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C550 the identity of Ji's hostess is unshakable

Tang youyou returns to the hotel. It's already afternoon. She pours a glass of red wine, lies on the sofa, holds her cell phone and looks at the children's photos. She doesn't know. At this moment, Ji Yueze is changing a cold face to hide the little secret between him and her.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Tang youyou packed up her simple journey. In fact, although she wanted to stay for another two days, she didn't know why. The sense of urgency of returning home made her feel suffering even if she stayed for another minute.

In this Yangsheng City, there are no familiar people, no familiar buildings, which always give people a very insecure feeling.

With a complex mood, Tang youyou boarded the return flight.

When she returned to China, it was more than ten hours later.

She didn't let anyone come to pick up the plane, but she took a taxi and went to Ganma's house.

Liu Xi looked at her tired look and hugged her heartily: "you see your father? How about others? Did he feel surprised to see you? "

"I saw him. We were all surprised. He is better than I thought. He is also very good to me!" In front of Ganma, Tang youyou said everything in his heart.

"Didn't you blame him for throwing you away? I thought you wanted to settle with him this time. " Liu Xi shrugged his shoulders and said something inconceivable.

"At first, I thought I was going to see him with hatred, but after he told me why he abandoned me, I couldn't hate him." "Yo Yo, your heart must be struggling. It's very painful. Ganma really wants to share some of the pain for you. Unfortunately, you have to face and bear all this by yourself. No one else can help you." Liu Xi looks at Tang Youyou, who has lost a lot of weight, and feels extremely distressed. I really hope that she can find her happiness as soon as possible, not for love, for family, to let her heart bear the wind and frost and fatigue too early. "Mummy, I'm fine. I can hold on!" Tang youyou smiled and replied, thinking of the man's promise to himself and the fact that he didn't reduce his love by half, she felt that even if she didn't get married, she didn't feel any grievance. What she wanted was always the gentle attention of the man. As long as there was her shadow in his eyes, she felt very satisfied.

"Well, are you going to come back to work?" Liu Xi asked softly.

"Well, I've decided to work hard!" Tang youyou nodded his head. Since she had figured it out, she had nothing to worry about.

"Do you still live in Ji's house? They don't drive you away any more. " Liu Xi asked curiously. "I had decided to move out, but my two children wouldn't let me move out, and I couldn't let them go. Mrs. Ji finally asked me to stay at Ji's house. However, Ji Xiaohan and I live by the sea and on the hillside. It's not easy to meet each other in the future.

”Tang youyou breathed a little. Thinking of her lonely life, she felt that the courage she had accumulated would disappear again. "Look, what I'm talking about? You can't let go of children forever. Wait a moment. It's just the beginning. When the old lady has figured it out, you'll be together. Children are the best adhesive!" Liu Xi can't help but feel high for her when she hears her answer. As long as she doesn't leave Ji's home, there is still hope for everything.

"I wish I could borrow your good words!" Tang youyou chuckled and suddenly felt that he had a chat with Ganma and was in a much better mood.

"By the way, I'll show you a set of photos!" Liu Xi suddenly thought of an important thing, so she took the iPad, opened a group of photos, and said sarcastically, "this is a new group of girls. Do you know who their agent is?"

"Who is it?" Tang youyou takes a look at these girls' faces, but they are very strange. However, at a young age, they are full of enchanting and charming atmosphere, and they don't know whether they are popular or not.

"It's Tang Xuerou!" Liu Xi sneered and sneered: "I didn't expect that she would build a team in such a short time and kill the entertainment circle again!"

Tang youyou's expression slightly froze, frowned and said, "where did she pull so many girls of the same age?" "I don't know, but I don't think she is willing to be banned, so if you want to use this behind the scenes way to return to the entertainment circle again, you need to be careful about her in the future, and always feel that she is not good at coming." Liu Xizhi paid so much attention to Tang Xuerou's movements because he was worried about Tang


It's well known that Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan broke up. Everyone who wants to step on her is afraid to rub their hands behind her.

But Tang Xuerou was also caught in the police station because of Tang youyou and lost the identity of a big star.

Tang Xuerou has organized a team quickly now, and the purpose is not simple.

"I'm not afraid of her. If she has any tricks, just come on." Tang youyou doesn't think so. If Tang Xuerou really has the means, just let her horse come. Anyway, she won't be afraid of her. "Ming's means are sure to be available to her, but what she fears most is that she secretly tricks you. You'd better guard against her. You and Ji are in the limelight now. You want to get back together with him. Ji's two elders are the most important. Your current reputation should not be damaged at last. No, it's more difficult to be afraid of things." Liu Xi gently advised.

Tang youyou looked at her with a little red eyes: "Ganma, thank you, I will guard her carefully."

"Well, Ganma just hope you don't be plotted by villains anymore! You are my star of wealth. I'm still counting on you to get promoted and become rich. " Liu Xi said with a smile and a joke.

"Mummy, I may not be able to count on it." Tang youyou said with a wry smile.

"How can it be? President Ji still secretly loves you now. I think it's very promising." Liu Xi said very definitely.

When Tang youyou heard her saying love, his lips began to follow him: "it's late, mummy. I have to go back. It's time for the children to finish school!"

"Well, go ahead and say hello to the two kids for me!" Liu Xi did not detain her either. When she came back from abroad, she must want to see the children most.

After saying goodbye to Ganma, Tang youyou drags his journey to Ji's home. Think of so many days did not see the child, as if separated by a few years, the heart of returning home, more eager.