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Tang You You was startled, following that, a few other girls looked at her with surprise.

"Tang You You is the main person in charge of Only Idealism's design this time? I heard that it's not cheap to find her to design a set of clothes! "

"Of course. It's already priced in the millions."

Tang You You did not expect this group of people to recognize him, and furthermore, bring up the matter regarding his work.

Ji Yun Ning originally wanted to see Tang You You being maliciously bullied by them, but she never thought that this group of snobbish girls would actually treat her like an unattainable god.

Although Tang You You was not confident, she naturally did not want to go overboard in front of Ji Yun Ning.

"I heard that all the Female Celebrity in Ji Yue Ze's company are lined up to find you for their designs. Now, we have to set up a time to work together, isn't that very difficult?"

Tang You You already knew who was secretly raising the price for her. Other than Ji Yue Ze, there seemed to be no one else.

Tang You You felt that she really needed to thank him. If not for him, she wouldn't have been able to get to where she was today.

Ji Yun Ning stood at the side, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

When did Tang You You become a famous designer? Why hadn't she heard of her name before?

Did she make it up for herself? Hehe, this is too shameless, isn't it? How could she not be clear about her own capabilities?

"I think you must have misunderstood something. She is just a rookie from Only Idealism Design Corporation. Since when did she become such a big shot?" Ji Yun Ning was truly unconvinced, so she could only reveal Tang You You's mask.

Tang You You's face paled. Indeed, she was feeling guilty.

"Yun Ning, what is your relationship with her?" Some people were curious.

Tang You You knew that Ji Yun Ning was doing this on purpose to embarrass her, so she had to protect herself.

Thus, she directly said, "I'm her sister-in-law!"

This sentence was enough to suppress the entire audience. Almost everyone's expression was filled with shock and envy.

"Oh, you're the girlfriend that Young Master Ji publicly admitted to?"

"Do you know now? She and Young Master Ji had already secretly given birth to two children, so why was her design so expensive? Just because her status right now is too precious! " The girl who had recognized Tang You You at first glance immediately explained.

Tang You You was slightly dumbstruck.

In fact, she had never thought of borrowing the identity of a Mrs. Ji to make herself known.

When Ji Yun Ning heard that she was a Mrs. Ji, she immediately sneered: "Isn't it too early to call her Mrs. Ji? They have not even married yet, and even the engagement has yet to happen. Merely, when they gave birth to two children, they already knew that they were going to give my elder brother a child without a name or a share.

A few girls beside them saw the two of them secretly clashing, and they also looked like they were watching a show from the sidelines.

Tang You You felt that if he did not step on her today, it would feel itchy.

"Even if I don't have a name right now, my child already has a name!" Tang You You had to remind her of this.

Ji Yun Ning immediately thought of the old lady's extremely happy expression when she mentioned the two children and shivered.

Perhaps, she shouldn't be joking about her child. If the old lady heard about it, she would be scolded again.

"Didn't you want to go to the bathroom?" Ji Yun Ning immediately asked with a cold smile.

Tang You You then turned and left.

On the way to the washroom, Tang You You received a call from Ji Xiao Han.

Tang You You didn't actually want to go to the washroom, it was just an excuse to leave. At this moment, she held her phone and walked towards a place with fewer people.

The man's low and concerned voice was heard, "How was the banquet? You didn't suffer any grievances, right? "

When Tang You You heard his concern, the anger she had just received immediately dispersed as well. She replied softly, "With your grandmother here, I didn't suffer any grievances."

"It looks like my grandmother really treated you as a granddaughter-in-law!" When Ji Xiao Han heard that the two of them were getting along so well, this was also what he wanted to see the most.

"That's how she introduced me!" Tang You You was a little happy.

"Then you definitely won't be at a disadvantage if you follow my grandma. My grandma is good at socializing. If you learn from her, you'll definitely learn a lot of things." Ji Xiao Han proudly praised his grandmother.

"I can tell that your grandmother is simply skillful in this sort of situation. Indeed, I must learn from her more." Tang You You laughed.

"I'll come pick you up later. Do you still remember what we need to do tonight?" Ji Xiao Han said until here, his voice suddenly low and hoarse.

Tang You You only felt her heart palpitate as she replied with an embarrassed expression: "I don't know, what are you going to do?"

Ji Xiao Han knew that she was pretending to be stupid, and didn't want to wear her, so he only lazily said: "We aren't doing anything, we are just dating!"

Tang You You immediately laughed: "Did I promise you?"

"Do you know how I deal with people who go back on their word?" Ji Xiao Han's tone immediately became dangerous.

Tang You You blinked his eyes, "How do we deal with this?"

"Bullying to the death!" Ji Xiao Han's answer was filled with Evil Qi.

Tang You You's little face instantly turned white, and then turned completely red. She immediately pouted and said: "Enough, I won't tell you anymore. Come over here later!"

Even though they were cursing him, they were looking forward to his arrival.

"I love you!"

"Ah …"

Ji Xiao Han was somewhat stunned by the sudden confession.

After that, the man spoke in a deep voice, "Idiot, I said I love you, can't you hear me?"

Tang You You's face became even redder, even her heartbeat became like a drum, jumping nonstop.

"I love you too!" Tang You You lowered his voice, and after saying this sentence as if he was a thief, he hung up the phone.

It was really the first time he had expressed his feelings so frankly.

Tang You You didn't have that calm and composed tone of Ji Xiao Han, she felt that after she said it out, she had the urge to bite her tongue.

Would Ji Xiao Han make fun of her? Could it be that the moment he knew that she loved him, he would start to become a monster?

"Ran Lu, come here and eat something!" Just as Tang You You was thinking, the old lady suddenly walked over and called him.

Tang You You hurriedly put his phone back into his bag.

The old lady immediately asked curiously, "Who called you?" Is it Xiao Han or the children? "

Tang You You immediately replied softly, "It's Ji Xiao Han …"

"Tsk, child. You and Xiao Han are about to become husband and wife. Why are you still calling him by his surname?" When the old lady heard this, she immediately became unhappy.