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In the dining room, Ji Shangqing reclined lazily on the back of his chair, facing Tang Youkang, Tang youyou's adoptive father.

Because of the revival of his career, his expression also swept away the previous worries and anxieties. He respectfully brought a cup of tea to Ji Shangqing.

"Is Tang youyou really Xia Weiwen's daughter? Are you sure? " Ji Shangqing's voice is as cold as water.

Tang Youkang nodded quickly, and replied in a very positive tone: "yes, Xia Weiwen came to my house and admitted that Tang youyou was his daughter who had been lost for 20 years. At that time, I was very angry and scolded him away."

Ji Shangqing in order to determine the truth of the matter, he took his mobile phone, turned out a picture of Xia Weiwen: "it's him!"

As soon as Tang Youkang saw it, he nodded, "yes, it's him. I didn't expect that Tang youyou's biological father was still an entrepreneur. As long as I knew, I would ask Xia Weiwen to give me back the alimony for more than 20 years."

"You can ask him for it now. Javier is a famous philanthropist!" Ji Shangqing's expression is not too disorderly, and he chuckles.

"I'm going to ask him now. Will he give it to me? Last time, I was so bloody that he left with a very ugly face. " Tang Youkang's face brightened, and he felt that this matter was no longer realistic.

"Why do you scold him?" Ji Shangqing's eyebrows are still cold. Tang Youkang gnawed his teeth with hatred: "because Tang youyou killed my daughter and drove her crazy, this Tang youyou is really merciless. I raised her up somehow, and she didn't want to be kind and repay her kindness. Xue Rou is my only daughter. I didn't give up fighting and scolding when I was a child, but now I have become a madman. I feel cold when I think about it."

"You always said that Tang youyou had hurt your daughter, but you didn't seem to tell me why she hurt your daughter." Ji Shangqing was not interested in the hatred between them, so he didn't investigate it specially. At this moment, he was suddenly interested in this question.

Tang Youkang's face, a brush, some pale, Yiyan and stop looking at Ji Youkang.

"What? Isn't it convenient to say? " Ji Shangqing sneered.

"No, I'm just ashamed. Xuerou is really spoiled by me, so I did something to hurt Tang youyou." Tang Youkang really didn't have the face to mention it. It was because he knew that Tang youyou was hurt, that Tang Youkang calmed it down.

"How did you hurt Tang youyou?" Ji Shangqing's eyes narrowed. There was a startling look in his eyes.

"My daughter hurt her in a car accident. I heard that the injuries were very serious, and her head was injured." Tang Youkang in Ji Shangqing that pair of cold sharp eyes stare, the scalp numb to say the truth of the event.

After hearing this, Ji Shangqing's face became even colder, and then he sneered: "it's not because of fighting for the cold of season owl again."

"Because of him!" Tang Youkang heard the name of Ji Xiaohan. He was afraid and scared, but he hated him even more.

Ji Shangqing's heart is inexplicably upset, and his face is a little dark. He takes a cup and drinks a sip of tea, which can suppress his sour breath.

"Ji Xiaohan seems to love Tang youyou very much. No wonder your daughter doesn't like it."

Tang Youkang thought of this, and his face was full of sorrow: "Ji Xiaohan played with my daughter ' What Ji Shangqing wants to hear most is the voice of revenge against Ji Xiaohan. At the moment, looking at Tang Youkang's expression that he would hate to take a knife to kill people, he is a little proud to hook his lips, but his voice is concerned: "Mr. Tang, what happened to you, I express my regret, you are right to scold, Ji Xiaohan is such a disgusting person, he can get everything easily To, also includes the woman to his sentiment, your daughter must have loved him miserably, otherwise, also won't quarrel with Tang youyou

Tang Youkang is said to have been in the pain of his heart. He has an old face and can't help sliding his tears: "my silly daughter has been in love with him for six years. It's really not worth it. The man hasn't died in this day. Why does she have to marry Ji Xiaohan?"

"Because Ji Xiaohan is rich and can satisfy any wish of her. Women are so greedy. I have seen through it." Ji Shangqing sneers and sneers, with a look of disgust. Tang Youkang agreed with him: "yes, women don't have many good things. Now I regret marrying my current wife. When my former wife was alive, she was not greedy at all. She was gentle and considerate to me. Now I married a vampire. Like the vampire, she sucked every cent out of me. I am so sorry. ”When it comes to sad things, Tang Youkang cries more happily.

"Was Tang youyou brought up by your ex-wife?" Ji Shangqing suddenly asked curiously.

Tang Youkang wiped a tear: "yes, my ex-wife can't have children all the time, she regards Tang youyou as her own, and loves her very much. Before, Tang youyou was very much like my ex-wife, sensible and gentle. Now she has changed, which makes me feel strange."

Ji Shangqing didn't blame Tang Youyou, but only sneered.

In his opinion, Tang youyou has not changed. The person who changed is Tang Youkang.

"Young master Ji, do you really like Tang youyou?" I remember when I met before, Ji Shangqing told him frankly that he liked Tang Youyou, so Tang Youkang couldn't help caring about him.

"Yes!" Ji Shangqing nodded: "I seem to find the advantages of your ex-wife in her!"

Tang Youkang was shocked and immediately shook his head: "she used to be a good child, but now she doesn't have to. She is going to get worse with Ji Xiaohan sooner or later. A rich woman is not going to get worse."

Ji Shangqing still smiled lightly: "anyway, I'm still very interested in her at present. You can see if there's a chance for me to improve my relationship with her."

"Young master Ji, I have already cut off the father daughter relationship with her. Although I want to help you very much, but..." Tang Youkang is also powerless at the moment.

Ji Shangqing looks at him in a bored way: "can't you help me?"

"Young master Ji, do you just want to get her, or do you want to be honest with her?" Tang Youkang really feels strange. Ji Shangqing's status is so prominent. It's really unreasonable to like Tang youyou who has children and boyfriend.

"I want her to fall in love with me!" Ji Shangqing said in a cold voice.

Tang Youkang is even more surprised, and it's hard to set the channel: "fall in love with you? Then it's a little difficult. She loves Ji Xiaohan very much at present. If she wants to fall in love with you, she will lose her memory! " "Amnesia?" Ji Shangqing mumbles these two words.