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"Let's go, don't be late!" Ji Xiao Han stood up and went over to grab his daughter from the child's chair.

Holding one in one hand and holding one in the other, Ji Xiao Han felt so happy that he was starting to feel dizzy.

"Un, then I am relieved!" Tang Xiao Nai said while beaming.

When Tang You You heard the two words "boyfriend", what flashed across his mind was the cold and handsome face, and she immediately shook her head: "He's still not a boyfriend, he's just a friend, his car just happens to be empty, so let me use it!"

"That must be a male friend." Liu Xi laughed, as if he understood everything.

Only then did Tang You You bashfully lower her head. "Yes, it's a man, but not the kind of relationship that my godmother would have."

"Alright, I understand. I won't ask anymore. Look at how embarrassed you are." Liu Xi was also an experienced person, moreover, she did not want to interfere with Tang You You making friends, because she had always felt that Tang You You was sometimes a very calm and rational person, and would not casually make friends with bad friends.

Around 10 PM!

Tang You You was busy with her work, when suddenly, Liu Xi walked in quickly and directly walked towards her: "Wandering, come with me to the office. Hurry, it's urgent."

Tang You You put down the work in his hands and quickly followed his mother into the office. He curiously asked, "Mother, what happened?"

"There's a big client who wants to talk to you. Hurry up and come with me!" Liu Xi said as he took a few copies of the information.

Tang You You was extremely curious and blinked her eyes. "Mother, what kind of big client is that? Why would she want to find me by name? I am a newbie. "

"I'm curious too, but the people up there didn't say anything. They only said that they wanted to see you. Let's go and take a look!" Liu Xi did not know the background of the other party, but the person in charge of Only Idealism was there to receive him as if he was facing a great enemy. After calling Liu Xi over, he only told her one thing, that the other party was looking for Tang You You, and that she should quickly bring the person over.

When Liu Xi heard it, he was also extremely anxious, she truly felt that Tang You You's life was tough, he finally managed to get a job, how could there be so many things?

Tang You You's brain tightened into a string. The so called big shot, could it be Ji Xiao Han again?

If it really was him, then he would be too bored. Didn't he manage such a large company? Running over to her every day would ruin his noble image as the CEO.

Tang You You hurriedly followed his mother to a guest room, and the person in charge of the company, the Lam Tung, walked out anxiously: "Liu Xi, don't go in. The other party only said that they want to see Tang You You alone."

"Lam Tung, who is the other party? You shouldn't be in any danger, right? " Liu Xi asked worriedly.

Lam Tung was angered to death by her words, "What danger can there be? Tang You You, don't just stand there. Hurry up and go in, don't make me wait too long."

Tang You You nervously looked at his mother. He signaled her with his eyes, then took a deep breath, quickly walked into the reception room.

As soon as she entered, she quickly scanned her surroundings. Suddenly, she saw a slender figure wearing casual clothes, leaning heavily on the sofa.

Seeing Tang You You coming in, the other party also raised his head.

"You are... Ji Yue Ze? " When Tang You You saw the pair of dark black eyes, he was shocked. He could hardly believe that the mysterious person Liu Xi was talking about was actually Ji Yue Ze.

This super Big Star that was set on fire all over the world was currently sitting on the sofa in front of her, exuding a noble and elegant aura.

"You are Tang You You?" Ji Yue Ze never thought that he would actually look like this upon seeing this woman. To be honest, among all the women he had contact with, there were very few who were as conservative and rustic as this woman, with a set of simple professional clothes, a pure face, and a head of long hair casually tied behind her head. From head to toe, not a single nameplate could be seen, nor did they have any kind of gold-or silver ornament that could make her look.

"Do you have any business with me?" After the initial shock, Tang You You quickly calmed down.

If she remembered correctly, this Ji Yue Ze was Ji Xiao Han's little brother.

When Ji Xiao Han had found her, he had actually suspected that the two little fellows were his little brothers, and they had interrogated her coldly and forcefully. At that time, she had panicked and thought that the person who had slept with his five years ago was this world-renowned Big Star.

Ji Yue Ze then looked at her body a few more times and frowned: Actually there is nothing important, I just want to discuss some cooperation with you.

"Cooperation? What cooperation can I have with you? " After Tang You You heard his words, he was even more shocked. However, from the tone of his voice, it did not contain the arrogant and conceited attitude that his brother had.

It made sense. Someone with his identity would more or less have a sense of distance between them.

Ji Yue Ze stared at her face for a while. Then, he took out a photo from his pocket: "These two children are yours right?"

When Tang You You saw the little girl in the photo, she couldn't help but shudder when she saw the scene of the two little fellows being secretly photographed on the plane. She immediately raised her eyes and stared at the man: "What are you doing with my child's photo?"

"Don't worry, I didn't take their pictures to hurt them." Ji Yue Ze could feel Tang You You's nervous and uneasy emotions, and he immediately smiled.

Tang You You saw his signature smile. He had seen it before in all kinds of movies and TV shows, as well as in advertising in the ocean newspaper. It was definitely a charming smile that would make all women scream.

But at this moment, from her point of view, it was enough to shock her.

"Then what do you want to do?" Tang You You became even more anxious and flustered.