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C522 fear of loss

Tang xiaonai can feel that when daddy kisses herself, her eyes are obviously sad. She can't help but stretch out her fleshy little hands, hold daddy's face, and kiss him twice with her little mouth. She says with a smile: "Daddy, why do you look at me like this? Do I look good

Seeing that his daughter is so young, Ji Xiaohan has the potential of narcissism. He can't help nodding and laughing: "yes, you are as beautiful as your mommy."

"Is that me or Mommy?" Tang xiaonai saw her father praised her, and immediately refused to admit defeat and asked.

Ji Xiaohan kisses her little forehead again: "of course it's your mommy."

"Ah..." The little guy's face was lost, because she thought Daddy would at least cheat her and say she was good-looking.

Looking at his daughter's small mouth, Ji Xiaohan's bad mood was instantly cured by his daughter's cute appearance.

"Well, you are daddy's most lovely little princess. In daddy's eyes, you are the best to see." Ji Xiaohan is not only a good father, but also a first-class technology to coax his daughter.

The little guy is just happy. He lights his head and reaches for jixiaohan: "Daddy is the most handsome in my eyes, much more handsome than my brother!"

"And your brother?" Ji Xiaohan finds that his son still doesn't want to take care of himself. Although his daughter seems to have been very sulky before, she turns around and becomes his happy fruit again. But his son seems to have hidden a lot of worries suddenly, which makes Ji Xiaohan uneasy.

"My brother is in the toy room. He doesn't talk to me very much recently." Tang xiaonai lost a little in a moment.

Season owl cold touch her long hair, gentle way: "later daddy will accompany you to play."

"But daddy is busy every day. Great grandmother asked me not to disturb you all the time."

"When daddy is finished, he will spare time to accompany you!"

"Well, will Mommy really move out?" Tang xiaonai suddenly asked sadly.

Ji Xiao's face is slightly stiff. In fact, he doesn't want to let Tang youyou move away. However, Tang youyou seems determined.

Yes, she has such a high self-esteem that she can't stand the pain of being abandoned by him.

"Xiaonai, what do you do if Mommy moves out? Do you want to talk to Daddy or Mommy? " Ji Xiaohan can't help but want to hear his daughter's answer.

"I'm going to live with daddy and Mommy!" Tang xiaonai said with a look of expectation.

"Well, remember, if you go to Mommy's place, you must tell mommy that you want daddy to come and live together, so that daddy will have a chance to go and accompany you and Mommy!" All of a sudden, Ji Xiaohan began to give his daughter advice.

Tang xiaonai blinked: "Daddy, will Mommy agree to let you go? I think she really hates you. "

"So, it's up to you whether daddy can see mommy in the future!" Ji Xiaohan dare not ask his son for help like this. Her daughter has a simple mind. She will definitely help.

"Well, I will help daddy to see Mommy!" Tang xiaonai laughs into a flower.

After Ji Xiaohan watched his daughter leave happily, he lost his strength again. He just taught her to do such an excessive thing.

He was like a liar, a rascal, pushing her away with his own hands, but looking for various ways to get close to her.

Ji Xiaohan hates such a self, but he can't help it. Who let him love that woman to the bone?

When Tang youyou came back, she knew that Ji Xiaohan was in her study. Instead of going to see him, she started packing and sorting her things as soon as she stepped into the bedroom.

When she put everything that belongs to her into the suitcase, her inner pain and struggle made her want to cry.

Tang youyou doesn't want to pack these things all of a sudden. She really doesn't want to leave There are so many beautiful memories for her. She really wants to be a woman who is obsessed with death. She puts down her self-esteem for love and pleads with the old lady to accept her.

However, whenever there is such an idea, Tang youyou will think of the decision and decisiveness of Ji Xiaohan when he broke up with him.

It's really like his style.

Tang youyou had to continue to speed up the efforts to clean up

The door opened and the two little guys stood at the door. Tang youyou folded his clothes and looked up at his two children.

"Mommy, are you really moving?" When Tang xiaonai saw mummy's behavior, she burst into tears, ran over and took Tang youyou's clothes: "don't go Don't go. I live here. Daddy won't drive you away. "

Tang Xiaorui also turned around and ran out. Although he was more mature than Tang xiaonai in some aspects, his heart of loving mommy was just as sincere. He couldn't stand the separation from Mommy. Tang youyou looks at the two children running in different directions. Her heart is extremely painful. She squats down and hugs her daughter together. She gently advises: "xiaonai, Mommy doesn't want to go far. Mommy lives in this city. If you want to see mommy in the future, you can ask Uncle yuan to bring you to me."

"Don't I want mommy and daddy together, I don't want you to separate! " Tang xiaonai said, sobbing like a wronged child.

At the moment, Tang Xiaorui flies to the study. Instead of knocking, he pushes the door open with great force. His body is small and powerful.

"My mommy is packing. Daddy, don't you stop her?" Tang Xiaorui has big black eyes and stares at Ji Xiaohan.

Season owl cold heart a smoke, pain spread from the nerves to the whole body.

"If you don't stop her now, it's too late, daddy. I believe you still love her. You don't want her to leave, do you?" Tang Xiaorui, who has seen through everything, reminds him directly and loudly.

Ji Xiaohan sat on the office chair, his body was tight, then he said lightly: "if she wants to move, let her move. This is her choice."

When Tang Xiaorui saw that he didn't move Yu Zhong, he immediately got angry and shouted, "Daddy, you are so bad!"

The cold expression of Ji Xiao is as stiff as sculpture. Is he bad?

Yes, my son is right. He is just bad.

"If Mommy moves out tonight, nane and I will follow her, daddy. Goodbye!" Tang Xiaorui said, no longer persuade him what, turn around, step forward very firmly.

Season owl cold Teng stood up, the next second, he quickly followed to the door.

Tang Xiaorui hears the footsteps behind him. He looks back at Ji Xiaohan and says, "are you afraid of losing my mommy, or are you afraid of losing me and xiaonai?"

Ji Xiaohan is facing such a clever son. He suddenly feels very ashamed. "I'm afraid of losing!" Season owl cold can no longer ignore his heart.