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C1572. Worry. It happened

LAN Yanxi's words, heard in Yang He's ears, were death warnings, and she was cold all over.

Now LAN Yanxi is just engaged to Ling Mo Feng, but she hasn't become the first lady yet. She warns her like this. If she has real power, does this general office have its own shelter?

Yang He is a person who thinks things are easy to think about the worst results. Her mind is already extreme. At this moment, she is resentful, hateful and angry. She feels that lanyanxi is a woman with small heart and needle. If she knew that the vice president's injury was caused by her, would lanyanxi kill her directly?

Yang he was afraid, but at this time, her figure was seen by Chu lie.

"Yang He!" Chu lie knew her because she appeared in front of Ling Mo Feng many times. Her thoughts were all written on her face. Chu lie was deeply impressed by her.

"Chu Adjutant Chu. " Yang He's pale and nervous.

"What are you doing here?" Chulie asked seriously.

Yang he began in tears: "I'm worried about vice president, deputy Chu. Could you please let me meet him? He was injured because of me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for him."

"I didn't blame you, sir. It was an emergency. Go back to work." Of course, chulie can't let this woman in. Besides, Mr. chulie certainly doesn't want to see her.

"Adjutant Chu, please let me in to see him. I'm really worried. Is he seriously hurt?" Yang He is still pleading in tears.

"Yang He, I hope you know who you are. It's nothing to do with your injury. Besides, you shouldn't come here to cry and misunderstand people who don't know. This will have a negative impact on Mr. Yang. If you really care about him, please leave." Chu lie's face was ugly, and he asked Yang He to leave.

Yang He looks stiff, she can only chat up to leave.

However, Chu lie's words just now seem to wake her up.

If she wants to survive in danger, it's best to make people misunderstand her relationship with the vice president. In this way, if lanyanxi is against her, everyone will stand up and preside over justice for her. After all, the world still sympathizes with the weak. As long as she acts weak and becomes the injured, lanyanxi will be the identity of the perpetrator.

Yang he praises her cleverness. Yes, she can't easily admit defeat.

Yang he went to do it immediately after thinking about it. She first asked several colleagues to tell her about it. Of course, she didn't say clearly. She only said that Ling Mo Feng saved her. For the sake of her injury, she didn't say that Ling Mo Feng had any special care for her. She just said that Ling Mo Feng was concerned about the people and cared for his subordinates. She was a good leader and worthy of respect and trust.

LAN Yanxi is sitting in the office. He has no mind to work. The whole person is in a trance.

Just now, I went to find Ling Mo Feng. Although she didn't see his wound, she mended her brain. The more she thought about it, the more she worried about it, the more she loved him.

"Yan Xi, come in and tell you something." After the meeting, Wang Xinyi knocked on her desk.

LAN Yanxi is now a casual worker in the office. Although she is idle, no one says anything bad about her. She feels that she should be idle. After all, she will not do the job immediately. She will be the first lady. What she wants to do will be more meaningful and will also concern the hope of the whole nation.

LAN Yanxi quickly followed in, Wang Xinyi threw the document on the desk, his hands around his chest, a pair of stuffy expression: "Yanxi, is there a woman named Yang He in the reception department? You've been there before. You should know her. "

"Of course, what happened to her?" LAN Yanxi's chest is stuffy and headache when she hears the name. She can't be bothered any more.

"I heard that the vice president's injury was caused by saving her. Do you know?" Wang Xinyi asked immediately.

"What?" LAN Yanxi is going mad, and her face suddenly changes: "Ling Mo Feng saves her?"

"It seems that someone rushed to save Ling Mo Feng, but she was saved by Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng pushed her away. In order to protect her, she was injured. Now the whole general office has spread all over the place. Everyone is talking about it. Yang He has become a famous person successfully. She is shameless. The vice president is injured. She has the face to spread it around." The more Wang Xinyi thinks about it, the more angry he is. He feels unworthy of LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi also held his fist in hatred, and his face was very angry: "I believe that Ling Mo Feng's saving her is absolutely out of justice, and there is no other idea."

"I also believe that many people will doubt others. It's hard for people to know. What they care about is that they are always tired of being on the edge. Mr. vice president really saved a white eyed wolf. He didn't know how to be grateful. Instead, he said that these false rumours were spread." Wang Xinyi is angry.

"I really want to hit people." LAN Yanxi is not angry at the moment. Her face is red.

As soon as Wang Xinyi heard this, he hurriedly came to persuade her: "Yan Xi, don't be impulsive. You need to believe that Mr. vice president, beating people is not the solution."

"Yang He has chosen a T-shirt for me more than once. This time, it's really too much. It seems that it's useless just to warn her. She doesn't want to face at all." LAN Yanxi hated and resented. He felt that all the warnings he had made before were white and blind. He could still make if he wanted to be a demon. Now even Ling Mo Feng was involved.

At the critical moment of his election, it would be devastating if there were rumors of bad conduct.

"Sister Xinyi, I'm worried about him." Blue Yan Xi's eyes were red.

Wang Xinyi really sympathizes with her, and also loves that she should bear such harm: "Yan Xi, you need to discuss with the vice president about this matter and how to solve it."

"He's in a meeting now. I can't see him." LAN Yanxi said sadly.

"Then when he has finished the meeting and the work, you can go to him. Yang He, you don't want to see her for the time being. She is such a shameless person who doesn't know what to do Wang Xinyi reached out and patted her on the shoulder, gently comforting her.

"Well." LAN Yanxi can only resist the impulse to kill temporarily.

Yang he suddenly became famous. The whole general office knew that she was the No. 1 person, and that Ling Mo Feng got a knife to save her. His blood was dripping. Yang he was even more sad and almost fainted in the office.

It's getting dark. LAN Yanxi is fidgeting in the office. He's worried. I don't know if Ling Mo Feng is finished now. I don't know if Yang He's raving about his reputation.

Just when LAN Yanxi was holding his cell phone and was in a hurry to call him to ask.

Outside the office, Ling Mo Feng's figure suddenly appeared.

He is still elegant Jin Gui, with a gentle face, giving a feeling of spring breeze.

LAN Yanxi sees him appear suddenly, a heart all grasped, next second, she regardless of direct toward him.

Ling didn't expect that this little woman would be in front of so many people in the office and show such enthusiasm. He was handsome and slightly stunned. The next second, he held her gently with the uninjured hand, and comforted her twice gently behind her: "not afraid to be seen?"

In my ear, there was a man's soft and low smile.

Before, she was a lady in front of others. Now, she doesn't pretend to be a lady. She's frank, but he likes it.

"Let them see, let them see!" LAN Yanxi is like a child who is eager for love. He wants to show that he is loved by others.

Ling Mo Feng laughed, and next second, he pushed her away from his arms, because his handsome face could not hang.

If he continues to cling to her greedily, I'm afraid that his serious image will collapse.

Well, men are shy.

LAN Yanxi's face turned red with shame. Some of the people beside looked at the sudden dog food, which was photographed for a long time.

LAN Yanxi took the bag and walked away with Ling Mo Feng. Her face was still very thin. She didn't have a good idea to continue sitting in the office.

Ling Mo Feng came here and just picked her up from work.

Out of the office, two people passed through the corridor, LAN Yanxi took the initiative to reach for his big hand, the man lost his mind for a second, the next second, he firmly clenched.