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There are police around to maintain the order. For a while, the situation at the scene was stable. Fang Kexin's family was planning to howl all over the world, but after seeing the police and doctors and nurses coming, they shut up.

Yang ChuChu stooped down and reached out to help the old lady who couldn't stand on the ground. Just before she touched her hand, she was pushed away by her daughter: "what are you doing? Don't touch my mother!"

The other side had a lot of strength. After Yang ChuChu was pushed, she fell to the ground instantly. Her two assistants rushed to help her up and angrily said, "as long as you have quality, your mother doesn't let me see a doctor even if she is ill. I think it's you who have a ghost in your heart. I don't know if you want something wrong with your old mother."

"What do you mean, I won't tear your mouth!" Two of the women were so angry that they were about to move against the assistant when they stood up. Yang ChuChu immediately moved forward. The two women's hands stretched out and froze for a moment. The nearby police immediately said with serious expression: "if you have any suggestions, please come with me and go back to the police station to make it clear."

"If we don't go to the police station, my mother just fainted because she was pushed to the ground. She is fully responsible. You are the police. You have to protect the rights and interests of the victims. Hurry to arrest her. She is the real murderer." A few women on the other side were quickly confused and mocked each other.

"I admit that I accidentally knocked down the old lady, so I also made an emergency call in time. Now I will accompany her to the hospital for various examinations. If you have any questions, you can tell the police. I will accompany the old lady to the hospital now!" Yang ChuChu said, and immediately said to the nearby doctor, "please help me and send this old lady to the hospital for examination."

A few young doctors and nurses knew Yang ChuChu of course. Although they were blindfolded about the scene, Yang ChuChu's responsible words were convincing. They all bent over to move the old lady.

The old lady who was still cramping stopped rolling her eyes and stood up from the ground immediately: "don't touch me, I'm ok!"

"Mom, let's go..." A few women next to me want to leave if they can't get over it.

But Yang ChuChu took a step forward: "you can't just go like this. Let's go to the police station and make it clear."

"What? Still want to be scolded, we are generous to forgive you, you are not dead hearted, do not want face! " The women nearby immediately shouted at Yang ChuChu in a loud voice.

Yang chuchuchuqi's eyes are all red, which is to blackmail her and damage her reputation. Now, seeing the police being in charge of justice, they want to run away.

"Miss Yang, since the other side will no longer pursue this matter, I think you will forget it." The police nearby were helpless.

Yang ChuChu's eyes are red and her tears are rolling. She has seen all kinds of people since she was a child. But today's unreasonable people have eyes.

Yang ChuChu paid for the ambulance and thanked some police comrades. Then he quickly left by car with his head bowed at the direction of others.

"It's clear that these women are just abusing women. They don't have any quality at all. It's just taking advantage of you. It's so vicious."

"That is to say, if you go to the police station to confront someone, the most exasperating thing is that the old lady, who is old and disrespectful, pretends to be dead and wants to blackmail others. This is a shameless model."

The two assistants were indignant and angry.

"They are bullying me young and can't handle this kind of thing." Yang ChuChu put out his hand to wipe away the tears. He felt the grievance and pain from his heart.

"It's very clear. Let Luoda make the decision for you. We can't let these shrews bully you in vain. For the first time, I'm afraid that for the second time, they are shameless people. We will only damage your reputation if we confront them."

"Yes, Luoda and Shao will know about it. Which media are those journalists just now? We need to let Luoda and Shao deal with it quickly. We can't go out in public."

At the moment, Yang ChuChu was so confused and angry that he could only nod his head: "I will talk to him about it. Please ask him to help me see what to do."

Two assistants breathed a sigh of relief. If Luo Da Shao would help them, they would see how proud and arrogant they were.

Yang ChuChu is sad because they are so destructive of her mother's innocence. She herself is not so hard to be scolded. Her mother is the most sacred person in her mind. She is so good, but she has to suffer such a bad reputation. She is unwilling to think about it.

Fang Kexin and Liu Lan are in the same place. When they see their family get off the car, they rush to meet them.

"How is it? Did you catch the goblin? Is it enough to scold? " As soon as Liu Lan saw his family, he went up to ask with a smile.

"Don't worry, elder sister, we've never been successful. My mother is very fierce. The little wild bastard who scolded can't even talk back. Besides, there are several reporters nearby. Now, I see what face she still has in the entertainment circle." Liu Lan's younger sister said, very proud.

"Mom, grandma, will it be bad for us to do this? If Dad gets angry again, then our relationship with dad will be even worse." Fang Kexin's mood at the moment is complicated, because when she understands that her father can't ignore Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter, she feels that if she makes such a fuss, it will only push her father to the mother and daughter, which is not good for them.

"What are you afraid of? With you and your brother, can he really help over there? " Liu Lan is full of self-confidence. Maybe she is used to being strong at home. Now she wants to regain her old prestige. She doesn't pay attention to Fang Yang at all.

"Your father's coward is angry. He's a big man. He's on two feet. He can't deal with his marriage well. And he's angry? Now he's lost his official position. He's wandering around all day. When he's out of money, he'll come to us naturally. Wait, it won't take long! " Said the old lady with a cold face.

"Mom, thank you for making up your daughter's mind!" When Liu Langton is happy.

"Our family will work together and never let that bitch be bullied!" The old lady said at once with an angry face.

Yang ChuChu and Liu's family are quarreling on the side of the road in front of the company. They are being taken to their superiors by a reporter for exclusive news.

"Not first!" His boss stopped his impulse in a flash: "if you want to live, listen to me."

"It's a pity that I've managed to film such a big scandal." The reporter complained of his dissatisfaction.

"Don't worry, you won't waste your labor. The news is of high value. Wait, if you have good news, give you a gold medal immediately!" His boss said with a smile.

"Boss, you mean Is anyone willing to pay a high price? " The reporter asked greedily.

"Yang ChuChu is the woman of the eldest young master of the Luo family. I'm sure that Luo will be interested in her scandal. Wait for the good news. I'll find someone to contact now."

Yang ChuChu's car stopped at the gate of Roche Group. She wiped the tears out of her eyes and got off.

Luo Jinyu is having an important meeting. When Yang ChuChu learns about it, he doesn't let his assistant disturb him. He just sits on the sofa in his office and looks as if he has lost his soul.

It's said that Luo Jinyu's meeting is very important. In fact, Yang ChuChu is worried for at least two hours. She also hopes that Luo Jinyu can handle the media affairs for her.

Her personality seems cheerful, but in front of the big issues, she is still very assertive, she no matter how anxious, she did not let the assistant to disturb Luo Jinyu's work.

But obviously, Luo Jinyu didn't let her wait too long. She sat down for less than ten minutes, and the man hurriedly pushed the door in, with a gloomy handsome face. At the moment when he saw her, he quickly walked over and put her in his arms.

"Luo Jinyu, I'm in trouble!" Yang ChuChu's two little hands nervously held his lapel and said sadly.

"Don't be afraid. I'll deal with it!" Luo Jinyu kissed her tenderly on the forehead and said in a low voice: "there is a media that claims to have your scandal news. I asked my assistant to come out and negotiate the price. Don't be afraid!"