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When Ji Hanhan said this, he fixed his eyes firmly on Ji Yan's face. With his sharp eyes, naturally he did not let go of the expression on Ji Yan's face that was about to collapse, and his whole body An indelible thriller.

Ji Yunning also looked up at Ji Yanhan, but she didn't know the inside story, so she was just listening to them chatting. "Really, did Brother say something?" Ji Xun was indeed an old fox, and his reflection was amazing. His heart was strong enough to suppress the fear. He still used a painful expression to hide his true emotions, but he couldn't help but reach out. I brought a cup of tea and drank it by my mouth.

ask. With a sneer, Ji Jihan flashed from the bottom of his deep eyes. In a tense situation, a person tends to cover up something with himself. This is a human instinct, so he believes Ji Ji has a ghost in his heart. What's more, he worried himself.

Ji Yanhan said lightly: "Forget it, it's all the past. Today, it's rare to meet with my uncle, let's talk about other things."

Ji Yan tightened his expression, waiting for him to say something, but in the next second, Ji Yanhan turned away from the topic, which made his heart stretched out of breath and his old face was a little red.

He could feel that Ji Yanhan seemed to deliberately hang on to his taste. Oh, it really grew up and became deep-skinned and inaccessible. From the moment he entered the door, Ji Yanhan had been holding the right to speak, and Ji I was always on the passive side, which made Ji Yi an urge to leave.

"Uncle, do you blame me?" After drinking a bite of tea and eating a few bites of food, Ji Yanhan suddenly spoke again, leading to another topic.

Ji Yan was originally annoyed. He heard his interrogation, and his tone of speech was naturally not adjusted to the best state. Therefore, he said with a little emotion: "Hate is dare, I know the mistake I made that year. This is me. If you do it yourself, don't have psychological pressure. "

Ji Hanhan smiled lightly: "I understand my uncle's mood, naturally not accounting so much!"

Ji Yunning's complexion was red and white. When she mentioned that she had given him medicine in the wine five years ago, she became rigid and did not dare to say a word. Her regretful bowel was now green.

Ji Xun's heart shook a bit. He understood that Ji Xunhan had many meanings, so he said that Ji Xunhan was telling him that he understood the meaning of power being robbed.

This remark was really ulterior motive, it seemed to broaden his heart, and seemed to warn him more.

I do n’t know if it ’s not good intentions before I hear every word, the smell of a blade collision.

"Yun Ning, what are you still doing, don't hurry to toast your brother Han Han, to apologize?" Ji Yan didn't want to leave the topic with Ji Yanhan anymore, so he immediately stood beside him like a chicken. Ji Yunning said.

Ji Yunning froze slightly, quickly raised his glass, looked up at Ji Yanhan, his voice was soft: "Brother Han, please forgive my ignorance at that time, this glass of wine, I respect you!"

Ji Hanhan took the wine glass and touched his thin lips a little to show politeness. "Yunning, since you have grown up, you will definitely not make the same mistakes again. As a brother, I still have to remind you a few words. It is not terrible to make mistakes at a young age. The fear is that when you are awake, I made a mistake! "Ji Yanhan's purpose today is to wake up the gang

The wolf's ambitious family warned them not to deliberately take anything from him.

Ji Yunning held the wine glass in her hand, and she trembled suddenly. The wine even dropped a few drops from her glass.

Ji Yanhan's words made her panic, and she naturally shook her hands, but her panic looked in Ji Yan's eyes and instantly darkened his expression.

"Yun Ning, didn't you eat in the morning? The end of the wine is unstable, thank you for learning from Brother Han?" Ji Ji immediately taught her.

Ji Yunning knew that her behavior had aroused Ji Xun's disappointment. She was so white that she was frightened. She quickly drank her head and drank all the wine. She endured the discomfort in her stomach and whispered, "Thank you Brother Han for your remind , I will pay special attention! "

Ji Hanhan and Lu Qing, who ate together, looked at each other as if they were affirming one thing. The company ’s leak case may be inseparable from Ji Yunning.

Ji Yunning sat down, his hands were still trembling, and there was a ghost in his heart, so he couldn't be frank. Ji Yanhan reminded her deliberately that she was starting to be afraid. "Han Han, grandpa and grandma are okay. I plan to return to China in a few days to visit them." Ji Yan found that no matter what the topic was at the moment, he felt that he was in danger, and Ji Yanhan felt deep. Test, people no longer dare to despise his existence, so he immediately turned the topic to

The second old man is gone. I believe that the second old man is Ji Yihan's most respected elder.

Ji Yanhan said lightly: "Grandma's health is still healthy, grandpa's health is not as good as before, if the uncle is really interested, he should go back early to visit them more."

"It's really a shame. As a son, I always make them sad and disappointed. I have no face to go back to see them." Ji Yan laughed at himself, but still felt a bit of resentment in his heart.

"As parents, no matter what the son made a big mistake, they will certainly not take it to heart!" Ji Yanhan still indifferent tone.

"Speaking of, Han Han, you have also become a father. It's really fast this time. Your two children must be cute." Ji Yan finally found Ji Yanhan's weakness, so he faced him. Asked with a smile.

Ji Yanhan's face changed obviously, but soon, he smiled lightly: "Yes, they are very obedient and sensible, which makes me worry a lot."

"I also seem to see these two children. After I return to China, I must meet them." Ji Yan's words also seemed to reveal some of his inner thoughts, which made Ji Hanhan's face even more ugly. a bit.

"Okay, when you return home, you will naturally see them!" Ji Yanhan was cold inside, not showing on his face.

After hearing the child's topic, Ji Yunning's face was pale again. She always felt that these two children were given by her. If she did not take the medicine that night, Tang Youyou would not have the opportunity to give Ji Yihan a child in her life. Not to mention that there is still a chance for this man to spoil her.

Counting it, Tang Youyou should be grateful for the opportunity she gave, but now, the woman appeared as the mistress of the Ji family, and she was very irritated when she thought of her. "By the way, what's your wife's name?" Ji Su suddenly asked again, another point.