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The little guy was really too sleepy. After saying this, he immediately fell into a sweet slumber.

His mind was always mature, and his eyes were very sharp. He thought that if he wanted to gain the approval of his son, he would need to travel a very long distance and give him more love.

In the morning, the sky was filled with drizzling rain!

Tang You You woke up early in the morning, dragged his daughter up and down, washed her face and rinsed her mouth, and then directly brought her downstairs.

In the dining hall, father and son could always get up earlier than the two of them. They were already leisurely sitting in the dining hall eating breakfast.

"Good morning, Mummy!" Tang Xiao Rui happily greeted the Mummy. His two beautiful big eyes were shining.

Tang You You looked at his son's bright eyes and suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

She felt that her heart was about to be seen through by her son again. Sigh, how could she give birth to such a little imp?

Ji Xiao Han also raised his eyes and looked at Tang You You.

Tang You You's snow-white cheeks became even redder. This man's eyes that were filled with interest caused her to let her thoughts run wild.

Only Tang Xiao Nai was not there yet. She was still in a daze, her face had a drowsy look.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin placed a cup of warm water next to her mouth and mechanically lowered his head. After taking two gulps, he reached out and pushed the cup away.

Ji Xiao Han hurriedly brought the warm milk in front of her.

Only then did the little guy drink all the milk in one gulp while holding the cup.

Seeing his daughter's silly and adorable look, Ji Xiao Han's mood was extremely good. He didn't know why, but he liked to see his daughter like this, looking very similar to a woman when she was daydreaming.

As Tang You You was eating his breakfast, he suddenly felt that the man in front of him was staring at him.

She raised her head and met the smiling eyes of the man. She didn't know what he was thinking, but he was actually smiling all the time.

Tang You You suddenly felt that in this huge dining hall, the air was thinner.

She finished her breakfast quickly, stood up and patted on the heads of the two little fellows: "When you go to school in a bit, you need to listen to Uncle Yuan, understand? In school, you can't fight and scold your classmates. You have to be polite and learn well! "

Tang You You was worried, so she taught the two little fellows a lesson.

Tang Xiao Rui waved his hands at her: "Mummy, don't worry, I will definitely take good care of this idiot Xiao Nai, no one will dare bully her."

Tang You You glared at his son: "I'm talking about you, you better not recruit those little girls!"

Tang Xiao Rui helplessly spread his small hands. "Mummy, is it my fault for being handsome? This is Father's fault! "

Ji Xiao Han's hand that was holding onto the cup trembled, his eyes looked at his son strangely: "What does it have to do with me?"

"Because your genes are too good!" Tang Xiao Rui laughed.

Tang You You was speechless at her son's clever thoughts. She could only say sternly: "Stop playing dumb here, if I see you acting recklessly again in the future, I won't let you off easily."

Only then did Tang Xiao Rui quietly nod his head, "Don't worry, Mummy, I know what I'm doing!"

Tang You You was so angry that she started laughing, she said goodbye to her daughter, and then heard Tang Xiao Rui say, "Mummy, you haven't kissed daddy goodbye yet?"

Kiss him goodbye?

Tang You You's body froze!

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly became unfathomable.

Does this little guy know what kissing goodbye is?

Tang Xiao Nai suddenly became spirited: "That's right, the people on TV, when they go out in the morning, they should kiss on the face."

Tang You You braced himself and turned his head, looking at his children: "We don't need to greet them like this in our country."

Ji Xiao Han stood up and walked over to her with his elegant long legs.

Tang You You quickly took a step back. "Ji Xiao Han, what are you doing?"

"Just give it a hug! Satisfy the children's wishes! " Ji Xiao Han smirked, his smile exceptionally alluring.

Tang You You blankly stood there, allowing Ji Xiao Han to stretch his hand out and gently hug his.

However, in the next second, the man gently kissed her on the cheek. "Be careful when you're on the road. I got a new car for you!"

When Tang You You came back to her senses, she realized that there was an extra set of car key in her hands.

"Yea, Daddy is awesome!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately cheered.

Tang Xiao Rui also laughed foolishly at the side.

Seeing their parents suddenly feel so much love for each other, how could these two kids not be happy?

Tang You You's face flushed red, she held onto the car key tightly and sighed in her heart: "Then I'll be going, thank you for the carriage!"

The moment he walked out of the living room, Tang You You saw a royal blue palanquin, which was stopped by the side.

Because it was Xiao Yu, Tang You You ran over to the front of the sports car, opened the door, and sat down.

The interior was also exquisite and luxurious, Tang You You knew that this car was definitely not cheap.

When did this man bring the car back?

Was it coming back with him last night?

He had just agreed to be his girlfriend, yet he gave her such an expensive greeting gift. This man would spoil her sooner or later.

Although Tang You You's heart was churning, she still could not help but smile.

If one day she accidentally became a loser, it was most likely due to this man getting used to her.

The car started, and Tang You You slowly drove her sportscar out the door.

When she drove to the company parking lot, she immediately attracted a lot of attention.

"Wow, what a cool sports car!"

"Yeah, who is it?"

"Who else can it be!?" Look for yourself! "

The group of people who were eating were stunned. They saw a woman wearing a black suit walking out of the sports car, who else could it be other than Tang You You.

"It's her! No wonder she's howling like that!"

"Her boyfriend is Quarterly!"

Although the group of people were envious and jealous, they still could not change the fact that Tang You You's fate was good.