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C1251 something that takes courage

Pei Ying thinks that she has been forgiven by Bai Yiyan. She is looking forward to her career recovery. On the way back, the corner of her mouth has been hooked. I'm very happy.

But just as she was going to drive around Baiyu media, her cell phone rang, Pei Ying saw the number, and her brain exploded.

Quickly pulled over the car, shuddered to open the cell phone, answer. "Hello, Mrs. Ji..." "

Pei Ying, are you free? I want to talk to you alone! " Serious voice, spread over, like invisible hammer, in her chest mercilessly hit, Pei Ying the whole people are a little slow to God.

"What can I do for the old lady? You can talk on the phone! " Pei Yingqiang smiles. "

it's more convenient to meet and talk. Let's go to the place we met before." When the old lady finished, she hung up.

"The dead old woman won't want to straighten me out, will she?" Pei Ying is holding the mobile phone uneasily, and he is extremely frightened. Although she didn't want to see Mrs. Ji again, she had no guts not to.

Pei Ying carried the bag in fear and arrived at the old place where she had had had tea with the old lady. Seeing that the old lady had been waiting there for a long time, she was wearing a gorgeous suit and an elegant hat, which gave people a sense of dignity. "

Mrs. Ji..." Pei Ying goes to say hello. "

sit down!" The old lady glanced at her face in a cold voice.

Pei Ying has a bad feeling that it will not be good for the old lady to find her today. "

two days ago, it was reported that you were having an affair with my little grandson, or that you deliberately dressed as Bai Yiyan in order to seduce him, and wanted to kill him when he was drunk, right?" Although Mrs. Ji is old, she can't ignore the scandal about her grandson. "

old lady, I'm wrong. I dare not next time. Forgive me." Pei Ying immediately tears down, she is really scared. "

Bai Yiyan is pregnant. I've decided to give her a chance. Don't do such shameless things again." The old lady looked at her sternly and said. "

Yes, I see, old lady, how did you suddenly accept her? Her mother is a murderer, and she killed her beloved son..."

"Shut up!" The old lady's face suddenly changed. She glared angrily at her: "stop talking!" Pei

see that the old woman's face is white, and she is hard to breathe, and she is scared to death. In case that the old lady is faint here, Ji Yueze is afraid to kill her.

Although she wanted to tear up Bai Yiyan's happiness, she did not dare to pass the old lady's hand. Pei Ying could only hate in her heart. In the future, she was not afraid that she would not have a chance to be ashamed before the snow.

"If there's another scandal like this, I'll tell my grandson about your cooperation in my acting. It's up to him to decide if he can keep you." The old lady snorted a warning.

"I dare not, old lady, please, give me a chance to make a change. I really dare not!" Pei Ying shakes her legs and kneels on the ground again. Her mood today is really twists and turns, and her nerves are weak.

Without looking at her more, the old lady got up and went to the gate.

Pei Ying stood up from the ground in panic, and quickly put away the tears on her face. Fortunately, this is a box, no one came in to see it, otherwise, she was afraid of more humiliation. Rong Rong's recent life was suddenly disturbed. A reporter was ambushed at the door of the law firm and blocked her.

"Lawyer Mao, what's your relationship with Lu xuanchen? We found that he went to your community many times in the evening. Have you lived together now? " "

lawyer Mao, when were you together? How is your relationship? "

Mao Rongrong was just dragged to his company's award party by Lu xuanchen and sat for a while. Now, he was pestered by reporters. The questions he asked were sharper and sharper.

"We are just friends. Please let me go. I have to work!" The beauty of Mao Rongrong's face is already hot. "

we are really curious. Lawyer Mao, tell us the truth. How can you find a male star in the entertainment circle as a boyfriend in your sacred career?"

Mao Rongrong couldn't move forward at all, because there were four or five journalists who completely blocked the gate.

"Don't do that. I'm going to call security!" Mao Rongrong was angry and cold. Because of her professional atmosphere, Rong Rong Rong's face was cold as ice, which really shocked some journalists. This is the only way for Mao Rongrong to go out.

She ran into the elevator in one breath, took out her mobile phone, pulled out the phone and called Lu xuanchen: "there is a reporter outside my office, what should I do? How did they really find me here? "

"The only way is to admit our relationship, but sooner or later we have to face it, don't we?" The man replied with a smile. "

No, if I admit it, my life will not be peaceful. I disagree!" Mao Rongrong's face was white with fright. She couldn't make her life public.

"If we are just boyfriend and girlfriend, the reporters will press each other closely. If we get married and have a husband and wife relationship, they will have no gossip to dig. Rongrong, think about it. I will come to you in the evening!" Lu xuanchen's tone was a little tense. After that, he hung up. "

Hello, Lu xuanchen, please tell me clearly what kind of marriage I don't want to get!" Mao Rongrong can't believe it. Does Lu xuanchen know what marriage is? Both of them are still in a hazy state of love. They are going to talk about marriage? Is this going to span too much?

Mao Rongrong's heart hung in the mid air until evening when he was ready to finish his work. Suddenly, he heard the noise outside the door, including the scream of a woman.

Mao Rongrong felt numb and rushed out of the office quickly. He saw Lu xuanchen standing there with a bunch of huge red roses in his hands at the entrance of the hall.

Lu xuanchen's nervousness is completely written on his face. Jun's face is red, but he is brave. Standing at the door, he looks at Mao Rongrong who is walking towards him. Suddenly, he kneels down on one knee and says sincerely: "Rongrong, please marry me!" Rong Rong was shocked by his sudden proposal. His eyes were full of beauty and his brain was buzzing.

All around suddenly became quiet. The screams and cheers just now seemed to disappear. Now, all the women in the audience are unbelievably looking at Lu xuanchen, who kneels on the ground and proposes to Mao Rongrong.

Their God of men suddenly came down from the sky, holding roses, but proposed to Mao Rongrong, the worst man in the office and the worst peach blossom. Their expressions, from shock to sorrow, finally became unacceptable, and their expressions collapsed.

"Rongrong, I will take care of you all my life. Please promise me!" Lu xuanchen hurriedly came back from another city, just because he heard her helplessness and uneasiness on the phone. This bunch of roses was also bought in a hurry. But when he reached out to take out the box of the diamond ring from his pocket, he said in a low voice, "I've bought this ring for a long time. I've been afraid to propose to you. Today is my most courageous time. I don't want to miss it again My happiness. "

"Lawyer Mao, don't be shocked. Promise quickly!"

"Yes, marry him!" Suddenly there was a sound nearby. But

at this time, a man came quickly. He was Mao Rongrong's partner and her faithful pursuer, Han Caisheng.

His face was very ugly and he suddenly reached out and pushed Lu xuanchen fiercely. He said angrily, "Lu xuanchen, put away your rampant love. I don't believe that you really want to marry Rong Rong. Isn't your male star's emotional life always rich? There is no lack of women around. Rongrong is a serious woman. I don't allow you to play with her feelings. " "

Caisheng..." Seeing that Lu xuanchen was almost pushed down by Han Caisheng, Mao Rongrong did not know where his strength came from. He squatted down quickly and reached out to grasp Lu xuanchen.

Han Caisheng looks at Mao Rongrong and squats down to protect Lu xuanchen. His face turns angrier.

"Rongrong, do you really want to marry such an unreliable man as him?" Han Caisheng feels that Lu xuanchen, an idol male star, never lacks pursuers. Mao Rongrong's choice of him is the biggest mistake. Lu xuanchen didn't refute anything, just a pair of deep eyes, quietly coagulating on Mao Rongrong's face.