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C1143 Are you going to give birth to Ozawa?

After coming out from Ling Mo Feng, Ji Xiaohan went directly to his brother Ji Yueze's company to find him. Ji

Yueze is in the state of semi shadow recently. He begins to shed his idol star's coat and officially take over his entertainment company. Lu xuanchen, an artist currently signed by him, is in the limelight for a while under the building of his team. Gradually, he has the light of his peak period. However, his rival Nebula doesn't know why. Internal management There are contradictions, which lead to the possibility of the company being dug out.

In fact, what Ji Yueze didn't know was that at the beginning, nebula did a lot of damage to Yang ChuChu, so it annoyed Luo Jinyu. Luo Jinyu's dark hand led to the internal division of nebula this time, which was deserved. Many artists who dug up Nebula began to cry and want to switch to the company of Ji Yueze. Ji is having a meeting. Suddenly, he hears the assistant report that his eldest brother is coming. He should get up. As soon as I stepped into the office, I saw that elder brother was taking his fish feed and feeding several fish he kept in the office.

"Brother, why did you come all of a sudden?" Ji Yueze was a little surprised and happy because he was busy with his work recently and didn't go back to Ji's house to have a meal, so the chance to meet his eldest brother was naturally less. "

I just want to come and see you. Is your work still successful recently?" Ji Xiaohan never interferes with his brother's company. First, he doesn't want to overstep his authority. Second, he wants to let his brother play his own role. However, he helped solve several crises in the company before. "

it's OK, brother, you can stop feeding, you can see that they are all round." When Ji Yueze saw that elder brother had caught a few more fish feed, he immediately stopped him with a smile. Season

Xiao Han just put the feed down, turned around, and sat leisurely on his desk, staring at his brother: "grandma called you several times to let you go home for dinner, you refused, I thought you were not busy." "

I'm quite busy these days!" Ji Yueze still dodged twice.

"Busy falling in love with Yang Siyu?" Season owl cold picks eyebrow to ask.

"Brother, don't make fun of me. I'll tell you the truth. I've brought Xiaoyan back to China. His father is looking for someone to catch her. I can't let her have an accident." Ji Yueze knows that big brother is smart and can escape from his eyes in everything, so he has to be honest and frank.

"Where is she? Is it safe? " Season owl cold low voice asked. "

it's very safe. I sent someone to take care of her. I didn't dare to go home to eat, because I didn't dare to see grandma. I promised her that I didn't do it. I didn't have the face to see her." Ji Yueze sighs and sits on the sofa beside him.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan understood his brother's difficulties. He sighed: "now we can't turn over the case for Bai Zhenzhen. Naturally, grandma can't turn over the case."

"Yes, Grandpa's health is getting better and better. Of course, we can't tell what Ji Lin did at this time, so that they won't be hurt and hurt. But we can't let the two fathers and sons continue to make trouble. Brother, do you have any way to deal with them?" Ji Yueze's inner Qi is surging at this moment, and his malice is hard to eliminate. "

I know that Ji Lin is talking about a project recently, which seems to be very important to him. I will stop him and let him fail, which is also a blow and lesson for him." Of course, there are ways to make them unhappy. "

then you must not expose yourself, otherwise, if he goes to Grandpa's side to sue you, it will be unclear. Moreover, their father and son are now staring at the equity in Grandpa's hands. At this moment, we can't make grandpa angry." Ji Yueze's worried reminder.

"Don't worry, I won't expose myself. This account should be taken as an outlet for our brothers." Season owl cold comforts him.

Ji Yueze was relieved. Then he thought of something and asked, "I heard from my mother that my sister-in-law went abroad to study. Did she go alone?" "

No, I sent someone to follow her." Replied the season owl. "

then remind her to be careful!" Ji is still worried. "

Yes, my grandma is still not aware of your conversation with Yang Si. She is very happy that you are going abroad this time." Ji Xiaohan has learned about Yang Siyu and his acting from Ji Yueze. However, this is not a long-term strategy. On the contrary, the happier the old lady is now, the more angry she will be in the future.

"I don't want to make him angry, but I can't help it." Ji Yueze is in great distress. "

then you'd better come back for dinner. At least don't let Grandma be suspicious!" Ji Xiaohan stood up straight, said in a low voice, and went to the door: "I'm back to the company, Bai Yiyan. If you need my help, please call me."

"I see!" Ji Yueze gets up and takes him to the door. Season

Yueze delivers the elder brother, returns to the office, suddenly hears the cell phone rings.

He walked quickly, picked up his cell phone and took a look. It was Liu Xiaoxing's number.

"Xiaoxing, is something wrong with Xiaoyan?" Ji Yueze asked in a low voice.

"Yes, Xiaoyan said, she hasn't come in those two months. Besides, she has dizziness and nausea recently. I checked it on the Internet. It seems that it's a symptom of pregnancy!" Liu Xiaoxing said in a hurry.

"Pregnant?" Ji Yueze's eyes widened suddenly. Obviously, he didn't dare to accept such a fact for a while. "

the woman hasn't come for two months, so she must be pregnant. However, Xiaoyan said that she had taken medicine for a cold some time ago and also had an injection. She was very worried about whether she would be pregnant or not!" Liu Xiaoxing asked urgently. "

Yes, why not? I'll ask the doctor to come over now. You let her stop thinking!" Ji Yueze's heart was burning at the moment, but he was ecstatic.

Is Xiaoyan pregnant? But is it really the case? He's not going to be paranoid again, is he? Season

Yueze didn't stop for a moment, so he couldn't wait to grab the car key and go out. When

he walked down the stairs and out of the hall, Ji Xiaohan's motorcade had not left, and Ji Xiaohan just received a phone call, turned around and saw his brother running out in a hurry, and immediately asked: "Ozawa, you want to go out?" "

brother, please lend me your personal doctor!" Ji Yueze is worried about where to find a doctor. When he sees elder brother, his eyes brighten. By the way, elder brother has a doctor who specializes in his consultation, which can be used. "

What are you doing with Dr. Xu?" Asked the season owl with a frown. "

Xiaoyan is ill. I have to find a doctor to show him!" Ji Yueze lowered his voice. "

OK, call Dr. Xu!" Hearing that this is the reason, Ji Xiaohan naturally didn't say anything, so he got in his car and left.