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C2050 is not the best son-in-law

The hotel near the sea has different styles. In order to please women, he specially asked for a top-level suite, with a view to the sea and a breeze.

Tang Weixin felt a man's affection for himself. This feeling of being taken care of and flattered really satisfied a woman's all fantasies and vanity about love. Tang Weixin also experienced the beauty of love for the first time.

No sooner or later, I met people who surprised her everywhere in my life.

Tie Xun has no freshness for this sea area for a long time. This is the place where he lived since he was a child. Compared with the novel woman in front of him, it attracted his attention.

Her soft face and smiling eyes are not enough for him to see.

"Like it here?" The voice of the man is mute for a few times. He is surprised. Why does the voice become dry at this moment? Maybe it's because there are too many emotions in his heart.

Tang Weixin turned to face him and saw that the man's eyes were dim. She looked at herself without blinking. Her heart beat faster and her cheeks were hot. She subconsciously dodged, looked out of the window and nodded: "yes, it's beautiful here."

"You are beautiful, too." He murmured, praising.

Tang Weixin's heart seems to be moistened by a warm current. This man's silly praise makes her very useful. In fact, she has not been very concerned about her appearance. Other women like to dress up, but she often forgets to take good care of herself because of her work. Fortunately, God has given her a naturally beautiful face, which does not need special embellishment In inadvertently reveals the female style.

"Tie Xun, do you often praise other women for your sweet mouth?" Tang Weixin asked him deliberately.

Tie Xun's back was stiff, and his eyes were clear for a moment: "don't you allow me to say something nice? Idealism, beautiful scenery in front of you, don't you

Tang Weixin saw that the man's eyes were sad, just because her words just stimulated him, she had to chuckle, walked to him, and gently opened the button on his lapel with her fingers: "OK, it's important, don't waste time."

The man's eyes are light and low. When he sees a woman's fingers gently picking, his clothes button will open. His eyes will turn back: "how can you untie a man's buttons like this? Don't you... "

Tang Weixin's hand stopped immediately. Mei Mou looked up and said with a smile: "I have many other unique skills. Would you like to have a look at them?"

"For example..."

"Break a big stone in the chest, throw a dart with one hand, and unscrew the man's tianlinggai..." Tang Weixin didn't give him a good look. He simply didn't untie his shirt. He turned to blow the sea breeze.

Tie Xun couldn't help laughing. He quickly hugged her from behind, put his thin lips to her ears, spit out his hot breath and said, "I don't doubt what you mean. I'm just too sensitive. If I can't grasp you, I'll love you and think about it. Don't be angry, OK?"

Tang Weixin's side eyes whitened his eyes: "don't you have confidence? I don't have it either. You're so handsome and golden. You have more choices. "

"The vast sea of people, I also only choose a you?" Tie Xun didn't like to hear her say these discouraging words, so he kissed her on the lips directly. Tang Weixin wanted to contradict her again. He had no chance.

Men's lips, domineering, warm, affectionate.

Tang Weixin's brain completely stagnated. He didn't want to think of anything, and he couldn't think of anything, except for the healthy chest of the man in front of him and his passionate kiss.

One kiss is out of control. Both want more.

Unconsciously, two people have fallen into a soft bed, and tie Xun's breath is heavy. His eyes are tender and staring at the quiet woman at the moment. Tang Weixin's eyes are intoxicated and sober. Such a different woman makes tie Xun more moved. He laughs loudly and kisses her more gently.

In Tang Wei's heart, there was only a man's shadow. His touch made her soft and strange. What about her strength?

Why does she have no strength in the arms of a man? The reason also disappeared, only the man's affectionate eyes, as well as his big hands that always discharge on her.

"Idealism." Tie Xun can't help but whisper her name, this moment, as if waiting for a long time.

Tang Weixin stretches her body, which makes her more frightened than going to war. It's strange that she is not afraid tomorrow. Why should she be afraid of this man?

Tie Xun saw that her nervous face was red, and his body was not relaxed at all. He thought proudly in his heart. Didn't he just shout for him to cry? Why don't you feel proud now?

Tang Weixin didn't know what the man was laughing at all, but the way he laughed was really beautiful. The rising corners of his mouth made her want to kiss him actively.

Tie Xun with a sense of achievement and satisfaction, finally in her confusion, with her.

"I'll go..." Tang Wei's heart instinctively issued a low mantra, which was just a word of pain. She was too lazy to say it, only her hands were left. She grabbed the man's back and tore him.

Tie Xun ignored the back woman's craziness, thin lips still with a smile, motionless, let her adapt.Wait until Tang Wei heart eyebrow son no longer wrinkly, tie Xun looked at the opportunity, finally no longer press up.

The time passed in a hurry, probably because both of them were doing this for the first time. After the tossing, they were obviously tired. Tang idealism leaned on the man's arms, squinted his eyes, couldn't sleep, and the man couldn't sleep, but they liked to stick and hug like this, even if they didn't move.

"Idealism, when will you take me to see your parents?" Tie Xun began to seek fame. Such important things happened. It should be put on the agenda to meet his parents and talk about marriage.

"What are you in a hurry? It's still early. " Tang Wei turned over lazily and turned his back to him: "there is something I forgot to tell you. My father is better than me. He always hoped that I could find a man who is stronger than me and can protect me."

"What?" Tie Xun's fragile heart, suddenly hit: "then why don't you say it earlier."

"Said earlier, will you still follow me?" Tang Weixin turned around with a light expression on his face.

Tie Xun suddenly felt that he had been deceived. He stared at the evil woman with deep eyes: "Tang Weixin, you can't play with me."

"What did I play with you?" Tang Weixin's hands are not in line when he is talking. He really plays.

The man uttered two painful murmurs and grasped her dishonest fingers: "then am I not up to your father's standard of finding a son-in-law?"

"I just tested it. It's very consistent." Tang Wei's heart broke into a bad smile.

Tie Xun: "..." God, what kind of woman did he find? It's so provocative.