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C677. She's changed

Bai Yiyan came out of the small supermarket downstairs, holding a mobile phone in her hand, and just hung up her aunt's phone, her expression was low.

"Is she Bai Yiyan?"

"It seems to be her, why is she here?"

"Isn't she Ji Yueze's girlfriend? How can she be so sloppy and come out without makeup?"

"Isn't she holding instant noodles? Oh my god, Ji Yueze's real girlfriend is eating instant noodles? It's going to be a laugh."

Bai Yiyan was immersed in her own thoughts, and did not find a group of people behind her, pointing at her.

A few girls who looked like rich people ran over the prank and deliberately hit Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan was thinking about her aunt. She was unprepared. After being hit hard, she flung forward. The contents of her handbag were rolled out. Two bags of instant noodles and two bags of quick-frozen dumplings. A few bags. All the snacks came out of the bag.

Bai Yiyan herself was lying on the ground, her hair was scattered, she was very embarrassed and panicked.

"Come on, take a picture, take a picture of her!" Several prank girls next to them were very proud and excited, took out their phones one by one, and filmed all of Bai Yiyan's panic and panic into a video. "Do n’t shoot, what are you doing?" Bai Yiyan reflected this. It wasn't that the other side was not careful. They simply knocked her down on purpose, or wanted to see her out. So she got up angrily and wanted to take theirs. The phone was shot away, but unfortunately, where did she grab their phone?

They burst into laughter, and all of a sudden spread out.

Only then did Bai Yiyan find out that it wasn't just the horrible girls who were teasing her, but also surrounded by so many people, pointing and talking about her.

"Oh my God, I just eat instant noodles? Did Ji Yueze dump her?"

"I knew she couldn't really climb Ji Yueze. Maybe, people kicked her long ago."

Bai Yiyan shed her hair, her face pale and embarrassed. She looked pathetic and pitiful. She turned and ran downstairs to the apartment. She didn't want to pick up those things she bought.

Shame and panic again.

Bai Yiyan ran into the elevator in one fell swoop, pressing her elevator buttons hurriedly with her fingers, fearing that someone would come in again, and saw her bleak look.

Fortunately, the elevator door was closed, and Bai Yiyan felt relieved, her back against the elevator wall, staring dullly at the low board, her heart afraid and helpless.

She had known for a long time that she had been entangled with Ji Yueze, and her life would never return to its origin.

Back at home, Bai Yiyan covered her face, and tears flowed from her fingers. I did not expect that someone would be so abominable and bully her like that.

What happened to her eating instant noodles? I'm hungry, shouldn't I buy something to eat?

Bai Yiyan cried silently for a while, only to find that her stomach was hurting hungry again. When she opened the refrigerator, there was nothing in it, not even a bottle of water. Bai Yiyan felt really miserable.

I managed to buy something to eat but lost it.

A few minutes later, there was a video on the Internet of Bai Yiyan's fall and the instant noodles and quick-frozen dumplings rolling on her side. She looked panic-stricken, her pale and shaggy face, and pathetic.

This video quickly became a hot topic for netizens.

At this moment, Ji Yueze was sitting in the office, drinking coffee. Just now he called his elder brother and told him that he was looking for Bai Zhenzhen. Ji Yuhan let him temporarily calm down. This matter You have to go back to Ji's home and talk to your grandma before making a decision.

Ji Yueze was still very annoyed. Although Bai Zhenzhen's expression of sincere confession was wrong, the blow and injury she caused to Ji's family cannot be remedied, because time will not flow backwards and the wound will be scarred.

Her assistant knocked on the door suddenly, her face eager: "Boss, there is a video on the Internet, you must want to see it."

"Who's?" Ji Yueze Meiyu twisted slightly, his expression was cold.

"It's Miss Bai!" The assistant said, putting the IPAD in front of him and clicking the video.

Ji Yueze watched the whole video coldly, and when he looked at her big and helpless eyes full of fear and looking at the camera, his heart shook slightly. "Boss, how did Miss Bai do it? She didn't mean to ruin your reputation. Look at her good deeds. The entire network is talking about her." The assistant immediately followed with complaints, and Bai Yiyan felt that way. For half a public figure, even if they do n’t pay attention to meters, they also buy

So cheap to eat, now it is not only her reputation that is ruined, but also their boss.

Ji Yueze's concern was not this. To be honest, at that moment, he was really shocked by the helpless eyes of Bai Yiyan. Once, she was a person who was not afraid of the heavens and was not afraid of him. She lived calmly and very really. There was something to say that she didn't need to dodge. But at this moment, her head drooping quickly. Flashing with panic, they were telling Ji Yueze, this woman, because he


"I'll go out!" Ji Yueze suddenly threw the IPAD on the table, took a suit jacket and car keys, and without explaining a few words to the assistant, he strode toward the door with long legs.

Seeing the hurried look of his boss and his hurried pace, the assistant was surprised. Why didn't the boss immediately order them to do the PR of this matter?

Ji Yueze drove his sports car absently, and went straight to the low-end apartment where Bai Yiyan was.

Does this woman need to make herself like a refugee? Didn't he give her millions? Shouldn't she be holding money and going abroad to enjoy the sun and the beach?

Why did she stay in that shabby place? Give someone a chance to bully her?

Ji Yueze's inner thoughts were messy and complicated. He didn't even realize why he had these annoyed thoughts.

However, what lingered in her mind was still Bai Yiyan's panic and dodge when she faced the camera, as if she was already a person who couldn't see the light and a person who needed to hide in the dark.

Is it because of his relationship?

Ji Yueze's sports car stopped at the door of the apartment building. Ji Yueze took sunglasses and a mask and quickly got out of the car.

He knew Bai Yiyan's residence, so Qinggui's figure went straight.

Reaching Bai Yiyan's door, Ji Yueze raised his hand and wanted to knock, but hesitated again.

Suddenly woke up, what was he doing? Why is it here?