her ear and said with a hint of ridicule: "She doesn't want to eat at my table, Xuan Chen, you decide whether you want to eat with me or with her."

Tang You You suddenly understood what Tang Xue Rou meant. Was she here to earn her favor?

Indeed, Tang Xue Rou's words had made it difficult for him.

Tang You You didn't want to make things difficult for him, so he immediately sat back down on the chair and said indifferently: "Since you're here, then I'll leave after eating this meal."

Tang Xue Rou originally thought that Tang You You would be angered to the point that she wanted to leave, but she had never thought that her skin would become so thick.

Only then did Lu Xuan Chen let go of Tang You You's wrist, and happily invited the waiter to come over and order.

In a private room on the second floor, a man was standing with his hands behind his back in front of a French window. Everything that had just happened at the table near the window had caught his cold gaze.

The moment Lu Xuan Chen grabbed onto Tang You You's small hand in anxiety, the man's gaze became stern and fierce.

This woman really knew how to attract bees and butterflies. In such a short time, she had angered that man, even pulling his small hand.

The three of them sat in front of the table. The atmosphere was very depressing.

Lu Xuan Chen also felt that something was wrong, but, one was his boss, and the other was his friend that he had to be good friends with.

"Wandering, five years ago, you left without saying goodbye. You've really disappointed me." Lu Xuan Chen took a sip of the red wine, suddenly thinking of the sad things that happened in the past, and a look of complaint appeared in his eyes.

Tang You You was also extremely sorry, and said in a low voice: "Hengcheng-ge, I am sorry, I just happened all of a sudden …"

"Heh …" Something suddenly happened! " Tang Xue Rou, who was acting like a peacock the entire time, looked at her new fingernails and let out a cold laugh.

Tang You You glared over with resentment. This woman actually had the face to laugh at her. Back then, if it wasn't for her and her vicious mother framing him, would she need to flee to the outside world in a panic?

"What happened? Can't even tell me? I also sent people to find some news about you abroad, but you seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I only called you because I heard from Xue Rou that you came back. " Lu Xuan Chen had an expression of being wronged.

Tang You You frowned and asked: "Where did you find my phone number?"

"I asked your grandmother!"

It was only then that Tang You You understood. After returning to their country, she had called her grandmother, but she did not expect Lu Xuan Chen to ask her grandmother. Could it be that after so many years, his feelings for her still had not changed?

Tang Xue Rou let out another mocking laugh: "Why didn't you tell Xuan Chen what exactly happened five years ago? Do you not dare to say it, or do you not have the face to say it? "