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Ji Lin died. When Gao Yue got the news, she was shocked. However, she didn't feel sorry for Ji Lin at all. Instead, she was thinking about what to do next to get close to Ji Xiaohan.

After Ji Lin's death, the old president sent his trusted minister Zhang Lu to meet Gao Yue. Previously, Ji Lin was asked to act as a middleman because Ji Lin was a member of Ji's family and knew more about Ji Xiaohan.

Zhang Lu looks at the beautiful and charming woman on the opposite side. He is really moved. If he didn't want to use it as prey to attract Ji Xiaohan, he might really have the heart to occupy himself.

"Minister Zhang, what's the best way? This season, owl cold is not affected by beauty. I really have no way. " Gao Yue felt sorry for herself and cut her cheeks and long hair. She looked helpless.

Zhang Lu was stunned by her act of lifting her hair. After a long time, she smiled and said, "Miss Gao, don't worry. This kind of thing has to be discussed from a long time. Ji Xiaohan is a very cautious and suspicious person. With him, he is married now. From time to time, there are rumors about his beloved wife. How can you dig his corner without patience? Of course, you have some capital. It's so beautiful that any man will be moved when he sees it. "

Gao Yue immediately smiles smugly: department chief Zhang is really discerning and articulate, so he doesn't know how to help me. To be honest, Ji Xiaohan, a man of ascetic temperament, also has great attraction to our women. The more things we can't get, the more itchy it is. So do men. "

Zhang Lu's face changed. He was really envious of Ji Xiaohan. He could easily make Gao Yue feel confused for him. As expected, a handsome man has a natural advantage. Unlike him, he looks ordinary. Gao Yue hasn't looked at him right now.

"Miss Gao's understanding is very correct. People's evil nature is greed. The less they can get, the more they want to get. It's good that you have such an idea. It shows that you are still eager to conquer Ji Xiaohan. The news we are holding at present is that Ji Xiaohan will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony recently. It's the official listing of a newly acquired enterprise by Ji Xiaohan. He should come out that day Now, in what capacity do you think you should meet him? " Zhang Lu immediately talked about today's important topic.

"To be able to get close to him, except for the etiquette lady around him, there are only staff. I'm going to work now, I'm afraid it's too late!" Gao Yue frowned with an expression of distress.

"No, there are also media reporters. According to the information I have received at present, there are three large media reporters who have the opportunity to go in and do a simple interview with Ji Xiaohan. If Miss Gao doesn't feel aggrieved, she can be a reporter. You must be able to meet with Ji Xiaohan and talk to him!" Zhang Lu is much smoother than Ji Lin, because he holds more news than Ji Lin.

"Really?" Gao Yue looks happy.

"Accurate!" Zhang Lu smiles and is confident.

"Well, you can arrange me to take notes now. How many days are left?" Gao Yue is not afraid of challenges. She is a very tough woman. What she wants to do is to move her mind and do it.

"There's still a week or so to go. You apply now. I'll get through the relationship for you. I'll send you to do an interview that day. I wish you all success!" Zhang Lu stands up, goes to Gao Yue's front, reaches for her hand and taps her shoulder lightly, taking advantage of it.

"Thank you very much, then." Gao Yue forced a smile on her face, but scolded a smelly man in her heart.

Zhang Lu leaves and Gao Yue chuckles. It seems that God will take care of her, otherwise, he will not give her such a good chance.

On the banquet table of Ji's family, Ji Yueze looks at the little woman beside her. Bai Yiyan reaches out and gently pulls at his sleeve.

Ji Yueze looked cautiously at the old lady and said, "grandma, there's something I want you to do!"

The old lady put down her chopsticks and looked at him. "Do you want to tell the truth?"

During the dinner, everyone was stunned. Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan exchanged a look. Ji Xiaohan comforted her with his eyes, saying that they should not interfere in this matter.

Bai Yiyan is also nervous. She dare not ask for help, because she knows her mother is guilty, but as a daughter, she can't be loyal.

"I have discussed this matter with LAN Yue. LAN Yue means to forgive your mother!" The old lady said calmly, after the experience of the old man, she saw everything pale.

LAN Yue also said: "Xiaoze, Xiaoyan, if you want to pick her up, go ahead. Things are over, and I've put them down. Your life is still long-term. Even if you have any resentment, you will become a family in the future. However, although things can be forgotten, I still don't want to see her. I have only one request."

Bai Yiyan's eyes were warm with gratitude. She felt that Lan Yue was the best woman in the world. Her mother really made a big mistake and hurt her. She deserved it.

"Mom, don't worry. As long as you don't want to see her, we won't let you meet." Ji Yueze is also very grateful for his mother's success. He didn't embarrass him, but also fulfilled Bai Yiyan's love for her mother and daughter.

"I'll let my mother go back to her hometown to live in. I won't come and go with her in the future!" Bai Yiyan promised.

"The old lady sighed," since we have settled the matter, let's do so. You young people should pay more attention to it, and don't let the elders be embarrassed. "

"Thank you grandma!" Ji Yueze whispered.

After dinner, Bai Yiyan and Tang youyou take the children to play in the toy room on the second floor.

Ji Yueze and Ji Xiaohan go to the wine cabinet to sit and chat.

"You were assassinated at your company's dinner last time. How are you doing now?" Ji Xiaohan asked about it. When he heard about it, he was also in a cold sweat. Unexpectedly, something so serious happened to his brother's company.

"Of course, all of them have to go away. These white eyed wolves really don't care for each other. When they gave them a little benefit, they were grateful. Now they give them power, but they think you give too little. Greed is like a hole in the earth, which exists in everyone's heart." When it comes to this, Ji Yueze's handsome face is still angry. His teeth are itchy.

"You should have told mom and grandma just now. Bai Yiyan saved your life!" Ji Xiaohan knows the whole process. Bai Yiyan kicked the killer away in time and blinded the other party. Without her, Ji Yueze might have been injured.

"Yes, Xiaoyan really saved my life this time. It's too hard for her. She is pregnant and has to come to save me!" Ji Yueze said in the end that he could not help laughing at himself: "I'm useless!"

"Well, not everyone is born with the ability to prevent danger. Anyway, you are safe and sound, which is enough!" Ji Xiaohan reached out and patted his brother on the shoulder to show encouragement and comfort.

"That's right. I was destined to owe her a life-saving favor. Isn't that fate?" Ji Yueze laughed and accepted the reality.

"Elder brother, are you OK recently? I heard that there is a fierce fight between the two factions. Will it affect you?" Ji Yueze is worried.

"It's bound to be affected, so I just want to protect the safety of my family first. The old president still has a bottom line. He won't do it openly. I'm afraid that the more urgent the time is, the more reckless he will be." Ji Xiao's cold face also flashed. Some things are really hard to prevent, but he can't jump out of this huge pit, so he has to be careful.

"In the whirlpool, we can't get out easily. This may be a choice we have to face. I hope everyone can survive the rest of their lives and live a peaceful life again." Ji Yueze said with a low smile, there are always too many ups and downs in life, we can't escape, we can only face the wind and waves, and the scenery along the way can also be magnificent.

"That's right. I'm not ready to escape. Since I choose confrontation, I'll stick to it all!" Season owl cold also is such idea, life does not retreat, can only advance.