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After having breakfast, Tang youyou remembered to call Ji Xiaohan. The old lady suddenly asked her for LAN Yue's address. She didn't know what she was going to say.

Before, she seemed to remember that Ji Xiaohan asked for her address. Although he didn't mention it later, she knew that the relationship between Ji Xiaohan and LAN Yue should have been settled.

"Hello!" The deep male voice came from the phone. As usual, Ji Xiaohan's gentle voice made this winter seem not so cold.

Tang youyou said softly, "your grandmother went to your mother. I gave you the address. It should be OK."

"When did she go?" Ji Xiaohan is obviously shocked.

"Not long ago!" Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

"It's OK. Don't worry. My grandma is getting angry and won't do anything to my mother." Ji Xiaohan comforted her immediately.

"OK, have you dealt with the affairs of your company?" Tang youyou asked.

"I'm still working on it. Have you slept well?" Ji Xiaohan didn't want to tell her more about the company, just because he was afraid that she would be worried, so he immediately changed the topic.

"Well, I'm sorry to get up too late." Recently at home, Tang youyou's life has been disrupted. She feels more lazy than before.

"It's OK. You should take more rest recently. Do you want to come out for lunch?" Ji Xiaohan also knows that she must be bored to stay at home, so he can spare some time to invite her out for lunch.

"Yes, but do you have time?"

"Yes, I can come with yolohnin and Mushi night!" Season owl cold low soft say, think of oneself also have a period of time did not get together with two good friends.

"OK, then I'll come out at noon!" Tang youyou is also stuffy now. She is very happy to go out for a wave.

Ji Xiaohan calls two friends in person, and both agree to meet happily.

Now Ji Xiaohan and Mu Shi have to leave time for their children at night. They can only come out at noon to have a face-to-face chat.

Loch would rather be worse than them. Elder brother went on vacation. He supported the company alone. She was so busy that she was dizzy. She really wanted to find a chance to relax.

At about 12 o'clock, Ji Xiaohan made a reservation, and several friends came as promised. Tang youyou came here in the car driven by the bodyguard, together with murin, but Pei Anxin did not. "Xiaohan, what's the matter with your company? Have you handled it?" Everyone together, the first thing is the leakage of Jishi group. Although you called jixiaohan at the first time, and sent out your concern, at the moment, you are still paying attention to the progress of the event.

"It's being dealt with. It's tricky, but it's only a matter of time. Thank you for your concern." Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to talk about this kind of business at leisure. It's hard for everyone to relax. It's better to talk about personal matters.

Murin also said: "the company management, the most afraid is this kind of backer, Mr. Ji, you still need to be more careful. Once, maybe for the second time, it's better to reorganize the company."

"I'm already working on rectification. It will take a little time." Season owl cold smiles and nods.

Sitting next to Tang Youyou, there is no gauze around her head at the moment, so we can't see her injury, and we don't know about it, so no one mentioned it.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou were supposed to keep this from them. Naturally, they didn't mention it.

"How are you two little guys doing? Is it still so sensible and obedient? " Mu night a face of envy asked, and then thought of his own home that turned over the day of the little princess, Jun face full of forced expression.

When Ji Xiaohan heard how highly he valued his two children, he immediately laughed and joked: "what's the matter? Would you like to know something about parenting? " Next to Mu Lin, she chimed in: "I think my brother has been suffering from little orange recently. No wonder he wants to envy you. But in a word, my little niece is really a pain. Now she has just learned to speak, but she doesn't know what to say, but there are 100000 people who want to ask why, cry and make trouble. Alas,

I admire Miss Tang's educational ability. Now I'm a little niece It's an eye opener. "

Mu Shi nodded in recognition of her sister's words.

Tang youyou said with a smile: "in fact, when the child is more than two years old, it is the most lovely and fun. As long as you are willing to take the time to play with her, it will not be too difficult to take it."

Mu shiye nodded again and agreed: "right, now this little guy can stick to me. As soon as he goes back, he immediately sticks to me and wants to hold and play with her, although she can't play well at all."

"As long as I have more company, now that my two children are old, they are not so sticky!" Ji Xiaohan thinks that his daughter still sticks to her before. Now? When he went back, sometimes he didn't even say hello, so he felt lost.

"There are two in your family. There is only one in my family. I have no company. When can I take it to your house?" When night also envy season owl cold to gather a good word.

Lohnen immediately said, "you can also let Anxin have another one. Anyway, you have a chance to have another one now."

When it comes to Pei Anxin, everyone's expression is stupefied for a moment. Ji Xiaohan just remembers and asks, "why didn't she come?"

"She went out to work again recently, changed a company!" When Mu shiye thought of the stubborn woman, his head hurt a little. He talked with Pei Anxin about terms and agreements. As long as she didn't go to work, he was willing to give her ten thousand yuan a day, but they didn't care about her, so he just went out to work.

The child is still so small that he has to run at both ends of the company's house at Mushi night. Fortunately, the company is guarded by his elder sister. He doesn't need to spend too much energy and time, and he can still come here. "When did you lose confidence in yourself? Some time ago, I heard that you went to Anxin company and beat a male colleague of others. Is there any such thing? " Lohnen immediately laughed and felt that the scene must be very wonderful. Unfortunately, he didn't have a chance to see it with his own eyes.

When he mentioned this, he felt very disgraceful at night. He bit his teeth angrily: "Whoever let me catch him sending flowers to Anxin, he deserves it."

Everyone laughed at his expression of hate and resentment.

Murin looked at him with a disgusted face and said, "you can't even see Anxin yourself. If you go to fight others, I'm shameless."

"Mu Shi night immediately said:" that line, tomorrow I send a woman to deliver lunch to Henning, you ran into, how do you feel

Lohnin's heart beat immediately, and saw Maureen turn and stare at him. "I don't want to starve to death!" Lohnen made an immediate statement.