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C1646 long lost

"Nanshan cemetery?" The nerves that have been strained seem to be torn by a pair of invisible hands. Lanyanxi is going to collapse completely. Grandma is buried there. Why does Lanlin take grandpa there? Is she crazy? Knowing that grandpa has always been missing grandma, every time he sweeps the tomb, Grandpa refuses to go up. He sits alone in the car and is afraid to face the cold tombstone he once loved.

"Yan Xi, are you ok..." Cheng Yuan sees LAN Yanxi's face is pale, and she wants to shake, so she reaches for her arm.

"Cheng Yuan, let's go quickly." LAN Yanxi's voice was hoarse in a hurry. It rained heavily. There was no shelter in Nanshan cemetery. Why did LAN Lin take grandpa there?

"Good!" Cheng Yuan is still worried about her. Seeing her lost soul, she knows that the place is of great significance to LAN Yanxi.

Cheng Yuan suddenly thought of lanyanxi's father's death when he was young. Whether her father was buried in that place or not, so lanyanxi's heart would break as soon as she heard about the cemetery.

Cheng Yuan drives the car carefully and quickly in the rain.

Lanyanxi anxiously looked ahead, and a heart had already flown to the cemetery. She reached for her grandfather's medicine bottle and pinched it tightly. The medicine grains hit the bottle with a monotonous sound, but it was the only sound in the car at the moment, tightening the two people's chest.

It's an hour and a half drive from downtown to Nanshan cemetery. It can only be reached when it's speeding up.

LAN Yanxi begged that the rain could stop quickly, but the heaven seemed to be against her. The more it went out of effect, the more violent the rain, as if someone had smashed the sky and let the rain run out.

"It's raining hard." Cheng Yuan sets the wiper to the fastest gear. Every time she washes, the road ahead is still a little fuzzy, which makes people feel uneasy.

If it wasn't for Cheng Yuan's inner firmness and calm demeanor, she would have been afraid to move forward for a long time.

"If something happens to Grandpa, I will not let her go." LAN Yanxi mutters to himself to all the fuzzy things outside the window.

"If something goes wrong, she should die." Cheng Yuan said with hate.

It was originally an hour and a half drive. When it arrived, it was almost noon. LAN Yanxi's mobile phone rang suddenly. She took out a look. It was Ling Mo Feng's name.

She bit her lip and took it to her ear.

"Yanxi, have you called me? What's the matter? " Ling Mo Feng's steady magnetic voice came.

His side is very quiet, so his voice is very nice.

"Are you busy today?" LAN Yanxi controlled his sadness and asked him softly.

"I'm a little busy. I have to have a meeting in ten minutes. It's tea break. What can I do for you?" Ling Mo Feng chuckles. Does she feel happy when she calls herself.

LAN yanxijue's lips were a little dry. She couldn't help but sip them. Then, she said softly, "nothing, but I miss you. You should be busy first, and then contact after you are busy."

"OK There is another dinner tonight. I may not go home to eat. Don't wait for me. " It seems that the man is not willing to hang up her phone in such a hurry, so he lengthens the volume, but it is full of tenderness.

Lanyanxi knows that he is very busy today, busy with important national affairs. She really can't disturb him, just for her family affairs.

"Well, I see. Hang up first." LAN Yanxi said, he pressed the mobile phone and held it tightly in his hand. The tears flowing in his eyes were also borne back by her.

Cheng Yuan glanced over her and sighed: "Yan Xi, you are a good wife. There are many things for Mr. President today. Chu lie also told me that this is his first meeting with foreign leaders after taking office, which plays an important role in his stable position. I really admire you for choosing not to disturb him."

"I can't, and I dare not!" LAN Yanxi looked down and smiled bitterly.

"You just love him so much." Cheng Yuan said the most important reason.

LAN Yanxi is stunned. Is that the reason? She didn't want to disturb him, just because she loved him so much and regarded his affairs as more important than her own. She hoped that he would be OK and everything would be successful.

"Maybe." LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief.

