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C986 already thinks about her

Ji yunning's sigh of satisfaction made Ji Xiaohan feel ashamed. In fact, Ji yunning's nature was not bad. She was just raised by the bad guys and used miserably.

In those years, she also agreed to Ji Lin because she liked him. In recent years, Ji Xiaohan has punished her enough. There is no more painful thing than the indifference and indifference of the people she loves.

Ji yunning has been safe in recent years. She didn't dare to appear in front of him again. From this point of view, we can see that her nature has a good side. "

in a word, you should be careful yourself. If you need my help, please call me!" Ji Xiaohan can only tell her. "

OK, brother Xiaohan, I'll hang up. You're busy!" After Ji yunning hung up the phone, he deleted all the records at the first time. Then he washed his hands, walked out of the bathroom and went to the supermarket for shopping.

She doesn't have the ability of anti reconnaissance. Naturally, Ji Lin has sent a person to stare at her every move from afar. She goes back after shopping. Ji yunning sits at home and waits for the result. Hearing the report from the other side, he snorts and laughs coldly. Does Ji yunning really dare to betray him? But it turns out that she actually read the information in his documents and loans. She knows something. What's the use?

Is there someone behind her?

Who is it?

Is the season owl cold?

The only thing Ji Lin can think of is him. Ji yunning loves what he loves. If Ji Xiaohan promises to give her something good, she will betray his adoptive father, which is a great possibility. Is not Ji Xiaohan hating her? Last time the accident happened on the construction site, Ji Xiaohan has also made a clear investigation. What's behind that is Ji yunning. Will Ji Xiaohan forgive her for making such a big mistake? If you really forgive her and sell her to work for him, the season will be really terrible.

It's bad luck to meet such a strong opponent. Ji

Lin soon got in touch with another thing. Will the photos he was secretly photographed meeting with Wang orange be the work of this dead girl? When

he set out from home to find Wang Cheng. If she really worked for Ji Xiaohan, would she secretly follow him? Season

felt cold suddenly, and there was a cold sweat behind him.

When he tried hard to install chess pieces into Ji's group, Ji Xiaohan bought his daughter. It was really dangerous, but he didn't realize it. For example,

if he is not careful in his work, he will be defensive in everything and will not see the clue from these details.

Ji Lin's face suddenly turned ferocious. A dog he keeps has to bite himself on behalf of others. Anyone else will feel angry and cold.

Ji Lin decides to test Ji yunning. He will never bury such a time bomb beside him.

Time flies, and it's time for the next day's shift. Ji Yueze has endured a day without calling Bai Yiyan. He doesn't miss her. On the contrary, he finally realizes what it means to be absent in one day. It's like three autumn after another. He suddenly misses the warmth of her living in his home. He goes to work together, goes shopping together, and enjoys their world at home.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to find such a warm scene again. Ji took a breath, picked up his cell phone and put it down again. Finally, he decided to go back to Ji's manor and have dinner with his family. For the time being, he put down the miss. Ji

Yueze takes the car key and leaves the office. In the company hall, he is suddenly greeted by a man running over: "boss, are you off work?" Season

glanced at Pei Ying with indifference, and saw that she was carrying a pile of books in her arms. She looked very diligent. "

MM!" Ji Yueze replied in a low voice. "

that I didn't drive here today. Can the boss take me home? " Pei Ying suddenly asked boldly. She knew that if the opportunity was fleeting, if she didn't try to grasp it, there would be no possibility, but what if it was successful?

"Is Bai Yiyan in your house?" Ji Yueze suddenly turned to look at her and asked. Pei < br >

Ying's eyes dribbled around and said vaguely: "I don't know, but she often goes home in the last two days. She seems to be in a bad mood and will talk to her mother!"

Pei Ying is obviously lying, because she knows that if Bai Yiyan is in her home, Ji Yueze will have a lot of opportunities to send her home.

"Is it?" Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed, and the light at the bottom of the eyes flashed away. "

boss, have you quarreled with my sister?" Ji Yueze hasn't announced the news of breaking up with Bai Yiyan. At present, everyone feels that they are still dating.

"I'm just going to find her. Follow me!" Ji Yueze is just giving herself an excuse for indulgence, not really wanting to send her home. Pei

is unbelievable. I didn't expect that I had the courage to ask for the opportunity and succeeded.

"Really? Do you really want to take me home? How happy! " Pei Ying could not hide her excitement, and her face was blushing. Season

Yue Ze said lightly: "I'm looking for your sister, and I'll give you a ride!" "

I know, but I'm still happy, boss, you're so nice!" Pei Ying took the opportunity to say something to please him.

Ji Yueze turned a deaf ear, walked directly to the side of his sports car, opened the door and sat in. Pei

Ying has a rare chance to ride in the same car as Ji Yueze. At this moment, she is sitting on the copilot and feels happy. She took a look at the envious eyes outside the window, and her vanity was about to burst.

However, she soon felt depressed again. She was upset at the thought that Bai Yiyan was often envied like this. "

fasten the seat belt!" When Ji Yueze saw the woman around her, she just smiled like a fool and reminded her in a tone of indifference.

"Good!" Pei Ying is really excited. It's just as unrealistic as a dream to be able to ride in his God's car. But it's true. It's not a dream. Season

Yueze drives quickly along the road towards Pei's home.

Along the way, Pei Ying dare not speak loudly, her nervous palms are sweating. Season

Yueze didn't want to chat with her. When he stopped at the traffic lights, he stared at the front, as if he was absent-minded. "

green light!" Pei Ying immediately reminded him that he always felt that he was hurting Bai Yiyan. Thinking of this, she cursed Bai Yiyan several times.

Ji Yueze stepped on the accelerator and drove over. Pei

Ying could not help but ask, "did you quarrel with my sister? "

" no! "Ji Yueze only answered her two words coldly.