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C1131 unwillingness to recognize

Yang ChuChu also thinks that there is a new play coming to her. Because there are so many people looking for her recently, Lu xuanchen will only joke with her.

When she stepped out of the door, she saw Fang Yang. The smile on her face froze for a moment, and all the blood color faded away. She turned around and was about to leave. Fang Yang hurried after her. "You are so clear. Don't leave now. Uncle Fang has something to tell you." Yang turned his head to look at him in disgust: "I have nothing to say to you." "

do you know?" Fang Yang saw Yang ChuChu's attitude towards him, and he could not help but freeze.

Yang ChuChu sneered: "I didn't know that before, I would call you uncle Fang, but now, when I see you, I feel like vomiting, and you quickly disappear from my eyes." "

clearly, you must have misunderstood me. In fact, I've been very guilty all these years. Otherwise, I won't come to you!" Fang Yang sees Yang ChuChu's cold expression, and his heart is also painful. He hates that he shouldn't provoke Cheng Ying, let alone give her a warm family after giving birth to a daughter.

"Ha ha, I've always regarded myself as an actor. It turns out that you are the real acting school. If you don't talk about such hypocrisy here, if you feel guilty, you shouldn't go to my mother that year." Yang ChuChu's teeth were gnawed and scolded angrily.

Fang Yang was in a hurry. "You know, listen to my explanation. Shall we not talk here? We find a place with few people to say that if our relationship is discovered, it's not good for us! "

"It's not good for you. It's good for me. Everyone else thinks that I'm a wild seed. My father is unknown. Some people even say that my father is a fugitive murderer, or he has been dead for more than ten years. I believed these myths at the beginning, but now, if they know that I have a deputy mayor's father, it must be enough for me to hype several times." Yang ChuChu's mouth turned up. The cold voice made Fang Yang's face red and white. "

clearly, I'm sorry, dad is wrong, Dad shouldn't let you come to this world to suffer." Fang Yang stroked half of his face with one hand. He had no face to see others. Yang's mood at the moment is complex and messy. She has practiced countless times in her heart. If she really saw Fang Yang, she would say something cruel to humiliate him, hit him, hurt his mother's knife, and stab them all back. But

at the moment, she found her brain was empty. Looking at the sad middle-aged man in front of her, she recalled that he had secretly stuffed toys and snacks for herself. During the Spring Festival, she would secretly hand her red envelopes. Her eyes turned red all of a sudden, and her inner heart was even more painful.

"Go away, go away. Don't come to me again in this life. You should think that you don't have my daughter, and I really think that you are dead and won't think of it again." Yang ChuChu turns around, runs away quickly, tears fall down ceaselessly.

"Delicate..." Fang Yang watched the figure of her running away, frozen in place for a moment. He found that he couldn't deal with the relationship with his daughter well all the time. Before, she was young, didn't know the truth, and he could take things to cajole her. Now that she knew everything, she really wanted to break the relationship with him.

Fang Yang can only get in the car and leave.

In fact, in Fang Yang's heart, he always regretted what he had done, but he did admit that he was a bad man, and his current wife was a childhood sweetheart, but the relationship was always cold and light. Until he met Cheng Ying, he found that some women were born to be bright and bright, which could bring a lot of happiness. So, he was almost infatuated with it in an instant Cheng Ying, however, made a lot of promises with his wife easily when he was young, for some reasons, because he vowed not to have money and promised not to have money, and most women love to listen to these sweet words. Since they don't have money, women love to hear them, and I believe that every man will say a lot. Fang wanted to get rid of his wife at that time, but also wanted to stay with Cheng Ying for a long time. In the two relationships, he came back and forth, repeatedly, but he didn't give up. He was too greedy.

Until the other party gave birth to a daughter, Fang's family had great power. At the same time, he intimidated him, and at the same time, he seduced him with a high position. Fang Yang finally had no choice but to give up Cheng Ying, but he didn't know that Cheng Ying fell in love with each other and gave birth to their daughter.

Yang ChuChu cried and ran into the makeup room of the crew. He hated it very much.

She didn't know why Fang Yang came to her. Since she had abandoned her daughter, she shouldn't have come to her, only to make her sad. This kind of pain can't be eliminated. It's not persuasion that can solve it. Yang ChuChu is like cutting meat on the tip of a knife. The pain has reached the extreme.

Her next scene, she is not in the mood to shoot, at this moment, she inexplicably want to see Luo Jinyu, she wants to see him. Lu

xuanchen politely knocks on the door. Yang ChuChu is still in tears in front of him. "

listen to the director. You're not going to make a film today. Are you going back to the city?" As a friend, Lu xuanchen still needs to come and care for her.

"Well, I'm going back, but I didn't drive here this time!" Yang ChuChu wiped his tears and sighed. "

otherwise, take my car back, just in time, I also want to go back!" Lu xuanchen said lightly.

"Will you really go back?" Yang ChuChu looks up at him. Lu

Xuan Chen nodded: "I promised to go back to accompany her when I was free."

"You have a girlfriend?" Yang ChuChu's instant suspicion. "

who said it must be a girlfriend to go back to accompany her?" Lu xuanchen wants to keep it secret for the time being. Yang

couldn't help laughing: "well, I know the rules of this line, and I won't ask about it. Since you are willing to send me, it's better. I'll pack up my things and wait for me!"

"Well, I'll wait for you outside the gate!" Lu xuanchen turns and leaves.

Yang ChuChu simply tidied up his personal belongings, packed them and took them away, walked out of the gate and saw Lu xuanchen's special business car.

The driver came down to put the things for her, and Yang ChuChu sat in.

Lu xuanchen is bowing to chat with people's mobile phones, looking happy. Yang

suddenly, Chu Chu envied the relaxed and happy expression on his face. When can he get out of the haze and regain happiness?

"I heard that Roche has been in trouble recently. Are you going back to comfort Luo Jinyu?" Lu xuanchen put down his mobile phone and asked with a light smile. "

he should not need my comfort. There are many people who can comfort him!" Yang ChuChu is inexplicably sad. Before, she would have thought that Luo Jinyu was hurt. Only she could comfort her. Now she finds that she was naive at the beginning. Lu

xuanchen is embarrassed in a moment. Did she stab her pain?