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C652 thinks about him. How to solve it?

There was a knock outside the rigorous office door, which was extremely heavy in the silent night.

Season owl cold Mou color tiny MI, deep voice mouth: "come in!" Lu Qing came in with a step of information and saw the big black chair turned by the man. He opened his mouth in a hurry and said: "young master, I have taken the call records of those people in the past four years. As you can see, they have several calls to country m every month, with the time in half an hour. Although the number of each call has changed, but The situation is very suspicious. They must be reporting something to someone or an organization. Moreover, some important things about the company. " Ji Xiao's face was cold and handsome, with a cold light flashing. He put down the coffee cup and said in a cold voice: "I sent someone to keep an eye on my uncle's situation in prison. I heard that he suddenly fell in love with learning in prison. Ji yunning would send him some books every few months. Those books I also let people record are some famous books in business war, my uncle I know the character of this man. He is ambitious and courageous, and he likes to be quick to make profits. At that time, he used his daughter to approach me to lure me to do a lot of wrong things in order to get the power of management. Several times, he almost angered my grandfather to the point of going to the hospital. At that time, I thought I was young and frivolous, but now I think those are my uncles Uncle's plot, step by step, let me step into the flattery trap arranged by him, I know that he will not give up, he has been silent for five years, just for a more crazy counter attack. " "Young master, we are in the clear and they are in the dark. The crisis we are facing this time is more dangerous than ever. Now, they are acting so insidious that we have no defense against them. What should we do next?" Lu Qing has been busy with the company's Affairs recently. He has always been clear-minded and short circuited. He doesn't know how to solve the immediate crisis. "If he wants to take back the management power of the company, the only thing he has to do is to snap up the stock rights of the company. However, he should also know that if he wants to realize his ambition by buying the stock rights, he is afraid that the opportunity is not great, unless he can move my grandfather and transfer his stock rights to him, but it is absolutely impossible. I have seen my grandfather's will and he has put his stock rights in his hands The shares are divided into three parts, one for my grandmother, and the next two shares, he has transferred to my two children. " Season owl analyzed in a cold voice. He felt that if he really wanted to fight hard, uncle would have no chance to win. Of course, if he didn't rule out that he would fight for his life, the consequences would be unpredictable. If Ji Xiaohan was not afraid of threats before, it's because he has no weakness, and no one wants to threaten him, but now the situation is different. His biggest weakness is clearly exposed in the eyes of others. If the other party casually seizes one of his weaknesses, it will bring him devastating


Lu Qing nodded his head and said angrily, "he has made a mistake. The old man has been disappointed with him for a long time. He will not transfer his shares to him." "What I'm most worried about now is what other tricks he will play. At present, the company has lost a large customer, which has attracted the attention of the industry. Our stock has a downward trend, but fortunately, all of this can be controlled, just because he is afraid that he will come up with other ways to deal with us. We must be careful about what we do from today, don't Give him a chance. " Ji Xiaohan tells us in a deep voice that his uncle belongs to the kind of ruthless person. Although he looks very elegant, he is a smiling face tiger that eats people. Since he knows his roots, Ji Xiaohan dare not to

despise the enemy.

"Young master, there are so many companies in our company that they all have weaknesses. I don't know what his next move will be." Lu Qing worries.

"No matter what it is, we should have done our best to deal with it. Besides, he is not the only one who knows how to take the initiative to attack. If he wants to fight against me, I will be polite to him. If he is determined to fight against me to the end, then I will not be merciful to him again." Season owl is cold and cool.

"I hope you don't feel soft!" Lu Qing whispered a reminder. "Yes, I was too soft before. I could have let him die in prison, but I couldn't stand my grandmother's plea. I only let him out after five years. I didn't expect that he didn't cherish such a good time and began to be a demon again." Knowing the meaning of Lu Qing's sentence, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help laughing at himself.

"Young master has human feelings, which is our greatest blessing as subordinates." Lu Qing said with a smile.

Season owl cold finger lightly tapped desktop: "show me data!"

Lu Qing hurriedly put the list of investigations in front of him, half a finger high.

Ji Xiaohan sneers: "I've spent a lot of money, but I have a group of white eyed wolves. With so much evidence of their betrayal, I won't let them live in old age. When the evidence is confirmed, you can immediately find a lawyer to sue them."

Lu Qing also grudged: "don't let them go. These white eyed wolves who eat inside and eat outside should be punished severely. If they take money, they want to quit safely. They still think it's too simple."

"I'll look at it first, and then come to me in an hour!" Ji Xiaohan decides to look at these materials in person.

"OK!" Lu Qing doesn't bother him any more. He turns around and walks away.

In the villa of Jijia manor, Tang youyou finally put the two children to sleep.

After taking the medicine, she lay on the bed, but she didn't feel sleepy.

Although her eyelids were sleepy, her brain was clear.

She wants to know when Ji Xiaohan will come back, what he is busy with in the company, what kind of people he is with, and whether there will be any female staff meeting with him?

Oh, my God, she thought too much. In her mind, if he was talking with other female staff members, there would be a dull and sour feeling in her mind.

It must be that she is too busy, so she has time to think about things here.

Would you like to give him a call and care for him?

If I call him, will I disturb his work? What if he is having an important meeting?

Tang youyou sat up directly, thinking that when she just took a bath, she could only wipe to the front, but her back could not be wiped, so she inexplicably missed Ji Xiaohan.

If he is in the bedroom at this time, she can fall asleep at ease.

Tang youyou has never been like this. She picks up her mobile phone and pinches it tightly. Open the screen, turn to Ji Xiaohan's cell phone number, but hesitate to call out.