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The delicious food was served, and Tang You You immediately called Kang Yi Le over to eat, Ji Yue Ze was eating without thinking, his handsome eyes, could not help but look towards Tang You You who was seated at the side.

In truth, Tang You You was a lazy woman, other women liked to put on heavy makeup, but unfortunately, she just liked to keep her face clean. However, even if she was only drawing her eyebrows and putting on lipstick, she could still give people a very captivating feeling, probably because her bright eyes had already become the most beautiful focus of attention.

Tang You You did not notice that Ji Yue Ze was secretly watching his, she had been paying attention to his every move this whole time.

"Do you have wine? I want to drink it! " Kang Yi Le suddenly mentioned it.

Tang You You was immediately shocked. A woman getting drunk was an extremely troublesome matter.

"Miss Kang, I'm sorry. I still have to work in the afternoon, I can't accompany you to drink. How about … next time!" Tang You You said gently.

Kang Yi Le did not make things difficult for her, and she laughed: "I'll drink by myself, there's no need for you to accompany me to drink!"

Tang You You frowned, following that, Kang Yi Le called for a waiter to bring him two bottles of red wine.

After Kang Yi Le poured a cup for herself, she turned and smiled at Ji Yue Ze: "Can you accompany me to drink?"

Ji Yue Ze's current mood was also a little gloomy. He nodded: "Alright, drink!"

Hearing that, Tang You You's eyes became anxious, and she immediately said to Ji Yue Ze: "Didn't you also have something to do in the afternoon? How can you drink it? "

Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan said: "I'm fine, it's fine to drink a little!"

Tang You You was truly speechless, she was most afraid of people who were drunk. Fortunately she came today, otherwise, if Ji Yue Ze was drunk together with Kang Yi Le, wouldn't she hate her when he woke up?

Tang You You could only watch as the two people beside him drank their cups down.

"Stop drinking, Miss Kang. If you keep drinking, you'll get drunk!" Tang You You quickly advised her.

"I'm fine, I'm good at alcohol, I can't get drunk!" Kang Yi Le said smilingly. She was very confident, but she was already drunk.

Seeing that he could not care about Kang Yi Le, Tang You You walked over and snatched Ji Yue Ze's wine cup away: "Please don't drink anymore, can you leave first?"

Ji Yue Ze was also slightly drunk. He raised his eyes, looked at Tang You You who was angry, and smiled. He extended his hand out to snatch her cup.

Instead of giving it to him, Tang You You took the opportunity to pounce towards him.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes suddenly widened. She felt that Ji Yue Ze had hugged her all of a sudden, leaving her somewhat dumbstruck.

Immediately after, she felt that his big hands were still able to steadily take away the cup in her hands, causing Ji Yue Ze to once again return back to his seat and sit down: "Sister-in-law, you're a woman, you can't win against me!"

Tang You You was so shocked by Ji Yue Ze's sudden hug that his soul almost left his body, following which, he trembled.

What was she thinking? Everything was fine. Why did he have to snatch his cup?

"Go ahead and drink to your heart's content. I'll watch. In a moment, I'll call your family and ask them to come and carry you!" Tang You You immediately did not want to stop them.

Ji Yue Ze was actually not drunk at all. When he took the opportunity to grab the cup, he naturally threw himself over to hug her.

Of course, that was only a very courteous hug. He thought that he did not reveal the desire in his heart, and Tang You You probably would not let his thoughts run wild.

Tang You You really did not think about anything else, but she felt that his hands were too cheap and wanted to snatch their cups.

As expected, Kang Yi Le got drunk in the end. She laid on the table, and kept saying words of love and admiration for Ji Yue Ze.

Ji Yue Ze's handsome face slightly flushed, it was obvious that he had gotten drunk, but he was still conscious.

"I'm leaving first!" Ji Yue Ze stood up, took his mask and hat, and without waiting for Tang You You to speak, he walked out.

Tang You You could only decide to help Kang Yi Le out first.

When she wanted to go and settle the bill, she found out that Ji Yue Ze had actually done it.

Tang You You felt that Ji Yue Ze was still a man after all, he knew that he could not let a woman pay the bill.

Tang You You supported Kang Yi Le who was swaying unsteadily back to her office, putting her down on the sofa to sleep.

When Tang You You thought of how he still had to follow the old lady out in the afternoon, she could only instruct the assistant to watch over her. When she woke up, he asked her to give him a call.

At around two-thirty, Tang You You received a call from the old lady, telling her to quickly leave.

Tang You You took his bag and said goodbye to Liu Xi. Then, he went to the main hall. Outside the door, the old lady sat in the car and waved to him.

Tang You You hurriedly called her grandma and sat in the car.

The old lady was currently on the phone with some of her friends, so Tang You You could only sit quietly, not daring to speak carelessly.

When the old lady finished her call, she immediately turned and looked at Tang You You, frowning, "You aren't dressed formally enough, let's go to the clothing store first!"

Tang You You's face was full of surprise: "Grandma, whose banquet are we going to?"

"Yeah, it's my friend's sixty-eighth birthday!" The old lady answered directly.

Tang You You was startled. Why did the old lady bring her to attend her birthday banquet? She doesn't know anyone.

Although he was resisting in his heart, Tang You You did not dare to say no, and could only listen to the old lady's arrangements.

Tang You You was originally a designer, so she knew her style very well. She chose a set of unassuming black one-word long skirt that had a slightly waist constricting design, and appeared to be very low key and graceful.

The old lady looked on unhappily, "Wandering, how are you going to pick a black one? Aren't you going to pick a festive one? "

Tang You You immediately answered with a smile: "Grandmother, it's my birthday. I shouldn't be wearing those wedding clothes right?"

The old lady didn't know what to say, so she could only nod. "That's true. Alright, let's go!"

Tang You You felt that although the old lady might be domineering and forceful at times, she was still rational in most of the time.

After the car left the shop, the old lady ordered the driver to pick someone up.

"Wandering, in a bit, I'll introduce you to a family member!" The old lady said happily.

"Oh? "Who is it?" Tang You You was also full of curiosity.

"She's Xiao Han's cousin, her name is Ji Yun Ning. They used to hang out together when they were young!"

Tang You You's beautiful face froze for a moment.

Ji Yun Ning?

Hearing the old lady's tone, it seemed that she did not know that Ji Yun Ning had hurt Ji Xiao Han before, so she would definitely not say such things.

"Oh …" I've seen her! " Tang You You could only smile as she regained her composure.

"You've seen it before? "When?" The old lady still did not know that Ji Yun Ning had taken the initiative to provoke her.