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C1811 forced listening

Nangong Yao's appearance seemed to improve the whole group's face value. Two female friends of Muyun were looking at him all the way. Their mouths were full of wonder about Muyun's concealment. Secretly, they marveled at how there could be such a good-looking mixed race man. Looking at his eyes carefully, they were dark gray, not pure black. When they looked at people, their eyes were deeper.

A group of people, came to the foot of the mountain, each division of labor, back on the thick luggage.

"I'll take it for you."

Nangong Yao is strong and can't bear to see Mu Yun's thin shoulders carrying such heavy luggage, so she takes all of them for her. Mu Yun only has a light backpack, so she quickly shares some things for the other two female friends.

"Mu Yun, is he your boyfriend?

Do you know each other abroad? "

A woman named Li Qing is very curious about their relationship.

"No, we didn't know each other for a long time."

Mu Yun looks back at nangongyao, who is following behind him. He has a complex taste in his heart.

She is used to a person's life, suddenly there is a man forced to break in, she is not very suitable.

Nangong Yao followed her all the time and saw her looking back at himself. He was in a good mood. He smiled at her with a bright smile. Facing the sunshine, the man smiled like a man. He almost lost Mu Yun's mind.

Mu Yun's heart beat faster and decided not to peek at him any more.

Nangong Yao's thin lips raised a smile. He felt that Mu Yun was shy after peeping at him.

In the eyes of outsiders, Muyun has a cool temperament, as if no one is hot. But in the dazzling Nangong, she is just a woman who has not yet enlightened. Only he needs to guide her carefully, she will certainly become gentle and approachable.

Zhang cau, a male friend, is leading the way. He looks back at the team behind him and stops looking at Li Qing.

Li Qing and Mu Yun are two kinds of women. One is as cold as a lotus, the other is charming, while the other is a very common long elephant, easy-going.

On the way, almost all of them walked on foot, and everyone was in good physical strength. When they reached the mountainside, a group of people picked up a big clean stone and sat down to rest.

Nangong Yao unscrewed a bottle of water, tenderly handed it to Mu Yun, and gave her a towel he had brought.

"Thank you!"

Mu Yun takes over, wipes the sweat on his forehead and drinks water on his head.

"What is Mr. Nangong's job?"

Li Qing looks up and asks him with a smile.

Muyun was about to introduce Nangong Yao, but he first said, "I'm just a very ordinary company employee, doing finance."

"I don't know. Mr. Nangong has noble temperament. I thought you were the second generation of the rich."

Li Qing is bound to be disappointed. When she first met nangongyao, she felt that he must have an extraordinary identity. When she heard him introduce her work, she felt that her vision was poor again.

"Is it?

I'm not a rich second generation. "

Nangong Yao smiled faintly.

Mu Yun gave him a big white eye. This man's ability to open his eyes and tell lies is quite good.

Nangong Yao seems to question Mu Yun's ability to lie. He is helpless in his heart. He just doesn't want to provoke peach blossom.

Zhang cau shared the snacks he brought with him, and put the nuts he peeled in front of Li Qing: "Xiaoqing, eat some, it's very nutritious."

"Thank you!"

Li Qing's heart is secretly happy. Three women play a play. Although everyone is a classmate friend, the careful thinking in women's heart always exists.

Moyun seems to see everything is very light, silently with a biscuit to eat.

Nangong Yao is standing on her right side, just in the direction of the sun. He uses his tall body to quietly block the heat for her. Muyun doesn't find out about all this, but Li Qing looks at it. Unexpectedly, Nangong Yao's work is not good, but he is a meticulous and considerate man. There are few men in the world who take the details into consideration 。

A group of people continued to move forward. When they were close to the grassland on the top of the mountain, suddenly, a cloud came from the distant sky.

"Didn't the weather forecast say there was no rain today?

How can it rain? "

Li Qing began to complain.

Zhang cau quickly explained: "it's all my fault that I didn't do a good strategy. Xiao Qing, it's OK. Anyway, we have brought tents to shelter from the rain."

Nangong Yao ignores everyone and only looks at Mu Yun. No matter what the weather is like, he is in a good mood.

When we got to the top of the mountain, there was a shower. We hurriedly set up two tents, and two tents came before the rain. So nangongyao directly dragged Muyun and hid in one of the tents. The other three people had to choose to huddle together.

The tent is narrow and cannot stand. It can only sit or lie down. Nangong Yao is tall, with long hands and long feet. Although Muyun is thin, two people are still crowded in it.

Rain rustled on the tent, two people pretended to listen to the rain, but touch the body together, but make the atmosphere a little delicate.

"Your hair is wet, please wipe it."

Nangong Yao found that part of her hair was wet. He immediately wanted to find a dry towel for her.

"I'll find it myself."

Muyun's breath has been disordered for a long time now. She is so big. She is the first time to be trapped in such a narrow space with a man. The man has a unique smell. Although climbing the mountain and sweating, the smell on him is not bad.

Mu Yun turns around and wants to open her backpack. Suddenly, she feels a strong body pasted behind her. She is scared and can't move.

"The place is too small. Let's squeeze in."

Nangong Yao began to play his shameless trick.


Can Moyun say no?

She had to bear it.

However, why does a man's breathing become so heavy when he leans against her ear?

Still hot?

Nangong Yao enjoys this moment's closeness very much. He is very grateful to God for his success. If it wasn't for this rain, he still didn't know when he could be so close to her, so close, almost close to each other.

Mu Yun's brain is blank. She forgets that she has to find a towel. She is so tense. I hope the rain will end soon and solve her problems.

"Moyun, I like you."

Nangong Yao suddenly pressed her ear and said: "I've been secretly in love with you for a long time and always wanted to say this to you. The love word is too heavy. I can't say it. Can you understand my heart?"

Mu Yun's pretty face is red and white. Why did he choose to say such sensational words at this time?

"Every day and night, I want to find an opportunity to meet you, pretend to meet you by accident, and then look at you and say a greeting. I'm too greedy. When you don't know my existence, but in your dream and mind, I've talked about all the love once."

Men's voices are becoming more and more low, as if they have the power of demagogues.

Mu Yun roared, her whole body seemed to be crossed by the current, she dared not listen.