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What did she deliberately forget?

Being stared at by him, Tang You You's small face burned red, she nodded, then admitted: "Indeed, it is not justified, I do not dare to ask you, I am afraid that you will reject me, then I will be very embarrassed."

"You are too cautious in everything you do, including your feelings!" At least, that was what Ji Xiao Han thought.

Tang You You felt the heat of his kiss on the back of her hand, and suddenly thought of something, she opened her mouth and said: "I went to find Dr. Liu today, she asked me a lot of questions, and I answered them honestly, and she said … "Tell her you told her what happened five years ago. What exactly did you tell her?"

Ji Xiao Han laughed: "Just tell me the truth!"

"You didn't even miss the details, did you?" Tang You You felt that he was going to die from embarrassment this time.

Ji Xiao Han knew what she was worried about, so he didn't try to scare her and said lightly: "How is that possible? I only roughly described it, I can't even remember the details myself, do you remember?"

"Of course I don't!" Tang You You said anxiously, but in that instant, it was as if a heavy body that was like a mountain flashed across her mind, pressing down on her so hard that she couldn't breathe.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes widened as she stared straight at Ji Xiao Han, "I … Did I wake up that night? "

Ji Xiao Han was very surprised when he saw her fearful expression, "You don't even have any impression of yourself anymore?"

"I... "I don't know …" Tang You You instantly grabbed his head again and stopped thinking about that matter.

The incident that had been sealed by her for five years.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin comforted her: "Alright, let's not think about it anymore. Leave these matters to Dr. Liu and let her help you.

"Ji Xiao Han, I feel like I have forgotten something!" Tang You You looked at him in a daze and said helplessly.

"Let Dr. Liu help you find what you have forgotten step by step!" Ji Xiao Han looked at the blank look in her eyes, and felt so pained that he wanted to embrace her and gently comfort her.

Tang You You tried her best to calm herself down. If she really woke up that night, then why didn't she have any memories?

Could it be because of too much fear and fear that he automatically erased that part of his past?

Ji Xiao Han patted her shoulder. "Alright, you can go back to work now. I'll go down there to accompany the children."

"Dr. Liu said … "Let me get closer to you. This is very good for my treatment." Tang You You suddenly said shyly as the man turned around.

The light in Ji Xiao Han's eyes was obscure and unfathomable. He nodded calmly, "Alright, I'll cooperate to the best of my abilities."

Seeing the concern and gentleness in his eyes, Tang You You couldn't help but laugh.

Ji Xiao Han walked down the stairs, his mind a bit blurry for a moment.

He had been drugged that day, and the drug had been so powerful that he remembered hearing women's cries for help under conscious circumstances.

"Daddy, be careful of the stairs!" Suddenly, a childish voice was heard.

Only now did Ji Xiao Han realize he was about to roll down the stairs.

Fortunately, his son reminded him in time. Otherwise, he really would have fallen down.

"Daddy, what are you thinking about? Are you so engrossed in your thoughts that you don't even look at what's beneath your feet? It's really dangerous for you, you know? " Tang Xiao Rui immediately warned him with a serious expression.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the little guy's concerned little face and quickly shook off the images in his mind.

"Daddy will pay attention next time. Thank you so much this time, son." Ji Xiao Han felt that it was pretty good to be lectured by his son.

Tang You You was also stunned for a moment, but very quickly, she put her energy back into work.

Thinking back to when Ji Xiao Han said that he would help her invite so many important guests, she felt that after going to the company tomorrow, he would have to discuss this matter with his godmother.

The morning of the next day, Tang You You rushed over to the company to discuss this matter with her mother, Liu Xi.

"Quarterly is coming over? Luo Jin Yu would also come? "Wow, then our press conference will be more lively this time. You're so relaxed, mother indeed didn't misjudge you. Just look at you, once you appear, you can invite these three big figures over." Hearing that, Liu Xi was really too happy, he felt that even the yearly press conference this time would not be as impressive as this one, and now, he can already predict, just how successful our New product launch will be.

Tang You You was a little embarrassed from being praised by her, she could only mutter: "Actually, I didn't have the ability to invite them, all of this was thanks to Ji Xiao Han's help."

"Only Idealism is also a company owned by the Quarterly, he's willing to help you is also helping himself, however, in the past, no one has received such treatment. You Lu, we'll have to look forward to it, it will definitely be a gathering of stars, it's very lively." Liu Xi thought about it and was still very excited.

Tang You You had never seen her expression so excited before, she knew that she had really done something that made her mother happy.