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C2035 coming to his hometown

The woman in my arms has been sleeping quietly, and his nerves, which have been strained for many days, have also been relaxed. He has also been keeping his eyes closed.

Tie ting and Ji Tingyan are totally in love. After having a girlfriend, tie Ting finally has the mentality of a young man. Before, the meaning of his life was always heavy. Now, big revenge has been rewarded, and there are many young and beautiful women around him. If he doesn't know how to enjoy life, he's really sorry for himself.

There is a small island by the sea. It is a private manor developed by people. There are food streets and hotels. There are also some marine projects. But because of the winter, the project is closed, leaving only places for leisure and entertainment.

A luxury yacht is docked at the wharf. Tie Ting, who comes down from the yacht, turns to stretch out her hand. Ji Tingyan holds his big hand and steps on the shore. The sea breeze blows, and her long hair is lifted. It's full of the gentle and charming breath of women.

Tie Ting's eyes are almost locked on her.

Two people walk along the beautiful seaside path slowly, and they can't see the coastline in the distance. It's a beautiful feeling.

But on a yacht not far away, someone was holding his goggles and staring at this side like poison.

"Jingwen, come and drink." A bald man with a big gold chain and a cigar waved to a woman in cool clothes.

Li Jingwen looked back at him and said, "boss Liu, I'm your bodyguard now. I can't drink. I'm working."

The man's face is not quick to shake the ash: "you really don't understand, I spend 100000 a day to invite you, do you think it's OK to stand guard?"? Ask you to come and sit down, and you'll come. Don't talk nonsense. "

Li Jingwen's face turned white, and she walked over reluctantly. Boss Liu pulled her arm directly, and she sat on the man's leg. Boss Liu was very proud, and his fingers bounced on her leg: "Jingwen, what's the point of not doing the job of bodyguard? You look so beautiful. You should live a rich wife's life to suit you. Otherwise, you should think about it and follow me. I promise you will not lack money in the future. "

"I'm sorry, I like my career very much, and I don't want to get married now." Li Jingwen bites her lower lip and refuses coldly.

"You really don't know what to do, which woman I like doesn't take the initiative to post it." The man angrily pushed her away and stared at Li Jingwen with a contemptuous look: "I'm willing to accept you. It's for your face. Don't toast and don't eat the fine wine. I don't have that good patience."

Li Jingwen's impulse to smash it with a fist was overwhelming. At this time, a young man came out. He took a look at Li Jingwen, and then he advised: "elder brother, don't embarrass Xiao Li. She was invited by me. Please give me some face..."

"Give you face? What's your face? You still eat what I use what I have no conscience. " Boss Li pointed to his brother's face and shouted at him angrily.

The corner of the man's mouth suddenly drew twice, then he held back his anger and went up to smile: "elder brother, don't be angry, drink, Xiao Li, come to toast, let elder brother happy."

Li Jingwen glanced at the man. Suddenly, she saw a flash in the man's eyes. Suddenly, she understood the meaning of his words. So she had to endure nausea and began to squat at the man's feet, half kneeling to apologize to the bald man.

The bald man was very happy. He drank several more cups as soon as he was excited. After a while, he fainted and whimpered. The alcohol made him have some fantasies. He put his arms around Li Jingwen's waist and said, "go, follow me in."

Li Jingwen struggled twice. The man immediately slapped her angrily. She covered her face and her eyes were full of anger. The young man immediately came to persuade her: "elder brother, I will help you to go in and rest first, and let Xiao Li come to accompany you."

The bald man swore a few words and followed his brother in.

After a while, the man came out and said to Li Jingwen, "let's find a place to bury people." Li Jingwen sneered: "I only promised to help you as a witness, but I didn't say I would help you bury people."

"Well, you know, I know. I'll help you too." The man smiled smugly, walked over, reached out his hand and caressed Li Jingwen lightly on her face. Li Jingwen immediately stepped back and said, "what do you have to do to make them break up?"

"What are you worried about? I'm a little angry. I asked him to come home for dinner. He should give me a face. Then I'll arrange you to sleep with him. Isn't your wish fulfilled?"

"That's it?" Li Jingwen's eyes brightened, half doubting, half expecting.

"I don't understand. What's good about him? Yes, he has a good figure and looks good, but Men don't have to look at their bodies. Some of them are good, but they don't have to be good at that... "

"Don't talk about it. We're just a deal. You don't have to talk about my business." Li Jingwen's face was cold. No one was allowed to question the God in her heart.

"I'm too young to think about it. I have to hang on a tree. I'll let you do it. Brother died. His money belongs to me. We have to celebrate." Liu Tian shakes her head. It's a pity that Li Jingwen is a woman with brain, but she seems to have paranoia in emotion. When she came to this city and met Liu Tian who was beaten, she saved his life, and the two people summed up the matter. Li Jingwen drove by the door of the family from time to time. She even found an opportunity in the shopping mall to meet her mother. She looked at the gentle beauty Woman, there is a kind of unspeakable pain in her heart. She is the mother of tie ting. How she wants to know her, but she can't.

Just now, she saw her yacht go out to sea with a telescope. She saw that she and Ji Tingyan were walking hand in hand in the corridor by the sea. They were very sweet. It was the hot love period. Li Jingwen's heart was like being stabbed by a needle.

She is waiting for him here, but he brings Ji Tingyan back. She must have met Mrs. Fu. Mrs. Fu must also be very satisfied with her daughter-in-law. Miss Ji, she is very valuable.

Li Jingwen turned her head and looked at the farther and farther away wharf. She could not see the figure of tieting, but she knew that he was there.

"Tie Ting, I only have you. I have nowhere to go. Don't blame me." Li Jingwen clenched her fist and felt sorry for her misery.

Liu Tian looks at Li Jingwen's affectionate face. He snorts with disapproval. He starts to be jealous. He still remembers playing on the beach when he was a child and growing up. He becomes a human being. He is still a jerk. He lives on his big brother's alms. If Li Jingwen hadn't saved her that day, he would have been beaten to death. This woman is for him, It's still very important, but her heart is filled with anger.