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C1182 fear comes

Cheng Jianhong sat beside the bed in fear, reached out and pressed his head. His irregular work and rest for days made him feel like a splitting headache and life was not like death.

"Bai Yiyan, Bai Zhenzhen, I am going to be killed by you. I will not spare you!" Cheng Jianhong in fear, anger filled his chest, so that his behavior has become extreme. Since Bai Yiyan is so good at hiding, he can only force her out in the most cruel way. No matter how it is, he must solve Bai Yiyan before the incident. As long as there is no evidence of death, he can boldly clean up his crime. Cheng

Jianhong holds back his headache, takes out his mobile phone, makes a phone call and goes out, grins his teeth coldly and says, "tie Bai Wanqing up, and immediately spread the story."

The other side obviously agreed, but the muscles on Cheng Jianhong's face were still tense, but he let out some hatred.

Bai Wanqing never dreamed that he would be kidnapped when he sent his children home to school.

She drives a car of more than half a million yuan. As usual, she drives her two sons to school early in the morning. On the way home, she will pass a vegetable market. Although Bai Wanqing is delicate, she sometimes goes to the vegetable market to pick up some dishes that her sons like to eat and buy them back for the servants.

Today, as usual, she drove to the underground parking lot and was looking around for a parking space.

Followed by a car, she did not pay special attention to, just eager to find a place. Good

it's not easy to find a place. She just left the car, and the car following her suddenly came over, which scared her. Before she could give way, she was forcibly pulled up by the hand from the suddenly opened door.

She didn't even have time to shout. The other side covered her mouth with a towel. After a few seconds, she lost consciousness and passed out in a coma.

Because it is well prepared, Bai Wanqing was bound easily, and the car quickly left the parking lot. White

Wan Qing was tied to a chair and gradually became conscious. "

are you ready?" Someone is taking a picture of her. A voice is very urgent. "

it's ready to be released!"

"Are you sure there are no flaws in this picture?" The man asked again.

"No, this picture only takes people. The situation around is very vague. It should not be so easy for the police to find it!" A confident reply on the other side.

As a result, Bai Wanqing's picture of being tied with a rope was instantly transmitted to the Internet. Because of her pregnancy, Yi Yan is bored in bed and will turn on the TV to watch. Didn't

think of it. Originally, I was watching entertainment news, but I suddenly jumped out of an episode. "

Ji Yueze's ex girlfriend Bai Yiyan's adoptive mother was kidnapped violently. The kidnappers were rampant. They sent the pictures of the kidnapping to the Internet, which attracted the public's attention for a while. The kidnappers claimed that they would release the kidnappers safely if they handed over 5 million ransoms. Otherwise, within one day, they would tear up the tickets. The police have attached great importance to it!"

"Little aunt..." When Bai Yiyan saw the picture, she felt the blood all over her body coagulate. She jumped out of bed and stared at the screen anxiously. The whole person was frightened. "

my aunt was kidnapped. Who did it? Is it true that she was kidnapped for ransom because she knew her family had money? " Bai Yiyan's brain is in a mess and her breath is tight. She finds her cell phone in a hurry, but before she can call it out, Ji Yueze's phone comes in first.

"Did you see the news? My little aunt was kidnapped, and Ji Yueze, how could this happen? " Bai Yiyan was in a panic at the moment. Her tears rolled in her eyes. She was afraid and worried.

"I see. The kidnappers want to get a ransom of five million yuan. Don't worry. The police have noticed this. They will definitely send police forces..."

"Ji Yueze, I think he did this while I was here!" Although Bai Yiyan was flustered, she was able to analyze the matter rationally. She always had a bad premonition. Since Cheng Jianhong sent people to look for her all over the world, she was almost caught by his people when she was abroad last time. Now the scandal of his looking for a surrogacy for 20 years has been revealed on the Internet. He can't sit still, so he wants to force her to appear. "

don't get excited. This matter may really have something to do with you. I'll discuss with my elder brother how to solve this matter now. Wait for my call, don't be impulsive!" Of course, Ji Yueze knows the stakes. He just doesn't want Bai Yiyan to take risks.

"I want to save my aunt. I can't get involved with her. Ji Yueze, what should I do?" Bai Yiyan is not greedy for life and death. Now it's about her aunt's life. She can't sit still. "

don't worry. When I come, we'll find a way to save your aunt!" Ji Yueze has stood up from the office chair and strode out the door.

"No one can save her except me. I know it's very risky, but I can't watch her hurt. I'm going to find Cheng Jianhong. Maybe he will let her go when I promise him the conditions!" Bai Yiyan is still thinking innocently. After all, she is his own daughter. He can't ignore the feeling of father and daughter.

"Xiaoyan, you can't go to see him. He wants your life now. Do you understand?" Ji Yueze has stridded to the elevator.

"If he wants my life, I will give it to him. My aunt is innocent. This matter has nothing to do with her!" Bai Yiyan burst into tears. She was really upset. Her life was like a joke. Now, everyone should come to see it.

"Xiaoyan, you should be more sober. If you go to him now, your little aunt has no way to live. He will kill you and your little aunt. Do you understand? Don't think about the love between father and daughter. In Cheng Jianhong's eyes, only his career, he won't read the love between father and daughter. Don't be so naive! " Although he didn't want to hit her with such hurtful words, at the moment, he really needed her to be calm and not run around. Bai

Yiyan is like being slapped twice hard. The whole person is stiff. "

be obedient, wait for me to come, don't run around, remember?" Ji Yueze's heart rate slows down. He only uses the slowest voice to persuade her. He knows that her mood is broken, fragile and helpless at this time, but he really doesn't want her to have an accident. Hang up Bai Yiyan's phone, and Ji Yueze calls Liu Xiaoxing. Liu Xiaoxing runs out to buy vegetables. He has to call lengfei and Yang Siyu to stop Bai Yiyan.