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C893 was slapped

Li Ran Ran's arrest was exposed by the media. This is Ji Yueze's job because he wants all the women who are jealous of Bai Yiyan to know that jealousy is OK, but not harmful.

This event set off a big wave in an instant, shaking the whole entertainment circle. Bai Yan's heart disease finally came down. As long as she finds out who the murderer is, she doesn't have to worry about going out.

The next day, Bai Yiyan was waiting for someone in the lobby of the company. Now that things have come to an end, Bai Yiyan decided to finish the costume drama she had taken over before. She decided to work hard.

She was reading the script in her hand, with some devotion.

All of a sudden, someone snatched the script in her hand. A sneer rang in her ear, accompanied by a familiar voice: "Tut, I'm not dead. I'm still reading the script. Bai Yiyan, you've been abandoned by Ji Yueze. Do you want to be a heroine?"

It's no one else who rob Bai Yiyan's script, it's her stepsister Pei Ying.

She was dressed in a pink Nizi overcoat, pure in appearance, but with a little sharp and mean in the corners of her eyes and eyebrows, it was not pleasant. Pei Yingfan looks at the content of the script, which is the play that Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze wanted to partner.

”Why are you here? " Bai Yiyan looks cold. She gets up and grabs the script directly. Pei

Ying, with both hands behind him, said with full air: "I know a gold broker. He plans to talk to me. If possible, I may sign up for the company." "

Oh, right? Do you want me to congratulate you? " Bai Yiyan is still a light expression.

"Will you?" Pei Ying curled his mouth: "even if you say congratulations to me, you don't really mean it, or forget it. What are you doing here? It's annoying. "

Bai Yiyan sneers. Pei Ying doesn't really know. What's the relationship between her and Ji Yueze? It's really the ignorant style of the eldest lady. "

I'm not as good as you in terms of being hated." Bai Yiyan sneers: "you'd better make sure you can sign the contract first."

"Ah, what do you mean? You are cursing me." Pei Ying's face changed and immediately became angry.

Bai Yiyan shook her head and said, "I don't curse you. I just want you to make a result before showing off." "

hum, I'm sure I can sign. Let's see." Pei Ying leaves in a rage. As it happens, the agent she meets comes down and is looking for her.

Two people enter the elevator and come to a leisure room to chat. Pei

Yingying gasped in his heart and said: "agent Wang, this Bai Yiyan is really shameless. Didn't she break up with Ji Yueze? Why don't you stay in the company hall? " As soon as Wang broker, who was sitting opposite her, heard her words, his face turned white.

"Miss Pei, how can you talk like this? Be careful to be heard. " Wang agent looks at Pei Ying and immediately has an impulse to ask her to leave.

Miss Pei's temper is really speechless. "

What are you afraid of? How about being heard? I didn't say anything." Pei Ying hands ring in front of his chest, a frank expression. "Miss Pei, haven't you read the news well these two days?" "

What's the news? I just came back from my vacation abroad. " Pei Ying frowned, saying that he was actually very busy and didn't have time to watch any disorderly news programs.

"Did miss Pei and Bai Yiyan have a feud? How can I see you mention her? She doesn't look very well. " Agent Wang's smile is already strong.

"Yes, how do you know that I have a feud with her? I hate her a lot. " Thinking that Bai Yiyan's mother and daughter have occupied her parents' home, she can't help but drive them out. Now, that woman has given her father two more sons. She can't do anything about her because of the expensive mother and son. But Bai Yiyan is a bullying image she loves since she was young, so Pei Ying can only find her out.

"Well, then Let's not talk today. We'll make an appointment next time! " Agent Wang stood up directly, not giving any face, and wanted to ask her to leave. "

hey, agent Wang, what's the matter with you? We'll call Rio. Let's see the contract today. We're going to sign it. Why don't we talk?" Pei Ying was slow to see what was wrong, and she was in a hurry. "

we may have nothing to talk about, please come back!" Wang broker is also a smart man. He invited a man who has an enemy with Bai Yiyan to be an artist in the company. The boss must not take off his skin. Wang

the manager feels that standing in the same room with Pei Ying will make him angry. Naturally, he runs faster than a rabbit. In a second, he will be gone.

Pei Ying is going to die of anger. This unbelievable bastard said it well on the phone. She hurried back to see each other, but left her cool here. Can you not be angry? Pei didn't know why he couldn't sign the contract, so he took out his mobile phone to check the latest domestic news. The first

message is that Li was caught. "

deserves it!" Pei Ying saw the title and said two words.

Then, she looked down, and the more she looked, the whiter her face, and finally, the tip of her finger quivered.

"It's impossible, is it true?" Pei Ying was about to collapse. She didn't expect that Ji Yueze had sent Li Ranran, her kidnapper, to prison to protect Bai Yiyan.

"What's the situation? Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze didn't break up? How could that be? " Pei Ying's face was full of shock, which was more shocking than when she heard that her father was going to marry her stepmother.

It took a long time for her to wake up from the shock. It seems that she knew why agent Wang didn't mention the signing with her.

Because through the incident of Li dye, it implies another thing, that is, who can't get through with Bai Yiyan, is directly offending Ji Yueze.

And she just unknowingly revealed that she and Bai Yiyan had a festival. Is that the reason? Wang was afraid and counseled, so he stopped talking with her. "

bastard!" Pei Yingqi wants to drop her mobile phone, but when she finds that it is her own property, she has to bite her lips with hatred, but there is no more happiness in her heart.

I saw Bai Yiyan reading the script in the hall just now. She also laughed at her. Now she turned around and was slapped on the face. It's still the kind of slapping. The mood can't be described in words.

"She's trying to embarrass me. How vicious!" Pei Ying soon found an outlet to vent. She still counted Bai Yiyan's account. She felt that she deliberately concealed her relationship with Ji Yueze and wanted to witness her embarrassment.

Pei Ying angrily went downstairs and saw Bai Yiyan still sitting in her original position. She went to her direction angrily.