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C1476 less angry season, serious consequences

Ji Dabiao looked at the woman who had turned around him two times in amazement. Her little hand pulled the sweater from his body. She looked and watched.

"Take it off!" At the moment, Tang youyou's inspiration flashed. There's no spare time to care about the man's hurt and melancholy eyes. All her energy has been put on the sweater with the color bumping out of him. Season

Xiao Hanjun's eyes are even wider. Is that how he is ignored?

"Take it off!" Tang youyou asked him anxiously. Man had to take off his sweater reluctantly. The woman grabbed it and looked at the neckline. She didn't find the origin of the brand. She immediately asked him curiously, "which brand is your dress?"

"There's no sign. I've been specially assigned to design it!" The man replied with a grudge on his face.

Tang youyou thinks that he is the eldest son of Ji family. Most of his clothes are designed by specially assigned persons, and a few of them are bought from famous brand counters.

"Lend me your clothes. I think I have found inspiration now. You can find other clothes to wear." Tang youyou said with a smile to his beautiful eyes.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is only wearing a pair of casual pants, his upper body is bare, and his newly trained body has more solid sense of strength. Unfortunately, his perfect body can't be compared with a sweater that has no value in his eyes in women's eyes. Where was he abandoned by this woman? "

Don youyou!" Suddenly, the man shouted her full name angrily. He was staring at a woman who was thinking of inspiration from the ceiling. After hearing his voice, he was slightly shocked, turned his head to look at him and said, "what? You call me Season

Xiao Han's long legs approached her two steps. With deep eyes, she fixed her pretty face without blinking, and her voice was deliberately low: "what do you feel when you look at me now?" Don

you didn't understand the meaning of his words for a while. Mei Mou looked at the man from head to foot like a scanner and replied: "are you my husband? I... How can I feel? " "

don't you see anything?" Season owl cold deliberately shrugs his shoulders and shows the male's strength in dark rubbing, hoping to attract the attention of this woman.

"Discover Do you seem to have gained some weight recently "

Tang youyou..." Someone's teeth are clenched and the volume is raised. Don

yo yo's nerves for design have been weakened recently. She was so angry that she called with her family name. She was really shocked. She couldn't help but opened her eyes and looked at him closely: "you don't seem to be fat, but you are thinner. Are you too busy and stressed recently?" Xiao Han is like being struck by a flash of lightning. He wants to die. How long does it take to get married? This woman's focus is no longer his solid body, but his clothes, too hurtful. If he had been married for a few years, would he have no more status in her eyes?

On the other hand, although he has been married for so long, her beautiful face and body are still what she looks at, as if she is addicted to it. When she takes a bath, she shows her fragrant shoulders, and his body is as hot and swollen as the fire. Let alone she lies beside him without a trace. He wants to be a beast and swallow her.

There is no harm without comparison. How confident a man Ji Xiaohan was before, he felt that no matter where he was, he was the focus of women's eyes. But who ever thought that one day, his beloved wife could turn a blind eye to him.

"You don't love me, do you?" Season owl cold hard cover handsome face a disappointed color. "

what?" Tang youyou was shocked at the moment and looked at the man with blank expression: "what do you say?" "

I ask you, are you tired of me? I don't have the capital to attract you? " Season owl cold said more and more heart plug, he still thought that his charm infinite, originally also has a day to the end. Don

you see the man saying these words seriously, she wants to laugh inexplicably. "

What's wrong with you? Is it ill? Let me feel it! " Tang youyou immediately fixed his toes, reached out and gently stroked his forehead, pasted it on him, pasted it on his own, murmured, "no fever, but how can you talk nonsense?" "

Yo Yo, I'm seriously asking you, you don't want to change the subject for me, are you tired of me?" Ji Xiaohan grabs her slender shoulders with both hands. Her eyes are fixed on her small face, and her voice is full of self-confidence. Don

youyou saw that he didn't seem to be joking, and she immediately laughed. Then, she also solemnly replied to him, "how could it be, how long did we get married, and how could it be boring? Why do you ask me that? You don't doubt me, do you? I've been staying at home recently, and I haven't been anywhere. Even if you want to doubt me, there's no chance. "

Season owl cold listened to her answer, mood this just a little better, but handsome face is still dark, angry way: "since you still love me, why to me so cold?" "

Where can I be cold? I'm happy to see you every time? " Tang youyou's face is inexplicable, and he can't cry or laugh at the accusations he has deducted. "

yes? If you are really happy, should you focus on me? I don't even wear clothes now. You don't look at me directly. Instead, you are interested in my clothes. How can I not be sad? " Ji Xiaohan is a person who treats his feelings directly. At the moment, he is not afraid to lose his male dignity and raises the seriousness of the problem.

Tang youyou is stunned again. Mei Mou falls on the man's strong chest seriously. At this sight, her heart suddenly swings and her heart beats faster.

She reached out her hand and touched it gently. She smiled, "are you angry because of this? There's no need. Anyway, you are my husband. How are you? I know best. I can't miss you in Xiao all day long. Besides, I have work to do now, so... " "

OK, no matter what, how can you promise Wang Hanxue to go swimming in our indoor swimming pool? Don't you know that I'm a cleaner? I will never swim the water she swam through. " The man stared at her discontentedly, and the voice line and expression showed strong discontent.

"Oh, you mean Miss Wang, this A few days ago, she suddenly told me that it was boring to stay here. She used to swim every night, so she came here to beg me. I agreed to her when I was very soft. Are you angry? " Tang youyou reaches for his hand and knocks his head. In fact, she doesn't want to agree with this matter, but she has a thin skin and can't brush people's good intentions, so she agrees.

"Do you know that she just appeared before me in a swimsuit?" Season owl snorts with cold. Don't know what to say for a while. "

you are so relieved to me? You let a woman wear so sexy stand in front of me, you are not afraid that I will have a different heart? Are you too confident in her or too confident in me? " When Ji Xiaohan saw her eyes open and didn't answer, he knew that he must have been worried by her. He pressed her step by step and continued to ask her. "

I Of course, I don't trust you, but Miss Wang, she's not that kind of person! " Tang youyou lowers his head and the beautiful eyes are sweeping randomly. "

Oh, you seem to know her well. How do you know she is not that kind of person? It's not my conceit, young woman. It's easy to get emotional with me. " Season owl cold hands back in the back, showing the color of satisfaction.

Hearing this, Tang youyou almost didn't laugh. However, looking at the man in front of him carefully, he really exudes the charm that makes women feel attracted. No matter his identity, wealth or his appearance, it will make women feel confused and fascinated. "

then How can I tell her not to go swimming? I can't believe it Tang youyou looks embarrassed. If she is selfish, of course, she doesn't want Wang Hanxue to go to jixiaohan's private pool. "

the piano teacher is not the only one. After changing her and inviting others in, I have to remind you that last time she wore a skirt similar to your clothes, I almost mistook you. Don't tell me, it's a coincidence!" Ji Xiaohan is kind enough to wake her up, so that the woman can only concentrate on her work every day, but forget the existence of her husband. "

ah?" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes end in a flash.