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C1940 finally confessed

Xia shuran is silly. The whole person is like a sculpture, sitting in a chair, staring at the computer screen. At last, the video is fixed on a cold figure. Although it's fuzzy, it's fierce and murderous, but it still makes her heart tremble.

"Jimucheng, the son of Xia Xinnian, is he? No... This must be a joke. How could Xia Xinnian give birth to his child? Five years ago, they didn't know each other at all. "Xia shuran shook her head and murmured. She didn't accept the fact at all. She felt that someone was playing a prank on her.

After a few seconds of inactivity, she quickly rushed over, grabbed her cell phone, and quickly dialed it.

"You can't go to jimucheng. I'll give you money. I'll give you a lot of money. Go abroad quickly. Don't let anyone find you. Do you hear me? Jimucheng won't let you go easily. " Xia shuran is still dying. Although she lost the game, she doesn't want to gamble on everything. She also wants to save the bad situation.

"Mrs. he, it's no use giving me money. Jimucheng won't let me have my life. I promised to cooperate with you at the beginning. To be honest, I like your money, but if I change to another man, I will take the money and leave. If the child's biological father is jimucheng, I don't think it's safe for me to escape anywhere." The other side calmed down obviously. It seems that he decided to turn himself in.

"You bastard, how can you betray me? You men are scum, are not reliable, I am too stupid, just believe your words At the moment, Xia shuran roared angrily, full of resentment.

"Mrs. he, we should be half a dozen. If you don't harm others, you won't have the result today. We all deserve it." When the man finished, he hung up.

Xia shuran was woken up by a few words from the man. She burst into tears and laughed madly: "it's right? After so many years, I have only got two words that deserve it. It turns out that's the case. "

At this time, the gate was pushed open, and he Jiaxuan came in with a dark face.

Seeing Xia shuran sitting on the floor crying, he Jiaxuan stares at her, with no emotion to speak of.

"He Jiaxuan, I've finished playing. Are you satisfied? But don't forget, I'm the mother of your two daughters, forever. " Xia shuran saw him and stood up while wiping his tears.

He Jiaxuan is very sad and funny. He doesn't know what kind of expression he should give at the moment, so he has to sit on the sofa and say, "you've done everything to frame Xia Xinnian. It's you who should be proud of. Xia shuran, I don't understand why you must not go with Xia Xinnian? Because I like her? "

"Yes, because you like her, you are my husband, I have today, it's all your fault, he Jiaxuan, if I close in, your face is not bright." At this moment, Xia shuran's eyes have no love, only indifference and sadness.

"Maybe at the beginning, I shouldn't have married you, even if I was single, it would be better than now." He Jiaxuan regrets.

"It's a pity that time can't come back. If I knew it would be like this, why did I marry you at the beginning? Why should I frame Xia Xinnian? All the reasons, finally planted the fruit, he Jiaxuan, we divorced, you will marry again? Marry your two daughters a stepmother? " Xia shuran's sad sneer, at this time, she also saw through, very sad, also very painful.

"No, I will not marry again." He Jiaxuan raised his head, stared at her, and said firmly.

"But if your mother wants grandchildren, you will still have women, right?" Xia shuran suddenly wants to cry. She is too sad. At the end of the fight, she is defeated. Xia Xinnian can marry her son into a powerful family. Her husband will find other women and give birth to grandchildren. What about her two daughters?

"I'll have a woman, but I won't have any more children. Xia shuran, I've got one thing from you. I have to educate my two daughters well. Don't let her go your way." He Jiaxuan said, and stood up: "you are good at repaying your own bad results. I have drawn up the divorce agreement. If you sign it, your daughter may recognize you in the future. If you don't sign it, we will continue to waste it, but it won't do you any good."

"I'll sign. You'll help my father's company through." Xia shuran suddenly asked.

He Jiaxuan sneers: "the man your father offends is Ji's family. You can't help him."

"No, it's me, not my father, who offended Ji's family." Xia shuran screamed.

"Oh, then go to admit your mistake and see if Xia Xinnian will forgive you." He Jiaxuan finished, turned around and left.

Xia shuran's spirit suddenly collapsed. He fell to the ground again and cried loudly.

Ji's gathering and closing the first floor of the headquarters, Ji Mucheng has listened to all the processes and squeezed his hands tightly.

Xia Xinnian also came over, watching the police take the man away, her heart a burst of contraction.

If her children don't find their own father today, will Xia shuran's evil deeds become her tragedy?

Jimucheng gently reached over to hold her cool fingers, and found that the good fingers were also pinched tightly.

"Now that things are in order, it's time to find Xia shuran, a vicious woman." Jimucheng comforted her in a soft voice.

Xia Xinnian closes her eyes sadly. She really feels that she's fed up with it. Xia shuran has been pushing her out since she was a child. She has repeatedly resisted, but in fact, it's really a stupid thing to tolerate a person's evil deeds. It will help the villain's anger and give her a chance to hurt her again.

"I'm going to find Xia shuran now. I want to ask her face to face why I should be treated like this." Xia Xinnian didn't want to wait for a second. She was going to see the real face of that vicious woman.

"Well, I'll go with you." Jimucheng also wants to have a look at that woman's face.

Xia Xinnian and Ji Mucheng come to Xia shuran's villa. Xia shuran opens the door, looks at a man and a woman standing outside the door with a pale face, and several bodyguards who follow her. She laughs sadly: "Xia Xinnian, you finally come to me."

"Xia shuran, good and evil will come to an end, and your retribution will come." Said Xia Xinnian, biting his teeth with hatred.

"You are my retribution, I know. Do you want to come and ask questions? I admit that I do all the things. I'm sorry for you. I hate you because of my love. He Jiaxuan has always liked you. I'm not willing to do it. This has led to a series of revenge events. I do all the things alone. Don't hate my parents. They don't know what I do. " Xia shuran has stopped reporting any thoughts. She has confessed all her crimes.