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C1165 he is her hope

Blue Weiwei is pushed on a business car by two men roughly. Before she can resist, the car drives away. Through the window, she sees her father chasing the car for a long way, but finally, the father can't run, standing in place like a piece of wood.

The car turned a corner, blue slightly two fingers, has been pinched into the palm of the hand, the sting makes her calm down a little. She knows that she may be sold by her father! She had such awareness for a long time, but unexpectedly, her father's ambition and greed had made him give up her own daughter. Blue

sitting still with a little gray face, the two men next to her didn't do anything to her, even, they didn't talk to her any more and treated her as air.

I don't know how long ago, when the car stopped, two men stood by the door and said to her, "come down, our boss won't treat you badly. How many women are waiting for the upper position without this opportunity?" "

who is your boss? How much does my dad owe him? " Blue asked calmly.

"Go up and you will know. As for the price your father sold you, we don't know, but there must be a lot!" The two men laughed at once. Blue

when I heard the word "sell", I only felt that there were two knives wringing in my heart, with blood dripping.

Finally, she went upstairs with her. In a luxurious box, there were several middle-aged men sitting in it. They were all young and charming girls, smiling and smiling, trying to please the gold Lord. Blue

as soon as he stepped in, he was immediately put around his shoulder by a man who was still holding a cigarette and spraying some smoke on her face: "Weiwei, I've met again. You see, how predestined we are. Today, brother Zhang missed you so much that I asked you to come here in this way. You won't be angry."

Blue slightly sees this kind of smoky meal, the instinct repels, the pretty face is cold. "

brother Zhang, how much money does my father owe you? I will try to give it back to you. Please let me go." LAN Weizi is braver than her peers. In this situation, she can also ask calmly. "

talking about money hurts our feelings. Today, we don't talk about money, just eat, drink and have fun. You are not something that money can buy for me. You are my unique baby!" Brother Zhang said that he would come and kiss her face. Blue slightly immediately dodged his face and hid from him. Zhang

immediately became unhappy and said with a black face: "slightly, you really hurt my heart by doing this. I kindly asked you to come over for a drink. You put this kind of face on me, but I will be angry."

"Brother Zhang, can I go to the bathroom? I have a stomachache. I've come here recently! " Blue Wei didn't really want to annoy him, because last time she saw a woman annoy him, she was slapped on the ground by him and couldn't get up for half a day. She didn't want to be beaten, but she also wanted to help herself. "

it's so unlucky. The bathroom is next to you. Go ahead, don't try to run!" Brother Zhang's face is gloomy. He raises his hand to her and hates her very much.

Blue slightly walked to the bathroom quickly, she found that it was useless to run by herself. If her father's problems were not solved, she would still be caught. Blue

after entering the restroom slightly, he called Ji Shangqing. "

Blue Weiwei, where are you? Why haven't you come? " Ji Shangqing is in a hurry. His tone is full of discontent.

"I may not be able to pass. My father sold me to a man. Ji Shangqing, don't you owe me three conditions? If you can come and help me, it's a condition! " Lan Wei tried to negotiate with him in a calm voice, but his voice was still shaking. "

what? Is there such a thing? " Ji Shangqing can't believe his voice.

Someone was knocking at the door to urge her. LAN Weiwei said the address and the box room number quickly, and then pleaded in a low voice: "Ji Shangqing, help me!" At this time, the door of the washroom is pushed open directly by a man. Blue

I threw the mobile phone into the bag and stared at the impolite man with angry face.

"My boss is afraid of you running around. Let me have a look." The man said righteously that he thought he could see a little spring light at first, but now it seems that he was disappointed that the blue was dressed neatly. Blue

she felt a little uneasy. She didn't have time to hear Ji Shangqing's answer just now, so she was afraid that he would not come. Now she can only gamble once. For example,

if Guo Jishang comes to save her, she and his account will be cleared. Blue

finally, she was forced to sit on the side of the man. Not only that, she was also asked to wear a tight and narrow skirt that was very exposed. The man reached out and could twist a handful on her thigh. She gave a painful low cry, and the man beside immediately laughed excitedly. Blue

the only rich people that can be touched by a little bit are those who do not regard women as adults, but as playthings. If they are tired, they will replace them with new ones, and the old ones will be kicked away. She thinks that the rich men all over the world are of this virtue and do not respect women. However,

until she met Ji Shangqing, Ji Shangqing changed her view, and she found that the more men of noble birth, the better the manners, the real noble temperament.

And the middle-level upstart men she came into contact with thought that a few money could dominate the world and make women look more and more humble to set off their self righteousness, which is the most terrible evil nature of human nature.

Half an hour later, one leg of blue Weiwei was pinched or patted red and swollen by a man. She could only bite her teeth and hold back, waiting for the hope of being saved. Dinner is almost over. In this case, the next entertainment program should be singing and drinking, followed by being taken to the hotel. Blue

a little despairing look at the door of the box, will Ji Shangqing not come? But he promised her clearly, and would give her three opportunities to raise the conditions.

That man doesn't count, does he?

Blue tiny heart panic, after eating countless lessons, she even naive believe what men say, she is not very stupid?

"Well, who are you? Don't rush...... " Suddenly, the door was noisy. Then, the door of the box was kicked open. The young man came in with cold face and cold eyes.

"Ji Shangqing!" Blue tiny moment broke away from that man's embrace, with a smile, hiding behind him.

The beautiful atmosphere was disturbed, and all the men stood up angrily.