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C648 a crisis comes

In the early morning, the sun is warm. Tang youyou sleeps in a daze. She feels that something warm is sticking to her face. She opens her eyes sharply and sees two lovely faces, smiling at her.

When Tang Xiaorui saw that mommy had been woken up by her sister, she immediately complained: "I told you not to kiss, you should kiss. Now mommy has been woken up."

Tang xiaonai blinked, some small grievances: "I just want to kiss Mommy, I haven't kissed her for a long time."

Tang youyou listens to the daily conversation between these two little things, and only feels in a good mood.

Is there anything better than waking up with a daughter's kiss?

Tang youyou reached for his daughter's long hair and said, "Mommy is awake. Are you going to school?"

"Well, I want daddy to ask us for another day's leave. Daddy refuses. It's so annoying!" Tang xiaonai tooted a small mouth, a baby's unhappy expression.

At the moment, standing at the door of the cloakroom, Ji Xiaohan, with two sets of small school uniforms in his hand, was stunned by Jun's face, and his thin lips were raised with a gentle smile: "xiaonai, you should concentrate on your study, not think about playing every day, thinking about asking for leave, you know?"

Tang youyou looks at the suit that has been changed on the man. The soft sunshine shines on him. It's very handsome.

Tang youyou looks at the figure that the man comes over in some dejected way. God, how does she feel that she can't get tired of seeing it?

Because he is helping the children change clothes, full of warmth, full of fatherly love, it is really fascinating.

"You can sleep a little longer. I'll take the children to school. I'll ask the teacher about their recent performance at school." Season owl cold low voice says to Tang youyou.

"Well, please!" Tang youyou nods lazily. Ji Xiaohan worries about these two children. She is really at ease.

Tang Xiaorui looked at daddy strangely with big eyes and asked curiously, "Daddy, what do you want to ask our teacher?"

"Nothing. I want to know what bad things you did in school!" Ji Xiaohan deliberately teases his son.

Tang Xiaorui immediately turned a little white eye: "I'm doing well in school, so I won't do anything bad."

Tang xiaonai is sitting on the side, looking sleepless. When Ji Xiaohan wants to change her school uniform, she is still talking about her long hair, which is cute.

After changing clothes for the children, Ji Xiaohan played a cool and cool hairstyle for his son. However, in the face of his daughter's long hair, he couldn't help it. Tang youyou didn't want to embarrass his daughter with a beautiful hairstyle, so she sat up and took the comb to comb her daughter's two lovely twist braids. The little guy suddenly sprouted like the little princess in the picture, with innocent big eyes, and also full of confusion and small emotions. How to look at it,

are very lovely.

Season owl cold comes over, bends down the tall body, kissed at the forehead of Tang youyou: "don't run around at home, hear?"

"Well!" Tang youyou smiles and nods. Ji Xiaohan treats her as a child again. She won't run around. She just wants to be a slacker now.

Ji Xiaohan personally sent the children to the school. When he came into the classroom, several young female teachers in the classroom looked at him amazingly, their eyes were straight.

They have been looking forward to Ji Xiaohan's being able to pick up the two children in person, because only in this way can they have the chance to see the beautiful young man.

Ji Xiaohan asked two children to play with his classmates. Several teachers came forward to say hello.

"Mr. Ji, it's rare to see you send two babies to school when you are free!" One of the teachers said hello to him first.

The rest of the female teachers, who were not willing to show weakness, pushed forward two steps.

Ji Xiaohan asked with a smile: "I just want to know about the situation of the children in school. At the most time, I was busy and a little neglected to take care of them. Did they perform well?"

"Mr. Ji, your worry is totally superfluous. Xiaonai and Xiaorui are the best kids in our office. Xiaorui is very smart, and he will also drive the children in the class to play together."

"Yes, don't worry, Mr. Ji. We will take care of and educate these children."

All the teachers said were pleasant words, so Ji Xiaohan was relieved. He believed that the children would not cause any trouble, because both of his children were smart and sensible.

After Ji Xiaohan left school, he went directly to the company. Recently, there is a problem in his company. One of his more important customers has been poached. In addition, several senior officials of the company are also asking him to resign, and some secret documents of his company have been leaked. Now, he is leading his team,

is preventing the further expansion of the matter.

However, he has believed that someone is plotting to harm him, but who this person is, and his heart has a foundation.

Things like this are nothing new in shopping malls. But Ji Xiaohan always has a bad feeling that someone is posing a huge threat to his company, and someone who is so familiar with his company and his customer information seems to be the only one.

When Ji Xiaohan arrived at the company, he immediately held a tense discussion meeting.

Norda's office, nearly 50 high-level people, are waiting seriously, and their faces are a little scared.

Ji Xiaohan sits in the office and confirms the contents of the meeting with his assistant Lu Qing.

"Young master, we have been looking for a lawyer group to deal with this matter, but at present, the other party has not given any response." Lu Qing reports in a low voice.

"I may go abroad in the near future. Prepare for me. I'm going to meet someone!" The cold and gloomy eyes of Ji Xiao are shining with wisdom and calmness.

"Is the young master going to see him?" Lu Qing knows who Ji Xiaohan is going to see, and even he has been worried about it.

"I don't know what level of the company his tentacles reach. When I go abroad, you clean up the internal personnel for me, find out those people for me, and I will send them to court to make them pay for their betrayal." The season owl confessed in a cold voice. "OK, young master, after you go abroad, there must be actions in the company. I have closely monitored everyone who can touch confidential documents. If there are any actions, I will report to you at the first time." Lu Qing is also very angry. The company has always operated well. But just a week ago, the young master neglected the company for a few days because of Miss Tang's hospitalization, and such a terrible leakage happened. This incident directly caused the company to lose more than five billion projects, which attracted the attention of the whole company.