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Ji Yueze listened to all the recorded content without missing a word, and he was cold all over. Then, as if he was afraid that he was not sober enough, he rushed into the bathroom, poured cold water on his face, and the chilling chill completely stimulated him to shiver. This time, he was

really sober.

Ji Yueze returns to the living room, picks up his cell phone, and carefully listens to the recording again.

Bai Zhenzhen's remorse, with a tone of impatience, made Ji Yueze hold his fist tightly. What's the qualification of this woman to be ashamed? Is she cruel in doing this for money and hurting his parents?

Oh, how ridiculous!

And what makes Ji Yueze even more chilling is his uncle's behavior, which is simply abhorrent to the extent that heaven and earth can't allow it.

In order to get the power of inheritance, he pretended to be a smiling tiger, with a set of gentle and modest face, but played such a sinister and vicious means behind his back. He found Bai Zhenzhen and pushed him to his father.

Is this white really like my father's first girlfriend? My father is so stupid that he can't tell if he loves a woman who is as bad as a snake and a scorpion, and he has put his life on it.

Ji Yueze thinks more and more and hates more. Finally, he takes the mobile phone directly to Ji Xiaohan's company.

On the way, his hands still tightly hold the steering wheel, and the blue tendons on the back of his hands burst, which shows how much anger and resentment he is enduring.

"Bai Yiyan, I don't know if you are kind or stupid!" In Ji Yueze's mind, the beautiful eyes struggling with the color of pain flashed by. Ji Yueze murmured.

Bai Yiyan even got Bai Zhenzhen's recording, but she didn't give it to herself in the first time. She was still maintaining Bai Zhenzhen. It turns out that love and family can still distinguish a little bit of importance.

It is obvious that her feelings for herself are far less important than that of her true family.

Or, there is no comparability at all.

Ji Yueze's heart is like a chaotic storm, manic, confused, trying to find a reason to calm down.

Arrive at the downstairs of the emperor building, Ji Yueze steps in directly and strides to the big brother's private direct elevator.

Ji Yueze is the second young master of Ji's family. He has never concealed his identity, so when he strides across the hall, only the amazing eyes of the woman are attracted.

Even though Ji Yueze's face is cool, he is also adored by his fanatical female fans.

It may be Ji Yueze's tense expression, coupled with several pieces of bandages on his face, which gives a sense of ice cover. Although the women around him exclaim at him, no one dares to approach him, or even ask for his signature and photo.

The elevator door, directly closed, rose rapidly.

Ji held the cell phone tightly until he stepped into the big brother's office.

Ji Xiaohan heard the assistant's report for a long time. Knowing that his younger brother came to see him, he saw the door pushed open and frowned at once, "you're injured. Why haven't you gone to the hospital for examination?"

"I have a very important thing to tell you!" After Ji Yueze finished, he raised his mobile phone: "this is Bai Yiyan's mobile phone. She went to see Bai Zhen and recorded Bai Zhen's confession. It seems that Ji Lin did this thing."

"Let me hear it!" Season owl cold handsome face suddenly depressed go down, the voice is peering.

Ji Yueze opened the recording. After listening to it, Ji Yueze said angrily: "brother, this is the evidence. We can let him go to prison again. He is a murderer without humanity."

"Ozawa, I have one thing to tell you!" Ji Xiaohan listened to the recorder, and his handsome face flashed pale and angry. However, he was more calm than Ji Yueze. After a few seconds of silence, he finally made a decision. When Ji Yueze saw that elder brother didn't take the recording as evidence immediately, he went to sue Ji Lin. his face changed greatly and he was angry: "elder brother, did you understand what Bai Zhenzhen said? Ji Lin has set up a beauty scheme for her and killed our father. We have to make him punished as soon as possible. "

"I know, Ozawa, of course he's guilty!" The season owl cold fierce raise head, the eye dew is painfully looking at own younger brother, the deep eye instant red a circle, then, his voice low mute say: "do you know grandfather's time is not much?"

"What?" Ji Yueze's whole body seemed to be shocked by thunder. His eyes were wide, which made his eyes too dark and full of trembling: "brother, what did you say just now? What happened to Grandpa? "

"Grandpa's time is running out. I heard it myself!" Ji Xiaohan folded his hands on his forehead, as if to hide his red eyes. He was not willing to accept the fact, but the fact was so cold, forcing him to accept the pain.

"How could this happen? I also called grandpa's doctor. The doctor told me that grandpa was in good condition. Brother, who did you listen to? Who's talking nonsense? " Ji Yueze can't believe it. It's different from what he heard. He can't accept it.

"It's grandpa and grandma talking. I overheard it. It's true!" Ji Xiaohan's tone is sad.

"Is it? Is this true? " Ji Yueze suddenly stood unsteady and sat directly on his desk with a blank look: "no wonder I went back to see him last time, he seems to be thin again, and his face is very bad, so it is!" "Ozawa, I can understand your mood of trying to bring Ji Lin to justice. I'm the same as you. I wish he deserved what he deserved. But, at this time, I'll take him to court and let him admit that he's the one who killed my brother. How sad would grandpa feel if he knew? I'm afraid... " Ji Xiaohan almost said that he couldn't go on, because, as a result, Grandpa might be killed by anger directly, and he would go restlessly and die in peace.

Ji Yueze finally realized the complex and contradictory mood of Ji Xiaohan. He became silent and his eyes were stiff. Ji Xiaohan murmured: "Grandpa seems to be merciless to him, but he is also his son after all. When he was a child, I heard that he looked at Ji Lin more seriously than his father, and felt that he must have great promise in the future, so when he helped me to send him to prison, he would be seriously ill. That's because he was really very

heartache. He thought he was proud of his son, but he did this kind of chilling This time, if you let Grandpa know that he killed another son of his own, he will not be able to bear such a blow. " Ji Yueze holds one hand on one side of the eye, and the other eye is red.