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C1798 the mind is exposed

Nangong Yao's deep and firm voice made Mu Yun hum softly. She couldn't help saying: "there are many kinds of meanings of being single. I don't know which kind of single Mr. Nangong is. Is he a single who has just ended a relationship, or is he single from the beginning to now?"

Ling wennuan hears Mu Yun's in-depth discussion on this topic. She looks at her in surprise and asks Mu Yun with her eyes. Why do she care about other people's single problems?

Obviously, they seem to be gossiping. Will the suburb backfire?

At present, this man looks fierce. At first sight, he will not be a good man to get along with. Ling warm secretly worries.

Unfortunately, her worry seems to have changed a lot, because she saw Nangong Yao's thin lips rising.

He's smiling?

She didn't have eyes, did she?

"Miss Mu seems interested in me?"

The man's voice is deep and magnetic.

Mu Yun's pretty face is slightly stiff. He turns his head away and looks at the door. "No, I just don't trust you very much. I think you like to play tricks on others."

"I'm sorry about that. I hope you forgive me?"

Nangong Yao has been looking for an opportunity to apologize to her for these years, but he has no courage to continue to see her.

"I didn't think about it at all. You think about it a lot."

Mu Yun's expression is still light.

Nangong Yao's eyes were fixed on her side face for a few seconds, then he replied in a low voice: "I haven't had a girlfriend, because Siqing grew up beside me, in order to take care of her mood, I have only now."

After hearing this, Ling wennuan was shocked and looked at the noble and elegant man in front of him with great admiration. He was just an example among men. Many divorced men with children were not able to bear such a degree for their own children, but Nangong Yao did it. For his niece, he was able to abstain to such a degree. He was a God.

"I think it's very sad to hear that."

Mu Yun sneers at him. She doesn't know why she wants to treat him like this, but she just can't help it. It's not like her style. She can tolerate everything she does.

"No, I'm not aggrieved, I'm just It's a bit of a shock. "

The man's eyes are deep and warm, looking at Mu Yun.

Mu Yun suddenly felt that the spring night was getting hotter. She stood up and went out: "warm, talk to him about his niece. I'll blow the wind outside."

"Oh, yes!"

Ling warm a pair of bright big eyes look at this, then look at that, suddenly feel like he found something fishy, these two people A play?

Nangong Yao's eyes flashed past the lost, lowered his head, stared at the floor, and his mind was disordered.

Lingnuan thought of the purpose of coming here today, she immediately smiled and said, "is Siqing at home?

Can you ask her to come downstairs and have a chat? "

"Well, I'll have him down."

"Nangong Yao said, on the side of a servant said:" the little miss called down

The servant answered and went upstairs.

After a while, Nangong Siqing came downstairs. Seeing Ling warm, her expression was not very enthusiastic.

"Miss Ling, you are really here. I thought you were not."

Said Nangong Siqing lightly.

Ling wennuan smiled like a spring breeze: "since I said I would come, of course I would. I just talked to your uncle about your situation in school."

"Oh, here comes the complaint?"

Nangong Siqing immediately put her hands around her chest and sneered.

Ling wennuan is embarrassed. The girl's character is really difficult to get close to. She is covered with thorns. I'm worried about how she will communicate and get along with others in the future.

"Siqing, apologize to Miss Ling."

Nangong Yao's face was gentle just now. At that moment, it was very severe and his voice was never meant to be a joke.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ling. I shouldn't have said that to you."

Nangong Siqing is afraid that Nangong Yao will lose his temper, so she apologizes very quickly.

"It's OK, children. They are straightforward and understandable."

Ling warm immediately laughed to explain.

"Miss Ling, Siqing's character is a bit awkward. I hope you can take care of her in school and I will educate her at home."

Nangong Yao is also helpless. He is an unmarried man who wants to educate a rebellious girl. He feels more headache than he manages the family business.

"Don't worry, I won't give up any students, and I hope they have both good character and learning."

Ling wennuan nodded quickly, and agreed.

"Siqing, thank you for your attention?"

Nangong Yao frowned and demanded.

Nangong Siqing didn't say anything, just said a thank you very quietly.

At this time, Muyun had blown a cold wind outside, which made her feel covered. So she came back to the living room. When she just stepped into the living room, Nangong Siqing suddenly made a scream, reached out and pointed to Muyun who came in at the door: "how can this woman be here?"

This scream made the surrounding atmosphere suddenly tense. Mu Yun looked at the girl pointing at her. She was a monster. She frowned at once.

Nangong Yao's heart was shocked. He immediately whispered and scolded: "Siqing, you can't be so rude."

"Uncle, did you call her?

You let her go, I don't want her here. "

Nangong Siqing seems to be greatly stimulated by the existence of Moyun, very exclusive.

Ling wennuan was also frightened, and looked at Nangong Siqing: "Siqing, do you know her?

She's my friend. I asked her to come. "

"Why do you call her here? Do you know my uncle loves her very much, so you brought her to meet my uncle?"

Nangong Siqing looks like a madman at the moment, with a resentful stare at Ling Nuan.

Ling wennuan and Mu Yun are all in a daze, and Nangong Yaojun's face is in a mess. He really wants to block his niece's mouth, but she still says it.

"I'm sorry to make you laugh. Let's go first. I'll talk to her."

Nangong Yaojun's face was red and his eyes dodged. He did not dare to look at Mu Yun. He was afraid that his mind would be exposed if he could look at her very bright eyes.

Muyun's breathing is also a little tight, Ling wennuan sees that the scene is a little chaotic, and quickly says to nangongyao, "it's us who should say sorry. Let's go first. Have a good talk with Siqing, she seems to be a little excited."

After Ling wennuan finished speaking, he ran over, grabbed Mu Yun's arm and went out.

Moyun's brain echoed the girl's screams. Her uncle loved her very much?

What's the situation?

Ling wennuan is also a face covered in circles at the moment. So it seems that what she suspected just now is right. This Nangong gentleman seems to pay special attention to sister Muyun.