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Pei An Xin carried Cheng Cheng and just as he walked downstairs and saw Luo He Ning, she kept the sadness on his face.

"An Xin, I'll send you guys off!" Luo He Ning said with a gentle tone.

"Alright!" Pei An Xin nodded and sat in Luo He Ning's sportscar.

Xiao Cheng Cheng, who was in her arms, was still thinking of her father.

Luo He Ning drove the car forward, and turned to look at Pei An Xin. He could not help but advise: "An Xin, are you really not planning to forgive time?"

"I've decided!" Pei An Xin did not want to waver because of the advice of others, because she did not want to step into the endless abyss. Even if Lan Re Nuo agreed to let her stay with Mu Shi Ye, what meaning would it have?

Luo He Ning sighed, he felt that there was no use in trying to persuade his anymore.

The feelings between the two of them had to be faced by themselves.

In the coffee shop, Mu Lin sat opposite of her brother, her eyes filled with sympathy. "I never thought that Pei An Xin would be so decisive and heartless this time, she must have been hurt to the core."

"She said she wanted another man!" Mu Shi Ye's handsome face became gray from the blow.

"She's just talking. I believe she won't look for you. She won't forget you, I can see that." Mu Lin said very confidently.

"She will!" Mu Shi Ye lifted his head and looked at his sister with eyes filled with despair and grief: "I understand her, she will definitely find another man to replace me with in her heart, what should I do? Am I going to lose her forever? Just now, Cheng Cheng already called me father, what a happy thing this was. But because of me, I lost her, and I even abandoned my daughter, I deserve death! "

Looking at her brother's broken body, Mu Lin suddenly laughed at herself, "Why do you all want to enter the marriage wall so much? But I really hate marriage. I'd rather have a lifetime of love than get married. What's so good about marriage? What can it bring us? "

Mu Shi Ye suddenly raised his head and stared at his sister: "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about your idea of not getting married, I haven't even given Luo He Ning a shot to prevent him from getting married."

Seeing her brother's regretful look, Mu Lin immediately frowned: "Are you really my brother? Why are you still helping Luo He Ning to scam me?"

Mu Lin suddenly ignored him, stood up and walked towards Walk Outside.

Mu Shi Ye continued to immerse himself in his grief.

Inside Luo Jin Yu's apartment.

After opening the door, Yang Chu Chu stepped in. Only then did she realise that she was also in the same apartment, and the apartment she was staying in was incomparable to Luo Jin Yu's.

Her living room was more spacious than her entire room.

Not to mention the four large rooms and the extended balcony.

This suite that was three to four hundred square meters wide, shocked Yang Chu Chu.

The design inside was completely unique and one could tell how particular and tasteful the master was.

Luo Jin Yu did not feel that his own room was worth looking at. However, he saw that Yang Chu Chu was extremely curious, like a baby, as he looked at the room and touched it, he could not help but calm down and size up the place he lived in.

"Luo Jin Yu, do you have many houses like this?" Yang Chu Chu ran over with a smile.

Luo Jin Yu nodded his head: "There are many of them, almost all of the first-tier cities have one set!"

"A first-tier city in the world?" When Yang Chu Chu heard it, she was moved to death. Although her birth wasn't bad, but she was still a child, and her concept and usage of money was not strong enough. Other than saving a portion of her money for her mother, she spent most of her money.

Luo Jin Yu nodded, "Yes!"

"Then I'll follow you around the city. I won't be staying at the hotel, I'll stay at your home!" Yang Chu Chu immediately acted like she was dreaming and started to think about her beautiful life in the future.

Luo Jin Yu watched as she walked towards the balcony with a jump. He was still stunned by her words just now, following that, his thin lips curled up into a smile.

Yang Chu Chu turned around, pointed to the sea surface and said: "The scenery here is really good, I really like it here."

"If you like it, then stay here!" Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice.

Yang Chu Chu immediately turned around and threw herself into his embrace, asking mischievously: "Really? I'll stay here, but I won't leave. "

Luo Jin Yu reached out and embraced her petite body, put his thin lips on her hair and kissed it before whispering, "Then don't go!"

"I'm afraid your ex-girlfriend will be jealous! You won't wait for a while, right? And you'll have to carry me on your back to coax her? " Yang Chu Chu intentionally made a sour joke.

A speechless expression flashed across Luo Jin Yu's handsome face.

"Again, I emphasize that I am already in the past. She married abroad, but I heard that she was not successful in her divorce." Luo Jin Yu said indifferently.

"She came back to find you to rekindle our old relationship, didn't she?" When Yang Chu Chu heard that the other party got married and divorced, she immediately reached out with her small hands and hugged him even tighter. "I won't allow you to betray me, Luo Jin Yu.

"That's it!" Luo Jin Yu had long wanted to repay the favor as he saw her blabbering mouth.

Yang Chu Chu opened her beautiful eyes wide, and felt that the man's lips were already sucking on hers, causing her heart to immediately beat wildly.

It was only then that Luo Jin Yu realised that this little thing became addicted to the taste.

It was unknown how much time had passed since then, but Luo Jin Yu's breathing had become rough and heavy. Finally, he gently pushed away the flushed Yang Chu Chu in his arms. "You flew for a few hours on the plane, so go take a rest."

Yang Chu Chu's breathing was extremely ragged, she caressed her hair that was slightly messed up, and nodded obediently.

"Are you leaving?" she asked, looking back at him after a few steps.

"I'm not leaving!"

"En!" Yang Chu Chu immediately beamed.

When Yang Chu Chu pushed open the door to the master bedroom and climbed onto the bed to lie down, she felt that there was a trace of male scent under the blanket.

She happily hugged her blanket tightly, drove the show overnight, and even got on the plane. Yang Chu Chu was indeed very tired, and very quickly, she fell asleep.

Luo Jin Yu took out a cigarette from the balcony and lit it up.

To be honest, meeting Mi Fei Er at the airport was indeed a little too sudden. He didn't even have the heart to prepare to meet this woman again.

However, as she walked towards him, coincidentally, she didn't seem to have changed at all. She still had a devastatingly beautiful appearance.

Luo Jin Yu felt a suffocating feeling at the bottom of his heart. Perhaps, even he himself was not clear what position Mi Fei Er had been placed in.