"The cemetery is ahead. Let's go ahead and ask." Cheng Yuan speeded up immediately.

There is a management office at the foot of Moyuan mountain. At the moment, there is only one old man with a mobile phone sitting in the duty room watching TV. There is a bag of melon seeds beside him. It seems that he is helpless and bored with the ghost weather.

"Sir, have you seen a red car drive in?" Cheng Yuan rolled down the window and asked loudly.

Some of the old man didn't hear clearly. He turned his ear to listen. Cheng Yuan shouted loudly.

"I don't know. I just came here to change shifts. You need to find friends to drive in and find them." The old man heard, but gave a disappointing answer.

Cheng Yuan had to step on the accelerator and the car rushed into the Nuo parking lot behind the management office. Today, it's raining heavily and there are very few vehicles. It's not a good time to go to the grave. No one can be seen. "I didn't see her car!" LAN Yanxi looked around, but did not see a red car.

"Has Lanlin left?" Cheng Yuan can't help but clap the steering wheel angrily. She feels that Lan Lin is really hateful and takes them around.

"Wait for me, Cheng Yuan. I'll go to see my grandma's grave." Said LAN Yanxi, and he was about to push the door down.

"I'll go with you. There are two umbrellas in the back. Wait for me." How dare Cheng Yuan let her go to this shady cemetery alone? Don't say that the brave people are afraid. LAN Yanxi is not brave enough. Maybe she will be scared.

In fact, lanyanxi was afraid at this time. She was afraid that she had suppressed all her fears. Even if she didn't hold an umbrella, she could run to grandma's grave in the rain.

By the time Cheng Yuan brought her umbrella, LAN Yanxi had pushed the door to get out of the car. Her clothes were half wet in an instant. Cheng Yuan quickly put the umbrella on her head.

LAN Yanxi takes an umbrella and looks for the familiar entrance. Cheng Yuan follows her closely, with sharp eyes on everything around her.

Lanyanxi stepped on the steps, splashed with water, and her trousers and shoes were wet in an instant. She ran forward quickly regardless of all.

"Yanxi, wait for me." Cheng Yuan's physical quality is much better than her, but she can't keep up with her. She can't help crying out worried.

LAN Yanxi, as if she didn't hear it, still ran forward desperately. The umbrella on her head was slanted mercilessly by the wind, and she didn't seem to care.

Cheng Yuan looks distressed. If only the president were here, Yan Xi would certainly listen to him. Moreover, the president would not let her suffer from these crimes.

The tomb path is very long and high, one ladder and one ladder are superimposed on each other, surrounded by tombstones, which are connected into one piece and occupy the whole hillside. There are new and old ones, and the wind blows paper money from nowhere to come and fall. In this scene, it's still very shameful, timid, even if it will frighten the soul to lose.

LAN Yanxi is firm in her steps. Even when she sees these scary things, she turns a blind eye. What is more terrible than losing her grandfather?

Cheng Yuan is breathless. The tomb is too high and too long.

Finally, LAN Yanxi ran along a flat and wide tomb path. Cheng Yuan looked at it. It's a place where rich people can buy and sell. It has beautiful scenery and good Fengshui.

LAN Yanxi saw a scene that made her most desperate and indignant in her life.

She saw grandpa sitting in the wheelchair, the umbrella in his hand lying in his hand, facing grandma's tombstone, like a sculpture.

LAN Yanxi's breath stopped at once. After a second's pause, she ran straight to Grandpa.

Cheng Yuan also saw it. She was in a panic, and a very bad feeling came.

LAN Yanxi pounced on him. Grandpa had closed his eyes and was cold all over.

"Grandpa!" LAN Yanxi tried to wake him up, but she found that grandpa didn't seem to cry. Cheng Yuan came here to check the old man quickly, but the result was that the old man had been cut off.

"No..." Lanyanxi roared with grief. The wind brought her grief. In this tomb, it was very sad.

Cheng Yuan stood by and watched, her tears falling like rain.