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Do you want to be a lady?

"It's like this, when I was eighteen, there was an accident, and I was never interested in a man, but ever since I saw Ji Yue Ze in the movie, I fell madly in love with him, I collected a lot of information about him, I really liked him, and for him, I did not hesitate to use a knife to change my appearance, I wanted to improve my condition. Look, although I can't see any scars on my face, on my face, I actually did a lot of things for him, so my request is very simple, I hope that you can arrange a meeting with him for me, I have no other intentions, I just want to have a meal with him, can't I?" Tang Yi Le immediately looked at her expectantly.

Tang You You was instantly struck a little dumb. She never thought that she would actually come for Ji Yue Ze.

You will soon become the Mrs. Ji, and you will be his sister-in-law. Also, this time in New product launch, he brought all the celebrities in the company to support you, which means he thinks of you as a relative. What sister-in-law says, does he dare to not listen? Kang Yi Le immediately explained with reason.

Tang You You wanted to laugh bitterly again.

This Miss Kang thought about it too much, Tang You You really couldn't reject her easily.

This was because from her words, she seemed to be extremely serious.

"Miss Kang, Ji Xiao Han and I are not married yet. I am not his sister-in-law in name, so I might not be able to help you with your request!" Tang You You tactfully refused.

"Miss Tang, you're too modest, you can just say that you don't want to help me, in fact, I also feel that I'm getting ahead of myself, sigh, I really like him too much, I feel that he's the person in my life, of course, everything is just my imagination, I know that he definitely doesn't like me, there are so many beauties revolving around him every day!" Kang Yi Le's face was filled with a deep sense of loss and inferiority.

This kind of feeling truly made one feel sad when looking at it.

Tang You You suddenly had the urge to help her. Coincidentally, isn't the old lady also worried about Ji Yue Ze's marriage?

He had even chatted with her last time, allowing her to persuade Ji Yue Ze when she had the chance. She wanted him to quickly find a girlfriend and discuss marriage.

If she arranged for this young miss Kang to have a meal with Ji Yue Ze, what if Ji Yue Ze fell for her? What if it turned out to be another beautiful story?

Tang You You still felt very guilty. In the end, it was because she wanted to settle this business with him.

Of course, this was not the end of the line. Tang You You felt that since Ji Yue Ze had called his sister-in-law, it was his duty to find a candidate for her. This lady from a noble family who seemed quite elegant and proper, could be considered a good candidate.

"Miss Tang …"

As Tang You You was lost in thought, he softly called out to her, "What are you daydreaming for?"

Only now did Tang You You realize that he had been thinking about her for too long, and neglected her. He immediately smiled apologetically: "It's nothing, I was just thinking that I might be able to help you with this matter!"

"Really? Miss Tang, are you really willing to help me? Thank you so much. Thank you so much! " Kang Yi Le was so excited that she started to cry. With this cry, a layer of the powder on her face was washed away, and Tang You You was immediately dumbstruck.

"Don't cry. It's just a matter of eating a meal. Is it worth being so agitated over it?" Tang You You quickly comforted her. She felt that her tears were too low.

"No, you don't know how much this meal means to me. Miss Tang, thank you for being willing to help me. Thank you very much. I will definitely remember your kindness, and I will repay you!" Kang Yi Le was immediately both happy and grateful.

Tang You You saw that her reaction was extremely strong, and suddenly felt that she was asking for trouble.

Thus, she could only laugh dryly and say: "Miss Kang, do you mind me coming to your meeting with Ji Yue Ze for dinner?!"

"Of course I don't mind. Miss Tang is my benefactor, it's only right that I treat you to a meal!" Kang Yi Le said in an extremely happy tone.

Only then did Tang You You feel slightly more at ease. As long as she was there watching, there shouldn't be any problems, right?

Tang You You's imagination was actually quite rich, maybe it was because she had read a romance novel before, and felt that some women, in order to get a man they liked, would not hesitate to do some silly things, such as find a chance to get drunk, or directly use medicine.

Of course, she shouldn't have thought of him so badly, but Tang You You felt that if she followed him, at least she could watch the scene and not cause any trouble.

"Alright then. Give me your phone number. I'll give you a call once I've arranged everything!" Tang You You immediately smiled and said.

Kang Yi Le hurriedly passed her name card over. "Sorry to trouble you!"

Tang You You took the phone and saw Kang Yi Le holding onto the contract beside him: "Is this a contract? In fact, even if you don't help me, it doesn't matter to me. Just thinking about being able to work with Ji Yue Ze's sister-in-law makes me happy. "

Tang You You, "..."

Then isn't it too easy to be satisfied with this girl? Isn't it bad to lie to her like this?

"Miss Kang, your family situation looks pretty good. Your parents should be very fond of you, right?" Tang You You asked as he gossiped.

Since Tang You You had heard her words, then she could finally relax a little.

"Alright, thank you for your support. I hope that we can cooperate happily!" Tang You You happily extended his hand out towards her.

Kang Yi Le also immediately extended her hand over, and said with a smile: "I hope for a happy cooperation!"

To be honest, these few designs weren't anything difficult for her.

As long as she had inspiration, she would be able to draw more than a dozen manuscripts a day.

Finally, she met her third client.

Upon entering, Tang You You was shocked by the other party's attire. She was not able to tell if the other party was a man or a woman in a short period of time.

If it was a man, then that person would look too delicate, but if it was a woman, then her clothes would be too neutral. A black leather jacket and a pair of slightly tight leather pants, her hair was cut very short, and she had six earrings.

"Miss Tang, nice to meet you!" When the other party came over, he immediately extended his hand over. Tang You You quickly reached out and politely responded.