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C602 she's not left out

Ji Xiaohan stands in front of her hospital bed and looks at her pale face. It's so pitiful, like a fragile baby, that people dare not touch her hard.

The lips, which have always been bright red, have also become pale. They are not angry at all. Ji Xiao looks at them coldly, only feeling heartache like a knife cut. I wish I could wipe away thousands of people who hurt her in the car accident and bring ashes to the bones.

In the dead silence of the ward, Ji Xiaohan had to lower his head. Only when he heard her faint breath could his heart settle down a little.

The doctor said her condition was optimistic, but if her head was hit, would there be any sequelae? We need to stay in the hospital for careful observation.

The wounds on the body have been treated. They are not serious injuries and will not endanger life.

Listen to the doctor is not sure, season owl cold heart emerged thick uneasiness.

Maybe he was so careless that he didn't arrange a bodyguard to follow her and hurt her.

Many things, before they happen, can't imagine how serious the consequences are. Only when they happen, can they wake up suddenly. In fact, prevention is so important.

Ji Xiaohan gently clenches her small hand. When she recovers, he won't want to let her go out alone, or even, don't want to let her go to work again. He just wants to let her stay at home and let him come back every day to see her gentle smile.

Yes, he has decided not to put her in danger again.

Although he thinks that this way can reduce the harm she will suffer in the future, it is not realistic.

Since knowing her, Ji Xiaohan has never limited her everything. She is free. He will try his best to pet her and help her with everything she wants to do.

Love a person, is not to accept her everything? Do not break her wings, give her a free sky, let her enjoy flying.

I think a lot of things in my head, but I can't hold them in the palm at the moment.

Just as Ji Xiaohan blamed himself, his cell phone rang.

He quickly turned to mute, looked at the caller ID, he gently let go of her small hand, got up and walked out of the ward: "more Ze?"

"Elder brother, I just heard from my company that my sister-in-law had a car accident. Is that true?" Ji Yueze's worried voice came.

Ji Xiaohan's voice was heavy and sad: "yes, I am in the hospital now. She has just finished the operation."

"Is it serious? I'll come and have a look! " Ji Yueze immediately exclaimed.

"OK, come here! Come and talk! " Season owl cold nodded, the phone did not say clearly.

Ji Yueze stood for a long time in the cold wind downstairs, calmed his mood, and his red eyes, ready to go upstairs.

Now! Bai Yiyan, who was thrown at the press conference by Ji Yueze, is about to explode.

She hurt her leg and could only sit on the sofa, but at this time, I don't know who let two reporters in.

After seeing her, he immediately ran over: "Miss Bai, why are you sitting here alone? What about jiyueze? "

"I just saw Ji Yueze leave in a hurry. He didn't take you with him?"

Bai Yiyan faces their questions with a dull face. She doesn't know how to answer, because she has no experience.

She is a reckless little journalist herself.

"Oh, he He left in a hurry, and I'm going to leave now. " Bai Yiyan said, trying to stand up and leave.

But the next second, she just stepped out a step, sprained heel, such as needle general pain, so that she fell back to the sofa again.

She cast a low curse of chagrin at the bottom of her heart.

This season, Yueze, really no man's demeanor, brought her here, and even left her alone.

Too much, too angry.

"Miss Bai, is your foot hurt? Oh, it's swollen. Why didn't Ji Yueze take you to see a doctor? " Reporter seems to be sensitive to smell what hot gossip, deliberately looked down at Bai Yiyan's swollen heel, and asked in a fuss.

Bai Yiyan was shocked. She took her long skirt and blocked her heels. She said calmly, "no, my legs are OK. I'm just tired. I want to have a rest here. Can you stop asking? I don't want to answer. "

"Miss Bai, have you quarreled with Ji Yueze? He left you here alone. You must be very upset. "

Bai Yiyan turns her head away and doesn't want to pay attention to them.

"It's so pitiful. Your love affair just broke out for a few days. He just ignored you. What do you want to say to him? You can tell him through our platform... "

Bai Yiyan was so bored by these people that she had to turn around and say seriously, "he didn't leave me alone. He just had something very urgent to do. Besides, if I have anything to say to him, I will say it in front of him. It doesn't need to be conveyed through your platform."

"Don't get excited, Miss Bai. We can understand."

"That's right. Women are like this. If they are lovelorn, their mood will change. We are all women."

Bai Yiyan is going to collapse. She really wants to call Ji Yueze with her mobile phone to scold him.

However, there are two reporters nearby. She dare not do so, so she has to take out her mobile phone and play games.

The two reporters next to her are still expecting to hear more from her. They are bored to see her concentrate on playing the game.

As a result, they had to use Bai Yiyan's mobile phone to play games to make an article.

When they were going to leave, Bai Yiyan suddenly looked up and said, "Hey, let me remind you, don't make up the facts. Ji Yueze and I are better. I'm not as pathetic as you think. If you let me know that you don't report the truth, I will tell you!"

When two reporters saw Bai Yiyan's appearance, they couldn't help but exchange their eyes.

See Bai Yiyan really don't want to be sad too much, don't you think, the more she hasn't been abandoned by Ji Yueze?

"I'm ahead of the ugly talk. Next, how do you write about it? But you should know that my boyfriend is not easy to mess with. You must remember this." Seeing that they seem to be struggling, Bai Yiyan quickly adds a few more words.

"Miss Bai, of course, we won't Scribble. Since your relationship with Ji Yueze is as good as ever, we will write the same."

Intact as before?

Bai Yiyan smiled bitterly at the bottom of her heart. When the two reporters left, Bai Yiyan immediately turned off the game, and she stopped calling and texted instead.