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C988 will still mind

The so-called mature and strong, need to pay a lot of price in exchange, Ji Yueze heart wry smile, but this is also every man will experience. "

does grandpa want me to be such a person?" Ji Yueze murmured low questions, like asking himself.

The old man was stunned for a while, then he patted him on the shoulder and laughed: "to be honest, I still like your fearless character before. I still remember your arrogance when you quarreled with me. What a young man!"

Ji Yueze has a hot face. Now he goes back to see what he has done before. What he said is really a jerk.

"Grandpa, don't make fun of me with my past affairs. I was so conceited at that time." Ji Yueze said awkwardly.

"It doesn't matter who is still young and a little bit frivolous. However, at that time, you could give me half to die. Now, it's quite fun to think about it. Sure enough, every part of life is a landscape. When you go back and have a look, you will find that everything is nothing. People are looking forward." The old man said with emotion. Season

more Ze daze, low voice self mockery: "look ahead?" "

OK, I think you have a lot of worries, so what? Lovelorn? " The old man is very accurate when he looks at people. When he finds that his little grandson's face is heavy, he guesses that something happened to him.

"No, Grandpa, you have a good rest. I'll go first!" Ji Yueze didn't dare to talk with Grandpa any more. I'm afraid that he might have said something wrong. Look at Grandpa's situation. He doesn't know anything now. He also hopes Grandpa will live in this state forever. Don't know the malice of the world. Don't know that Ji Lin is a complete jerk.

The old man still wants to chat with him, but Ji Yueze left in a hurry. Hearing the old man's sigh, he walked faster.

Downstairs, Ji Yueze said goodbye to LAN Yue in the living room and drove away.

The night sank!

Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu are constantly fermenting and have occupied the hot search list on the Internet. Yang

Chu Chu just came out of the bath, holding a white towel and wiping the water on his long hair.

Luo Jinyu also wore a grey nightgown and sat in his study to deal with affairs.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and both of them were shocked. Yang ChuChu walked out of the bedroom quickly, and had a deep and charming eyes on Luo Jinyu. "

who will come when it's so late?" Yang ChuChu made a beep.

"Maybe it's my brother. Hurry up and put on your pajamas. Don't come out first!" Luo Jinyu saw that she was just out of the bath and asked her gently.

If it is true that lohnin is here, Yang ChuChu really needs to avoid it. After all, although he is a future uncles, there is no big difference in age. It is not proper to bump into him.

"It's my mother!" Luo Jinyu sees a person who makes his head swell in the video.

That's right. The doorbell outside is Luo Mu who hurried back from abroad.

"Ah!" Yang ChuChu's pretty face was white. She didn't expect that Luo Mu would come at this time. It's over. She really wants to see her elders this time. Luo

Jin Yu stroked his forehead with one hand. He was always smart and calm. He also had a headache. "

Why didn't she call me and go back to China?" Luo Jinyu's helpless expression.

"What now? Shall I go in and hide? " Yang ChuChu is ready to drill the cupboard. "

No, I'll see you sooner or later!" Luo Jinyu hears her saying, thin lips arouse a smile, go to change a pajama to come out.

"Good!" It's useless for Yang ChuChu to hide. Sooner or later, it's better to see what he wants.

Luo Jinyu saw her enter the room, so he straightened the strap of the robe and opened the door.

"Jin Yu, sleeping?" Although LOM asked this, she was obviously unhappy because her son kept her waiting outside for a long time.

Luo Jinyu quickly smiled: "Mom, why did you come back suddenly? If you don't give me a call, I'll pick you up myself! " "

save it. I don't think you have the heart to think about my mother now? You have made a girlfriend without saying a word. Besides, how do you find Cheng Ying's daughter? Are you crazy? " Luo Mu didn't know that there was Yang ChuChu at home. As soon as she came in, she asked her son urgently. Moreover, she was obviously dissatisfied with his finding Cheng Ying's daughter.

Luo Jin Yujun's face is slightly stiff, and he sees the door of the bedroom. The small figure he originally thought of quickly hides behind the door. "

mom, you must be tired after a day's flight. I'll take you back to rest!" Luo Jinyu said that he would take the car key. "

will you dress like this and send me back?" Lomu took a look at his son, and then sat down on the sofa: "I have nothing to say to you, so sit down."

"Mom, it's OK to say something tomorrow. It's late now!" Luo Jinyu is really afraid that his mother will say something hurtful. After all, Yang ChuChu is still listening in the room.

"No, I must say now. Did you ask my opinion before you asked for the daughter of any family? You don't know that there will be a lack of character for a daughter raised by a single family... "

"Hello, aunt!" At this time, Yang ChuChu came out of the room. She had changed a suit of clothes. Luo

what else did the mother want to say? She was choked up in her throat. She looked at her son and Yang ChuChu who came out. She pointed out: "you When did we live together? Didn't you just open your relationship? "

Luo Jinyu just walked past and held Yang ChuChu's hand: "Mom, we've been together for a long time, but we haven't told you."

The man's big master her small hand, but next second, Yang ChuChu from his big hand to pull out the small hand.

Luo Jin Yujun's face slightly changed, and her eyes looked at her deeply. Does she mind what she says to her mother?

"Luo Jinyu, I'm going to go first. You have a good chat with your mother!" Yang ChuChu said that he would take his bag and leave. Luo

Jin Yu's face suddenly became nervous and said in a hurry: "how can you go back alone when it's so late? I'll see you off! "

"No, I'll just ask my assistant to pick me up!" After Yang ChuChu finished, he opened the door directly and left. Luo

the mother said with a stiff face, "is she not happy to hear what I just said?"

Luo Jinyu sighed: "Mom, you shouldn't have said about her single family just now. She is really sensitive."

"I didn't say anything wrong. Did Cheng Ying find the man?" Luo Mu is still very familiar with Cheng Ying, and the two people often have exchanges. Now, the fact that they want to become a family still has a big impact.