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The solemn and romantic music is spreading. Ling wennuan takes his father's arm and walks slowly to the red carpet. On the chairs on both sides, he sits with friends and relatives. Looking at her with the same eyes, we can see today's beautiful bride. She is dressed in a pure white wedding dress, her long hair is curled and tied behind her head, wearing a shiny diamond crown and a light headdress, which can't hide the girl's fresh and natural Beautiful.

Some are admiring, some are blessing, and many more are witnessing the moment with their hearts.

Ling wennuan felt that she would finish the wedding with a smile at first, because this was the day she had been looking forward to for a long time, but when the red carpet was about to run out, her eyes turned to the first row of relatives, and at the moment when she saw her family members, her heart was filled with gratitude, moved, and thick reluctant.

Although she knew that even if she married, she was still the daughter of Ling family and the sister-in-law of elder brother and elder sister-in-law, but this kind of meaning was different. She wanted to be a wife and a mother, and she had already stepped on another stage of life.

The emotion in her heart was surging, and the tears also came up. Ling wennuan almost couldn't help it. She quickly bowed her head and let that tear fall down, without destroying the beautiful makeup on her face.

Mu Weicheng's suit is straight and elegant. Watching the woman he loves step by step come to him, his mood is also excited, nervous and more joyful.

Ling's father looked at his little princess, and finally he was going to get married. He was reluctant to give up, leaving him with tears in his eyes. However, he didn't want to cry at last. So he could only bear the sadness and let it become joy. He gave his daughter's hand full of blessings to another man's palm.

"Thanks for Dad's success."

At this moment, Mu Weicheng has changed his mouth, which is a kind of comfort to Ling's father.

Ling's father nodded happily, patted him on the shoulder, thought about those words for a long time at home, and finally turned them into a sentence: "take good care of her."

Mu Weicheng knew that Ling's father was reluctant and sad. He replied firmly and forcefully, "please rest assured, I will treat her well."

Ling's father was even more relieved. He quickly returned to his position and sat down.

Ling wennuan could not help but hold back her tears. After listening to her father, she found that she could hold back to the limit, and finally let the tears slide down her cheeks.

Next to the husband solemnly announced the important moment of the couple, let them vow the loyalty of the marriage.

When it came to the ring exchange, Mu Weicheng was a little excited and almost let the diamond ring go. Fortunately, he was good at his skill and caught it again. This adoration made everyone laugh. Even Ling wennuan, who was crying, almost burst out laughing.

Mu Weicheng's face was embarrassed, but no matter how many mistakes there were, at this moment, he still firmly put the diamond ring on her beautiful ring finger gently.

"Daddy, why should I marry my aunt?

I like her very much. "

Ling Sinan's face was sorrowful and he supported his chin. Looking at the holy moment, he asked daddy.

"Your aunt is so mischievous that she needs someone to take care of her."

Ling Mo Feng humorously replied to his son.

"Is Mommy naughty, too?

But I don't think you can control her. "

The little guy has a big question mark on his little head. He is a curious baby. If you have any questions, you must ask them clearly.

"Keep it down, son!"

Ling Mo Feng saw that the little guy was speechless, and quickly reached out his hand to cover his little mouth, attached it to his ear and whispered, "who says daddy can't care about your mommy?

Daddy just managed her when you didn't know

"Is there anything else I don't know?

What do you do with Mommy, I don't know? "

Small Sinan blinks big black eyes, more curious.


Blue Yan Xi beside didn't miss the conversation between the father and son. When she heard something wrong with the topic they were talking about, she immediately gave a warning.

Ling Mo Feng and his son shut up obediently.

"Hee hee, daddy, Mommy is so dignified."

Small Sinan more certification of a fact, daddy really can't control Mommy, mommy a look, daddy will not talk.

"That's when daddy lets her, and when daddy doesn't let her, she'll know."

Ling Mo Feng immediately attached to his son's ear and whispered.

"All right."

Small Sinan mouth recognition, but gave Dad a sympathetic look.

Ling Mo Feng is helpless in a moment. It seems that his son won't believe what he said.

LAN Yanxi was moved by the wedding. When she turned around, she found that her husband and son had never finished talking. She quickly reached out and grabbed the man's arm.

In fact, he was really happy to send his younger sister to marry him, because she chose a very good man, not to marry at this time, when?

In the second row, there was also a family. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou came with Xiaorui and xiaonai and two cute little cute babies. Beside them, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu also came to bless with their sons.

Happiness always looks the same.

Finally, the wedding ceremony is over. Next is the dinner time of the guests. Beside the auditorium, there are 50 tables arranged. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi entertain the friends he invited. However, for one table, half of the children, several adults can only take care of the children for dinner first, and then they can have a free time to chat.

"I wonder what these children will look like when they grow up."

On the grass outside the auditorium, the little guys have company. They run, jump and play with their feet away. The sunshine is just right and the scenery is picturesque. As parents, they begin to look forward to the appearance of their children when they grow up.

"Better than our life."

Season owl cold hook lips smile.

"Yes, there are always ups and downs in life. They will make it up one by one. When they start to mature, they may be like us now, imagining the next generation."

Luo Jinyu also felt.

The three women sitting next to drinking tea still enjoy this young happiness. Their children are happy with themselves. In fact, if you think too much about being bald, it's better to live in the present and be the best yourself.

Xiaorui and xiaonai are big brothers and sisters. They stand by and look at the group of little brothers and sisters. If they fall, they go forward to help them. Then they teach them like a little adult that they can't push or scold.

"Sister you, look at the two big ones in your family. They can share a lot of troubles for you."

LAN Yanxi is very envious.

"Yes, my younger brother and younger sister gave them to take with us. We were relieved a lot."

Tang youyou said with a happy face.

In the banquet hall, Mu Weicheng was drunk, but he was drunk and happy.

Ling wennuan drinks boiled water. Seeing that the handsome man's face is red, she hurriedly asks someone to send him to have a rest. Nangong Yao is a little pitiful. He drinks a lot on behalf of Mu Weicheng. At the moment, he is also a little drunk. Mu Yun stands beside him and looks at him silently toasting for his eldest brother. She is not satisfied.