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And after Tang Xue Rou received the punishment that she deserved, Tang You You would also face the suffering that belonged to her.

That night, when she returned to Ji Family, she saw the old lady sitting on the sofa with a dignified expression, as if she was specifically waiting for her.

What surprised Tang You You was that the two little fellows were not in the living room. Where could they be right now?

"Stop looking, the children aren't here. I'll get the old man to take them to the villa upstairs to play." As soon as the old lady saw her eyes darting, she knew she was looking for the children, and she interrupted her.

Tang You You s heart stopped for a moment, from the looks of it, her little reinforcements were not present.

The old lady snorted. "You're really smart. You want the children to speak up for you, don't you?"

Tang You You could only smile dryly as she walked in front of the old lady: "Grandmother, this matter, there was really a misunderstanding. I was framed."

The old lady huffed, "Fine, I believe you framed me. What about last night? If you come down to get some wine, no one will frame you, right? "

Tang You You was momentarily left speechless. She sighed and nodded: "Yes, I couldn't sleep yesterday so I wanted to bring a bottle of wine to increase the quality of my sleep."

"Is that an excuse?" The old lady continued to hum softly.

Tang You You never thought that the old lady would actually have such a huge opinion of her. She could only say nothing more, since no matter what she said, it would be an excuse in the eyes of the old lady.

The old lady looked at her without saying a word, and frowned: "Tang You You, do you like my Xiao Han?"

Tang You You was startled, she did not expect the old lady to care about this, she immediately nodded: "Yes!"

"How much I like it!" the old lady asked in a more serious tone.

"Very much!" Tang You You answered boldly.

After the old lady heard this, she was slightly relieved. "Let me ask you, why did you hide the matter of your child from my grandson before?"

"I didn't know the child was his!" Speaking of the old, Tang You You's voice was also somewhat indifferent.

The old lady was even more surprised, "How did you end up with my grandson five years ago? I asked him, and he didn't say anything, so you tell me! "

Although Tang You You didn't know why Ji Xiao Han wasn't willing to speak the truth, she was sure that he had a reason for doing so.

The Old Granny was furious: "Don't think that just because you have the child of our Ji Family, you will become the Ji Family's mistress in the future. If I don't approve of you, then there's no use in thinking about it."

Tang You You did not expect the old lady to speak in such a straightforward manner. She originally respected her, but now, she felt a blow on her pride.

What do you mean she had a baby? When did she ever have a baby?

"Old lady, I think you must have misunderstood me again, I have never threatened Ji Xiao Han with a child to make him marry me, you better not think too highly of him. I really like your grandson now, and that's because he is good to me, and to me, and to my children, I don't want to miss him, but, if you really want to think that I am someone who only use money from Ji Family as an excuse to get close to him, then you really underestimate me." Tang You You also had a temper, furthermore, she did not want others to question her.

At first, the old lady only saw Tang You You being obedient and obedient, showing an obedient look. However, after hearing what she said, the old lady finally realised that this woman was truly wild and hard to control.

"You really don't want my grandson to marry you in the name of a child?" The old lady raised her eyebrows and was shocked by her words.

Tang You You nodded her head, "Yes, in the beginning, I did not want to give him the child, because I had always brought the child up myself. But after realizing that the children also needed a father, and that Ji Xiao Han was very good to the children, I decided to probe him out until I found out that he was worthy of my love, and agreed to be his girlfriend."

"But in the end, you still fell in love with my grandson, didn't you?" The Old Granny's words denied all of Tang You You's explanation.

Tang You You was stunned!

"I have absolute confidence in my grandson's charm. Before this, I gave him a blind date with quite a few famous girls and everyone else would end up liking him, which shows how much he liked girls. Tang You You, I heard Xiao Han say that you were adopted by someone as his daughter, so you probably never received any form of etiquette training. That must be why you have such a disrespectful personality."

Tang You You was stunned again. No respect for his elders?


"Old granny, if you don't like me, then just say it directly. I don't have to stay here with you." As soon as Tang You You's stubborn temper rose, she immediately thought of leaving, furthermore, she wanted to take all the children with her.

The old lady never thought that she would be so stubborn, not willing to give in. What she said just now was simply to make Tang You You submit and receive her tutelage. Only then would she be able to be like a rich family's wife.

"I didn't say let you go. I just wanted you to learn some rules." The old lady immediately stood up and said.

Tang You You's face was sullen, she asked: "What rules do you want me to learn? Could it be that marrying Ji Xiao Han, being his wife, requires him to go through a strict examination? "

The old lady saw that Tang You You's eyes had reddened, and sighed: "Fine, I don't want to make things difficult for you, in case you see your child later and say that I bullied you."

Tang You You was so angry by this old lady, how could she complain to a child?

The Old granny had originally wanted to show her might, but now, Tang You You's temper was too bad, and he had decided to go head to head with her. The Old granny had no other choice but to turn around and leave, not daring to pay attention to her.

Of course, Tang You You knew that the Old Granny only wanted to show her prowess, but she was very puzzled. Between families, who was more precious than who?

Moreover, she respected her as an elder and didn't say that she would be disrespectful to her whenever she saw her.

Sigh, does the Wealthy Class really need so many rules and restrictions?

Around seven in the morning, Tang You You took a shower, but didn't go downstairs. Instead, he sat on the sofa in his room, feeling depressed.

When the two little fellows got tired of playing and got off the car to the villa by the sea, the two little fellows directly dashed in front of her.

"Mummy, my great-grandfather told me many good stories!" Tang Xiao Nai said while grinning. Very clearly, he had fallen for the old man.

However, Tang Xiao Rui seemed to have something on his mind, he stood at the side and looked at Mummy with his pair of big eyes.